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Alan Axelrod was born on August 25, 1952, in New York. He was educated at Northeastern Illinois University and University of Iowa. He is a leading writer about American history, and is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to American History. In his books, Axelrod presents the facts, details, mostra'n més and faces that have helped shape the history of the United States. Axelrod has served as a consultant to several museums and institutions. He has received numerous honors, including a National Cowboy Hall of Fame Award in 1991. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


Obres de Alan Axelrod

Patton on Leadership (1999) 165 exemplars
Patton (2006) 133 exemplars
1001 People Who Made America (2007) 78 exemplars
1001 Events That Made America (2006) 64 exemplars
My Brother's Face (1993) 53 exemplars
Bradley (1832) 50 exemplars
America's Wars (2002) 30 exemplars
The Colonial revival in America (1985) 28 exemplars
Office Superman (2004) 23 exemplars
Van Nostrand's Concise Encyclopedia of Science (2003) — Editor — 23 exemplars
Profiles in Leadership (2002) 21 exemplars
The Quotable Historian (2000) 15 exemplars
Art of the Golden West (1990) 14 exemplars
The Battle of the Somme (2016) 14 exemplars
American Treaties and Alliances (2000) 11 exemplars
The Battle of Verdun (2016) 11 exemplars
Thomas Jefferson (2001) 6 exemplars
America (History Examined) (2019) 6 exemplars
Benito Mussolini (2001) 5 exemplars
How America Won World War I (2018) 5 exemplars
WORLD WAR II (2008) 5 exemplars
Minority Rights in America (2002) 3 exemplars
Encyclopedia of the U.S. Army (2006) 3 exemplars
Eyewitness to America's Wars (2011) 2 exemplars
Isabel I CEO (Spanish Edition) (2005) 2 exemplars


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Atlanta, Georgia, USA
University of Iowa (PhD, English)



A great book for an overall picture of the American Revolution. Doesn't concentrate on any one area or event, instead choosing to give a brief description of all the significant pieces.
Has a great collection of artwork, pictures of original documents, maps and other "extras" in the margins and within the text. Reminds me of what I saw in history text books back in school
trueblueglue | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Nov 23, 2023 |
Middle-of-the-road, moderately satisfactory, relatively readable, and adds additional depth (not found in Chernow’s ‘definitive’ Washington biography) to an important period in Washington’s life and the beginning of the French and Indian War / Seven Years War. Could have used some additional information about the other people who appear in the narrative, such as why they are there and where they go afterwards. Also neglects to include the proper name of the Native American chief Tanaghrisson.

But Mr. Axelrod, we do not call someone a “half-breed” unless that term is included inside a quote from a historical source.
… (més)
mankybam | Jul 6, 2023 |
A fun collection of words and phrases collected from movies, pulps, stories, etc. that might be easily found online but is nice to have on the shelf for story hooks or triggers or just a bit of snappy patter.

SESchend | Nov 2, 2021 |
An interesting premise and it had some interesting Monopoly related information. However, it was not well edited or structured and very disjointed. Thankfully it was a pretty quick read, otherwise I don't know if I would have finished it. I almost wish I had read a book about Monopoly and a book about business instead. If you want a little bit of both in a package that hits you over the head again and again with the same information than this is the book for you.
nosborm | Oct 10, 2021 |



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