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Keri Arthur is a writer of fantasy, horror fiction, and romance novels from Melbourne, Australia. She began writing at the age of twelve and has finished twenty-six novels as of July 2012. Her books have received many nominations and prizes, including raves from the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice mostra'n més Awards and PNR's PEARL Awards. She won the 2017 Australian Romance Readers Awards, Favourite sci-fi, fantasy or futuristic romance for her book Blood Kissed. Arthur is best known for a series of books revolving around the character Riley Jensen, who is a rare hybrid of vampire and werewolf and has a twin brother named Rhoan. Jensen works for an organisation in Melbourne called the Directorate of Other Races, which was created to police supernatural races. Her titles Fireborn made the Aurealis Awards finalist list for 2014. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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P.E.A.R.L. nominee (New Author, 2001)



Why do I always forget this is such a kickass series???!!!
It takes me forever to start the next instalment and then I pretty much devour it. Afterwards, I'm like, must read the next book sooner aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I forget.
Granted, there are a lot of good books out there but omg! If you like all things supernatural with a kickass heroine, you really need to read this series! Oh and while there is a lot of sex in this instalment, it's not very graphic, so go ahead and pick it up!

While I really liked the book, there were some things that disappointed me a bit. One thing was the pacing: things went from a normal pace to a rollercoaster, the end. It just felt so sudden, without some much-needed answers. But hey, now we have another very very evil bad guy on the loose gunning for Riley. Hope he will bring more to the table.
Another were the characters we met, Berna and Nerida. I'm still trying to find out how they fit in the whole picture and what added value they brought. Oh, and what's with being nude, the whole time?
And last, Riley's growing abilities, she seems to master them pretty quickly even though they are new. How could Quinn or Jack not pick up on those, being the better psychics? It just left a lot of question marks in my head.

But all in all, it really was another great book, honestly! Quinn and Riley are so good together, I have high hopes for them, though that would also mean that her wish for a family won't come true :( ... but still, team Quinn!
… (més)
Nemerith | Hi ha 21 ressenyes més | Oct 30, 2023 |
Wow, I just finished the book and I'm stunned. So many twists and turns, you really don't know what's going to happen, who's a bad guy or who isn't.... amazing writing.

World-building is great, scenes and environments are well described, very detailed and diverse. Moving back to familiar haunts from the first book, building up our view of the world and the people and species living there.

Character development is excellent. We follow our main heroine Riley throughout different ordeals, throughout tough decisions and here thoughts and feelings concerning her life, work and her lovers.
The rest of our cast have a lot to say, layers of lies, deceit, feelings, love, honour,... all mixed up making a very rich and entertaining story.

Pacing and flow were great, a hell of a lot action, just enough downtime to catch your breath and be bewildered about the last turn of events.

The book in itself was well written, no major errors found, the small ones (while sometimes a tad annoying) didn't pull me out of the story. And yes, there is sex described in this book... a lot of is, though not over the top.

All in all, a hell of a book, loving this series!!! Very much looking forward to the next instalment.
… (més)
Nemerith | Hi ha 35 ressenyes més | Oct 30, 2023 |
The book started great with Riley having to same some humans. This showed us she doesn't run from a fight (or what she would call her duty) to protect humans even if she is only a guardian liaison and does mostly paperwork. It also showed the twisted personality of one of the guardians that actually do the protecting (or well.. should do).

When her twin brother goes missing, Riley steps up her game and makes it her mission to find him and bring him back home. If only it was that simple though, as things go far beyond the original scope and Riley finds herself deeper into the mess than she thought. Add to that her wolf part is in moon heat... yeah.. timing is everything they say.

Some would call it PNR but I think I'll go with sexy urban fantasy. Yes there is (a lot) of sex going on.. werewolves in moon heat and all that, but the bigger part of the story is still focussed around Riley, her allies / enemies, the investigation and lets not forget the handsome vampire Quinn.

World building was good as was character creation, but the development was lacking. We didn't really get a feel of who the characters are, what their backstory is, why they react this way (apart from the history Quinn has with werewolves). I hope we get to know the cast more in depth in next book, it would be a shame since it has so much potential!

The flow was great, not too much action at once (well.. apart from the sex) and quite a lot of interaction which was nice. I mean, a good conversation really helps the story along.

While the plot was super and the story had me hooked, it still felt as if we've only touched the top of what hopefully will be a whole damn iceberg. As I've said, this has so much potential, I will absolutely read the rest, just hope we get that much needed 'feel' for the cast.
… (més)
Nemerith | Hi ha 61 ressenyes més | Oct 30, 2023 |
The first book was entertaining enough. Not particularly original but willing to subvert expectations and avoid at least some of the beaten path of the genre.

But the second, as well as the third book, are carbon copies of this one. The details are different but the whole plot construction template is identical.

I kept reading because I was intrigued by the overall plot but I am not willing to listen to a 300-page book over and over again just for 10 pages of main story arch in each.… (més)
omission | Hi ha 10 ressenyes més | Oct 19, 2023 |



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