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Karl Barth (1886–1968)

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Karl Barth was born in Basel, Switzerland, in 1886. A theologian, Barth is considered to be one of the most prolific writers Christendom has ever produced. His Church Dogmatics runs well over 12,000 pages in English translation. There also is a great body of occasional writing. Barth would be mostra'n més worthy of note if only for his first published work, a commentary on The Epistle to the Romans. In 1918, when he published this study, Barth was a young pastor in his native Switzerland. The guns of World War I could still be heard, their angry shells destroying, perhaps forever, the liberal optimism of Continental theology. Where was the progress young Barth had learned about from Harnack in Berlin? Where was human rationality, dispelling the noisome holes of ignorance and superstition, when the great leaders of Christendom descended to the barbarity of trench warfare? For answers Barth turned St. Paul's greatest epistle, as St. Augustine of Hippo and Martin Luther had before him. Barth obtained a post at the University of Bonn, but Hitler objected to his work with the Confessing Church (see Dietrich Bonhoeffer), and he was forced to return to his own country, there to produce all his great tomes. Turning theologians from their rational optimism, Barth has driven them to consider again the power of the Word of God-the acted, spoken, inscripturated, incarnated Word was always his chief theme. Against it, all human pride and pretension, all schemes for utopian societies, all theologies based on anything other than the Bible and Christ have proved transient. Barth's objectors reply that Barth's God is too far away like Soren Kierkegaard; that Barth spoke of the "infinite qualitative distinction" between God and man; that Barth ignores scientific advances; and that he cares little for dialogue with other religions. Yet Barth's oppposers never complain of a lack of erudition or ecumenical concern. To some Barth is the greatest theologian the church has produced. Barth died in 1968 as he had hoped-with his Dogmatics still unfinished. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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(eng) Carl Barth,1896-1976 is a different author than Karl Barth, 1886-1968, and so has been nevered, despite the fact that several book titles written by Karl Barth have been entered in LT with the name Carl Barth as author.

