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Jami Attenberg

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Inclou aquests noms: Jami Attenburg, Attenberg Jami

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The Middlesteins (2012) 934 exemplars, 57 ressenyes
Saint Mazie (2015) 542 exemplars, 38 ressenyes
All Grown Up (2017) 499 exemplars, 28 ressenyes
All This Could Be Yours (2019) 339 exemplars, 31 ressenyes
The Kept Man (2007) 128 exemplars, 5 ressenyes
I Came All This Way to Meet You: Writing Myself Home (2022) 117 exemplars, 9 ressenyes
Instant Love: Fiction (2006) 102 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
The Melting Season (2010) 75 exemplars, 5 ressenyes
A Reason to See You Again (2024) 8 exemplars

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Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone (2007) — Col·laborador — 557 exemplars, 29 ressenyes
Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature (2016) — Col·laborador — 109 exemplars, 4 ressenyes
2033: Future of Misbehavior (2007) — Col·laborador — 47 exemplars, 2 ressenyes


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Super slow start (I was listening to it), but hung in there. Thought provoking and ended up a good story. I may be in a little denial about some of the thoughts put forth.
kwagnerroberts | Hi ha 56 ressenyes més | Jun 24, 2024 |
When I got this book I thought I was going to read a novel by Attenberg. I had read 3 novels by her and had enjoyed them very much. This memoir was all over the place. What I enjoyed most were her descriptions of the creative process and how compelled she was to write. In terms of her personal life, I found it not nearly as interesting as her novels. There were some good insights into her approach to things as a single woman and about the actual business of getting books published and sold. I would definitely recommend reading her novels before this memoir.… (més)
nivramkoorb | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | Jun 12, 2024 |
[b:1000 Words: A Writer's Guide to Staying Creative, Focused, and Productive All Year Round|169272349|1000 Words A Writer's Guide to Staying Creative, Focused, and Productive All Year Round|Jami Attenberg||178663386] is a book of enjoyable essays with writing advice, interviews and inspiration by well-published Attenberg (six novels, a memoir, a short story collection) generated on her motivational social media site Extolling the virtues of a daily writing practice, Attenberg has set her own output at one thousand words every day and encourages her readers to try doing the same. In June, the sixth version of this communal two-week practice starts with a daily letter of encouragement from the author. The book uses the four seasons of the writer's cycle to discuss creativity, motivation, drafting and publishing. There are notes and insights scattered throughout, all geared to inspiring the writer to make art. And the book's messages could be used for other art forms as well. Highly recommended. Thanks to Net Galley for the ARC.… (més)
featherbooks | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | May 7, 2024 |
Lively, often humorous, story of this writer's peripatetic life on the road doing book tours, trying to earn enough income, a permanent place to live, a partner and a quiet place to write. She veers from place to place (Brooklyn, LA, Seattle) settling finally in New Orleans with vivid descriptions of Carnival. Much description of her angst, life, family and childhood but also funny and painful scenes from her tours. Towards the end of the book, she reveals a story of sexual assault when she was an undergrad and its lasting damage. This might have been more of the book's focus in discussing her anxiety and depression.… (més)
featherbooks | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | May 7, 2024 |



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