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Rich Blood (Thomas & Mercer 2022) is a superb legal thriller with all the classic elements and with the twists and turns Robert Bailey fans know to expect. It travels a somewhat different direction than Bailey’s prior best-selling Thomas McMurtrie series. Unlike McMurtrie, a law professor with a strong, somewhat inflexible moral code, the attorney at the center of Rich Blood—Jason Rich—is a man whose situational ethics allow him latitude and excuses. Rich has never tried a case. He is, in fact, afraid of the courtroom and has made his wealth extracting (or extorting) settlements in personal injury cases. That is, he is what is generally regarded as an “ambulance chaser.” He crassly advertises on billboards making grand use of his last name with his slogan: “In an accident? Get Rich.” Rich’s lax ethical standards and troubled personality make him unpredictable and therefore rather fascinating.

Rich is also fresh out of rehab, struggling with a serious alcohol addiction, and in trouble with the Alabama Bar Association for more than just his drinking. He is already at the end of a fraying rope when his estranged sister Jana calls needing his help. She is in jail on a murder charge, accused of killing her husband. All the evidence points at her guilt. Even her two teen daughters believe her guilty. Like her brother, she suffers from substance abuse. Complicating everything, she is deeply in debt to her dealer who doesn’t care who pays him so long as someone does.

Set in Guntersville, AL, the story uses the lush landscape of the area to its advantage. With fast pacing and ratcheting suspense, Rich Blood is a particularly compelling thriller. But it is Jason and Jana who make this such an enthralling read. Their love-hate sibling dynamics, their struggles with addictions, and their utter self-absorption make them often unlikable but always interesting.

With everything seemingly stacked against him and his sister, Rich reluctantly agrees to defend her at trial. He is not completely alone, having a loyal female partner and an equally loyal investigator. An old crush and a gang of unsavory men also offer backup. That Rich garners loyal support from those who know him best suggests he is more than just a dry drunk ambulance chaser. He might well be a man in search of his own virtue and valor.

The climax comes not just with a bang but with three shocking twists. Riveting, exciting, satisfying—Rich Blood encompasses every element of a classic thriller. Bailey just keeps getting better and better—and that is saying a lot. He is a Huntsville, AL attorney and the author of six prior legal thrillers.
… (més)
ClaireMatturro | Hi ha 11 ressenyes més | Jun 6, 2024 |
Rich Waters continues the story of millionaire injury lawyer Jason Rich, who remains in his hometown of Guntersville, Alabama, after winning his first murder trial. Unfortunately, he got his sister, Jana, off, but she was murdered shortly after in the first book. Now, Jason finds himself responsible for his niece, Nola—a rebellious teenager hooked on meth. Not only that, but the town's meth dealer, Tyson Cade, still runs the place and has a new agenda for Jason. This story spins out slowly as we see Jason spiral down the rabbit hole once again as his friends and colleagues die around him and his thirst for alcohol reaches new heights. Suspenseful and full of plot twists, this second book is a nail-biter.… (més)
PaulaGalvan | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Nov 3, 2023 |
This is a fun, well-plotted, and well-written series. I think it's safe to say that, overall, I enjoyed this one even more than the first, as Bailey's really leaning into his characters, and he's not scared to make some drastic decisions on them.

If I have one complaint, it's that I'm not a wrestling fan whatsoever, so all the wrestling references are lost on me. But that's a me thing, not a problem with the novels.

Overall, an excellent legal thriller series. Looking forward to what happens to Jason Rich next.… (més)
TobinElliott | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Sep 20, 2023 |
Rich Waters by Robert Bailey
Jason Rich #2

Wow! This book picks up a few months after the first with Jason Rich coerced into taking another murder trial case while juggling care for his niece, stay sober, and stay out of trouble with the state bar association. Intense, intricately plotted, interesting ongoing journey that has me rooting for Rich to succeed.

What I liked:

What I liked:
* Jason Rich: lawyer, wealthy, alcoholic, complicated, cares deeply about his family, dealing with personal demons, brilliant, really feel for him
* Izzy: Jason’s law partner – didn’t see much of her in this book
* Harry: investigator for Jason’s law firm, ex-military, good at what he does, had a smaller part but very large part in this book
* Chase: Jason’s childhood neighbor, friend, and lover, military veteran, has PTSD, troubled, not sure what will happen to her after this book
* Nola & Niecy: Jason’s nieces, lost both parents when their father was murdered in the first book, eldest at college and youngest in high school and having difficulties after her parents deaths
* The Tonindandels: three brothers that were wild as children, are distinguished military veterans, lethal, protective and there for those that they care about – really like these men
* The Tyson Cade thread: meth kingpin of the area, easy to dislike, will do anything to stay on top of his mountain
* The plot, pace, setting, and writing – drew me in and kept me reading from beginning to end
* The unexpected twists and turns
* The complexity of the case facing Jason and how he finally managed to get the facts needed to represent his client

What I didn’t like:
* Who and what I was meant not to like
* Thinking about all the bad things as they happened and how what I was reading all too often occurs in real life

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more in this series? Definitely

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for the ARC – This is my honest review.

5 Stars
… (més)
CathyGeha | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Jul 27, 2023 |


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