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Susan Wittig Albert was born in Illinois in 1940. In 1985, she changed careers from working as the vice president and an English professor at Texas State University to becoming a full-time writer. During the mid- to late-1980s, Albert was a ghostwriter for the Nancy Drew mystery series. She wrote mostra'n més the acclaimed "Work of Her Own: How Women Create Success and Fulfillment off the Traditional Career Track" in 1992. Under the pseudonym of Robin Paige, Albert and her husband, Bill Albert, co-authored a twelve-volume mystery series set in late Victorian/Edwardian England. Albert writes the bestselling China Bayles mystery series, which features as its main character a Texas herbalist who had been a criminal attorney in Houston. Albert also writes the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter historical fantasy series, which is set in England during the early twentieth century. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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(eng) Robin Paige is the pseudonym of husband-and-wife writing team Susan Wittig Albert and Bill Albert. As each also writes separately, this pseudonym should not be combined with either of the individual authors.

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Altres noms
Paige, Robin
Data de naixement
Llocs de residència
Austin, Texas, USA
Illinois, USA
Bertram, Texas, USA
University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.)
university professor
university administrator
Albert, Bill (husband)
Paige, Robin (shared pseudonym)
Story Circle Network
Nota de desambiguació
Robin Paige is the pseudonym of husband-and-wife writing team Susan Wittig Albert and Bill Albert. As each also writes separately, this pseudonym should not be combined with either of the individual authors.



For a long time, it has seemed to me that every chapter in my life's story has held a meaning I'm meant to understand, a lesson I'm meant to learn - and this one is no different. Before I went to Jordan's Crossing, I believe it was possible to cut myself off from a past I had rejected, to disinherit myself from my family and renounce its unhappy legacy. But the past, as someone has said, is always present, no matter how completely you reject its mysteries or pretend that they don't exist. I think now that everything that happened during those difficult days at Jordan's Crossing was meant to make me come to terms with what is in my blood, to force me (if you'll pardon the metaphor) to dig out my roots.… (més)
taurus27 | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Feb 29, 2024 |
The Darling Dahlias have all become like friends to me over the years, and I was long overdue for another visit with my favourite ladies. I love each and everyone of these ladies and their down-home charm. In this book there is a lot going on in Darling, Alabama in 1935. The Great Depression is still running rampant with no end in sight, various citizens' livestock is still getting out into people's yards, Charlie is still publishing his paper, but with new helpers, the Doctor is still seeing people, and being called to various deaths, Bessie Bloodbath is still looking after her ladies, Sheriff Buddy is still muddling his way through solving various village crimes and Cupcake has grown and gotten a little older and is keeping Violet and Myra May busy. There's a new radio station in town, which has the citizens excited. When one of Bessie's residents dies in her room at Bessie's rooming house, everyone thinks it was natural causes, and no one is too upset as she wasn't very well liked. But the talk of poisoning and murder starts making the rounds in town, and the gossip fuels the fires. Everyone in Darling goes about doing their business as usual and all the usual suspects are doing their own thing. Its looks hopeless for one of the residents who happens to a member of the Darling Dahlias Gardening Club. It takes Big Lil's, (who is a Voodoo Queen) and Liz Lacey's intervention to get things straightened out. The mystery is really quite an easy one, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of this book and this my latest, and hopefully not my last visit to Darling, Alabama.every one.… (més)
Romonko | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Feb 15, 2024 |
I love the China Bayles series, and this the 28th instalment of this wonderful series, is just as enjoyable as the previous books. This is the series that I keep going back to when there is even the slightest hint that I might be heading into a reading block. It always gets me back on track. In this book China heads to the Appalachian mountains on the trail of a stolen ancient book written by Elizabeth Blackwell in the 18 century. We get the story of Elizabeth, along with China's investigation into the lost herbal book. As always Susan Wittig Albert supplies us with lots of information on herbs and plants, and in this book, we also get insider information on raising parrots. Combine all this with a haunted house that China is staying in, and a major snowstorm in April, and you have the bones of this book. I missed Ruby in this book, and China's family as she left them all back in Pecan Springs, but the novel was so chock full of information, and a tricky mystery that I didn't miss them all that much. China is always entertaining on her own, as Ms. Albert writes these books in the first person, we are front and centre to all of China's thinking while she is on the hunt. I love this series, and I hope that Ms. Albert will have a few more of these books in her considerable arsenal.… (més)
Romonko | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Feb 10, 2024 |



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