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Croydon, Surrey, England, UK
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Croydon, Surrey, England, UK
Scotland, UK
University of Aberdeen
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Winner of the 53rd NAACP Image Awards in the Outstanding Literary Work for Youth/Teens
Winner of the Books Are My Bag 2021 Reader's Award for Young Adult Fiction
Morris Award 2022 Finalist
Zoë Plant (The Bent Agency)
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Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé is the instant New York Times, International bestselling & Award-winning author of ACE OF SPADES. She is an avid tea drinker, a collector of strange mugs and a recent graduate from a university in the Scottish Highlands where she studied English Literature. When she isn't spinning dark tales, Faridah can be found examining the deeper meanings in Disney channel original movies.



Rating: 3.5/5

I have so much to say. Let's start off with the plus's. It's been a really long time that a book has kept me from putting it down and I finishing it in a day. The book is very gripping and swallows you whole. The writing is good and the character development is amazing for one of the leads but okayish for the other.

Was it predictable? Not completely! A few things were very obvious but I think this also lines up with the agenda of the 'Opressor/s'.

Coming to why it wasn't a 5 star read, the book felt a little stretched out towards the end. The epilogue was 3 chapters. The last line was amazing, I have to accept that I didn't see that coming but a lot of what happend in the book felt implausible.

The next paragraph may be perceived as spoilers by some even though I am not revealing anything essential to the plot of the book, so please refrain from reading it if you don't want to.

One important thing that gets to me is how the teens in trouble will not go to the parents. I know that not all parents are supportive and even if they would be, they aren't vocal enough for the kid to believe or trust them but running with that narrative and letting kids deal with life threatening trauma by themselves sets a negative example and I don't think it should be endorsed.
… (més)
AnrMarri | Hi ha 37 ressenyes més | Aug 1, 2023 |
The first 25% was OK then it got way too boring because stuff that could be done in a few chapters was made to drag out for the rest of the book.

0 stars
bellac89 | Hi ha 37 ressenyes més | Jul 29, 2023 |
I had high hopes for this one, but unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to the hype for me. It had good parts in it and some parts I liked, but there was a lot of the story that was a bit too predictable.
It is a lot like Gossip Girl and Get Out. It also reminded me of I Know What You Did Last Summer, which is where some of it being too predictable came from with the similarities there. It's a YA contemporary thriller with a private school with intrigue and everything. This does discuss and touch on some important topics like racism, prejudice, and such. There are also m/m and f/f relationships with the main characters in the story as well.
Also for trigger/content warnings, Profanity/Language, Sexual Content, Racism, Blackmail, Suicide, Death, and Violence.
If you're looking for a thriller and you liked Gossip Girl, Get Out, or I Know What You Did Last Summer then you might like to check this one out.
… (més)
Kiaya40 | Hi ha 37 ressenyes més | Jun 19, 2023 |
Book was great, i love the main characters and the queer rep. The second half was alot better than the first one and the book lost me a bit in the middle, but at the end of the day i really cared for what is happening to the characters and how things are going to end up. Im happy with the ending but i wish we had more of Devon and Chiamaka being happy with their partners and in work coz that part was very sweet.
chardenlover | Hi ha 37 ressenyes més | Jun 10, 2023 |



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