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Obres de Karl Barth

Dogmatics in Outline (1949) 1,258 exemplars
The Epistle to the Romans (1918) 1,213 exemplars
Church Dogmatics (1932) 690 exemplars
The Humanity of God (1961) 646 exemplars
Word of God and the Word of Man (1935) 454 exemplars
Prayer (1952) 244 exemplars
Deliverance to the Captives (1961) 187 exemplars
Epistle to the Philippians (1927) 172 exemplars
Credo (1962) 171 exemplars
Homiletics (1991) 149 exemplars
The Theology of John Calvin (1995) 135 exemplars
Call to Discipleship (Facets) (2003) 130 exemplars
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1956) — Autor — 115 exemplars
A shorter commentary on Romans (1959) 104 exemplars
God in action (1963) 79 exemplars
Ethics (1981) 75 exemplars
Letters, 1961-1968 (1981) 69 exemplars
Prayer and Preaching (1964) 65 exemplars
Come, Holy Spirit (1933) 62 exemplars
Fifty Prayers (2008) 60 exemplars
How I Changed My Mind (1966) 54 exemplars
Final testimonies (1977) 52 exemplars
The Resurrection of the Dead (1926) 52 exemplars
The Church And The Churches (2005) 48 exemplars
The Epistle to the Ephesians (2017) 47 exemplars
Fragments Grave and Gay (1867) 45 exemplars
Call for God (1967) 42 exemplars
The preaching of the gospel (1961) 41 exemplars
The Word of God and Theology (2011) 41 exemplars
Karl Barth's table talk (1962) 39 exemplars
Against the stream (1954) 32 exemplars
Karl Barth: Centenary Essays (1989) 23 exemplars
The German Church Conflict (1965) 22 exemplars
The doctrine of the Word of God (2009) 22 exemplars
The Great Promise: Luke 1 (1963) 21 exemplars
The Church and the War (1944) 18 exemplars
Selected prayers (1966) 18 exemplars
Christmas (1934) 15 exemplars
The Doctrine of God (2009) 13 exemplars
God, Grace and Gospel (1959) 9 exemplars
God's search for man : sermons (1935) 8 exemplars
Letters, 1922-66 (1982) 8 exemplars
Gebeden (2005) 7 exemplars
Barth Brevier (1966) 6 exemplars
Mann und Frau (1964) 4 exemplars
Rechtfertigung und Recht (1938) 4 exemplars
Vom christlichen Leben (1926) 4 exemplars
Fé em Busca De Compreensão (2003) 3 exemplars
De Christen in de maatschappij (1978) 3 exemplars
Suchet Gott, so werdet ihr leben! (1917) — Autor — 3 exemplars
Religie is ongeloof (2011) 3 exemplars
La chiesa (1964) 3 exemplars
Der reiche Jüngling (1988) 3 exemplars
Christliche Ethik. (1946) 2 exemplars
Dio e il niente (2000) 2 exemplars
Die Kirche und die Kirchen (1935) 2 exemplars
Der Christ als Zeuge. (1934) 2 exemplars
Der gute Hirte (1934) 2 exemplars
Letzte Zeugnisse 2 exemplars
Het gebed 2 exemplars
Teološki eseji 2 exemplars
Jesus und das Volk 2 exemplars
Det kristna dopet 2 exemplars
Zur Lehre vom heiligen Geist. (1930) 2 exemplars
Eine Schweizer Stimme (1945) 2 exemplars
Il Natale 2 exemplars
Hegel 2 exemplars
Div Vánoc 1 exemplars
Pai Nosso, O (2003) 1 exemplars
La riforma protestante (2018) 1 exemplars
Avent (2019) 1 exemplars
Title Not GIven 1 exemplars
Mozart: 1756-1956 (2020) 1 exemplars
Gesammelte Werke 1 exemplars
Der Römerbrief 1 exemplars
Per la libertà dell'evangelo (2013) 1 exemplars
Dialogue 1 exemplars
Cross And Swatstika 1 exemplars
Esboço de uma Dogmática (2006) 1 exemplars
Epistola ai Romani 1 exemplars
Antologia 1 exemplars
Schritte 1 exemplars
Die heilige Schrift : 19-21 (1993) 1 exemplars
all 1 exemplars
Dimensions of Faith 1 exemplars
Ein Briefwechsel (1981) 1 exemplars
Gott ist jeden Morgen neu (1978) 1 exemplars
Tyskarna och vi 1 exemplars
Gottes Gnadenwahl (1988) 1 exemplars
Evangelium und Bildung (1947) 1 exemplars
ANTWORT 1 exemplars
L'Eglise en péril 1 exemplars
L'Eglise en péril (2000) 1 exemplars
L'avvento-Il Natale (1992) 1 exemplars
Predigten 1911 (2015) 1 exemplars
La oración (1980) 1 exemplars
Uomo e donna 1 exemplars
La priere 1 exemplars
Ultime testimonianze (2015) 1 exemplars
Preghiere (1987) 1 exemplars
L'humanité de dieu (2010) 1 exemplars
Dogmatique. 26 vols. + tables (1989) 1 exemplars
Ethik I, Gesamtausgabe, (1973) 1 exemplars
Vier Bibelstunden Uber Luf. 1 (1935) 1 exemplars

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Barth, Karl
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Barth, Karl
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Basel, Switzerland
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Basel, Switzerland
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Basel, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland
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Göttingen, Germany
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Bonn, Germany
University of Marburg
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University of Bern
Zuckmayer, Carl (friend)
Reformed Church
University of Göttingen
University of Münster
University of Bonn
University of Basel
Nota de desambiguació
Carl Barth,1896-1976 is a different author than Karl Barth, 1886-1968, and so has been nevered, despite the fact that several book titles written by Karl Barth have been entered in LT with the name Carl Barth as author.



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