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Peter Ackroyd (1) (1949–)

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Peter Ackroyd was born in London in 1949. He graduated from Cambridge University and was a Fellow at Yale (1971-1973). A critically acclaimed and versatile writer, Ackroyd began his career while at Yale, publishing two volumes of poetry. He continued writing poetry until he began delving into mostra'n més historical fiction with The Great Fire of London (1982). A constant theme in Ackroyd's work is the blending of past, present, and future, often paralleling the two in his biographies and novels. Much of Ackroyd's work explores the lives of celebrated authors such as Dickens, Milton, Eliot, Blake, and More. Ackroyd's approach is unusual, injecting imagined material into traditional biographies. In The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde (1983), his work takes on an autobiographical form in his account of Wilde's final years. He was widely praised for his believable imitation of Wilde's style. He was awarded the British Whitbread Award for biography in 1984 of T.S. Eliot, and the Whitbread Award for fiction in 1985 for his novel Hawksmoor. Ackroyd currently lives in London and publishes one or two books a year. He still considers poetry to be his first love, seeing his novels as an extension of earlier poetic work. (Bowker Author Biography) Peter Ackroyd is the award-winning author of four biographies, most recently the national bestseller "The Life of Thomas More", as well as ten novels, including "Chatterton" & "Hawksmoor". He lives in London, where he is at work on his next book, "London: The Biography. (Publisher Provided) Peter Ackroyd is a bestselling writer of both fiction and nonfiction. He lives in London. (Publisher Provided) mostra'n menys


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Anglaterra (1,845) Anglès (981) antologia (480) biografia (2,078) britànic (1,224) clàssic (3,277) clàssics (3,918) Drama (2,551) Fantasia (458) Ficció (9,261) Ficció històrica (685) gothic (471) història (3,099) Història Britànica (461) horror (711) Kindle (534) Literatura (4,087) literatura anglesa (2,054) Literatura britànica (1,254) Literatura clàssica (549) Llegit (1,046) Llibre electrònic (608) Londres (1,721) Medieval (830) misteri (750) no ficció (1,908) no llegit (714) novel·la (1,099) Obra de referència (509) Obra de teatre (479) obres de teatre (1,854) own (538) pendent de llegir (4,996) Poesia (5,865) segle XIX (1,010) segle XVII (549) Shakespeare (3,032) tapa dura (447) teatre (884) Victorian (450)

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Nom normalitzat
Ackroyd, Peter
Nom oficial
Ackroyd, Peter Warwick
Data de naixement
East Acton, London
Lloc de naixement
East Acton, Middlesex, England, UK
Llocs de residència
London, England, UK
Clare College, University of Cambridge (MA|1971)
Yale University (Mellon Fellow 1972-1973)
St. Benedict's School, Ealing
tv writer/presenter
Kuhn, Brian (partner)
The Spectator
The Times
Premis i honors
Mellon Fellow
British Book Award (1991)
Commander, Order of the British Empire (2003)
Fellow, Royal Society of Literature (1984)
James Tait Black Memorial Prize (1998)
Whitbread Prize for Biography (1984) (mostra-les totes 7)
Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2006)
Sheil Land Associates Ltd
Biografia breu
Peter Ackroyd is an award-winning novelist, broadcaster, biographer, poet and historian. He is the author of London Under and the bestselling London: The Biography and Thames: Sacred River. He has won a number of accolades including the Whitbread Biography Award, the Royal Society of Literature’s William Heinemann Award, the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, the Guardian Fiction Prize and the Somerset Maugham Award. He holds a CBE for services to literature (The Browser).



Group Read: Peter Ackroyd - History of England series a 2015 Category Challenge (juliol 2018)
1001 Group Read - January, 2013: Hawksmoor a 1001 Books to read before you die (agost 2013)


Lightly based on the lives of Charles and his sister Mary Lamb (you know the ones: of 'Tales from Shakespeare' fame, this is nevertheless fiction. It's an account of how Mary emerges from her limited life of domesticity upon meeting young antiquarian William Ireland. Ireland has apparently made discoveries of his own: and found among a patron's papers a hitherto unknown play by William Shakespeare no less. What happens next? You'll have to read it to find out. But en route you'll be absorbed into the life of 19th century London, and will puzzle to disentangle fact from fiction. All whilst having a jolly good read.… (més)
Margaret09 | Hi ha 37 ressenyes més | Apr 15, 2024 |
This is more of a Cliff Notes style approach to history than the books by Dan Jones. If you just want a basic history of England, without too much detail, this would be a good book for it.
sawcat | Hi ha 31 ressenyes més | Apr 8, 2024 |
A twist on the classic tale iwth lots of nods to literary figures of the times
cspiwak | Hi ha 39 ressenyes més | Mar 6, 2024 |


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