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Astral Travelling, The Avatar and Me

de Richard Holmes

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No n'hi ha cap
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***Please note: I received this book for free as a Goodreads Giveaway.***

This book was a different one for me. I don't usually read spiritual books, or at least I don't read them very often. But, I am trying to branch out a little more with my reading and this gave me a good practice of doing that. This left me asking a lot more questions than I had answered. I suppose that's a sign of a good book though, so I shouldn't complain.

I'm not a religious person by nature, so I have to admit I was somewhat skeptic about reading this, worried that it might be "preachy." I'm happy to report that it was not preachy. It was pretty straightforward with only a few terms or events that I didn't much understand. There were lots of journal like entries about the authors experiences which I enjoyed.

I've always been interested in what I consider somewhat magical things like astral traveling, so the title of the book itself is what drew me in and made me want to enter the giveaway in the first place. I don't know why I consider it magical, probably because my first experiences with astral traveling were through books considered magical in nature rather than religious.

Two ideas of the astral projection stood out to me while reading, so much so that I had to underline them so I wouldn't forget. (If you read this, I'm sorry Mr. Holmes, I hope you don't mind some written reflection and annotation. I'm not usually one for writing in books)

One concept is that of astral bruising. The author states that he was being carried off by a soul and that soul was clumsy so that he ended up with astral bruising (Holmes, 22). It's interesting that while one is outside of their body it can experience the physicality of the events that occur.

This lead me to question another idea that the author brought up which is the idea that one needs souls to carry them to their astral destinations. I just wondered why this is. If a person is going to astral project why would they need another soul to carry them? Is it so they don't get lost somehow and stuck outside of their body?

Another quote that stuck out to me in particular reference to my own situation is a quote on page 64. (It is actually the author quoting another person and I haven't done references in so long that I don't know how to reference quotes within a quote) Anyhow the line that sticks out is "Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?" I've been away from my home and my family for more than a year now and sometimes I feel that because I haven't been with them in so long that I am out of mind, and that has me feeling down at times, but this quote reminded me that that isn't necessarily the case just because I'm gone doesn't mean my friends and family don't think about me.

I appreciate the authors view that different religions basically say the same thing just in a different order or a different way to acommodate the diversity in the world because I've often had similar thoughts. This is a simple straightforward recounting of one person's experiences. I like the fact that it is not preachy and the author does not try to force his blend of spiritualism down the reader's throat, he just presents his experiences and leaves it to the reader to take and interpret them how they will. ( )
  Melissalovesreading | Sep 30, 2018 |
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