Robert Alexander (desambiguació)

"Robert Alexander" comprèn com a mínim 13 autors diferents, dividits per les seves obres.

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Inclou el nom: Robert Alexander

Divisió d'autor

Robert Alexander (3)

Les obres s'han combinat en R. D. Zimmerman.

Rasputin's Daughter (2006) 666 exemplars
The Romanov Bride (2008) 434 exemplars
Deadfall in Berlin (1990) 38 exemplars

Robert Alexander (9)

Soul Eater (1979) 8 exemplars

Robert Alexander (desconegut)

The Fire This Time: African-American Plays for the 21st Century (2002) — Editor, algunes edicions19 exemplars
A psychical experience (1970) 1 exemplars
A Preface to the Alien Garden (2001) 1 exemplars

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Nota de desambiguació
1) Alexander, Bob 1941- Minds on Math
2) Alexander, Robert M., 1972- The classics of interest group behavior
3) The author of The Kitchen Boy, The Romanov Bride and Rasputin's Daughter also writes under his real name, R. D. Zimmerman. The photo and biographical data are of the man aka R.D. Zimmerman
4) Alexander, Robert (Robert E.), 1949- Five Forks
5) Alexander, Robert J. (Robert Jackson), 1918 Nov. 26- The anarchists in the Spanish Civil War
6) Alexander, R. S. 1954- Re-Writing the French Revolutionary Tradition: Liberal Opposition and the…
7) Alexander, Robert 1968- Futures and Options
8) Robert W. Alexander - The Gospel-Centered Life at Work Leader's Guide
9) Alexander, Robert‏ ‎Speculative fiction writer‏ - Soul Eater
10) Alexander, Robert, 1863-1941. Memories of the world war, 1917-1918
11) Robert Alexander wrote the text for Bob Dylan, An Illustrated History (at least according to WorldCat)
12) Rob Alexander did not need to be aliased or split off; was authored by Rob Alexander by the cataloger
13) Alexander, Robert Charles. The inventor of stereo
14) Robert D. Alexander - alexanderrobertd is not an author. Do not alias works into authors that do not exist on LT.