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Nathaniel Benchley (1915–1981)

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Sam the Minuteman (1969) 1,383 exemplars
George the Drummer Boy (1977) 837 exemplars
Oscar Otter (1966) 656 exemplars
Red Fox and His Canoe (1964) 561 exemplars
Small Wolf (1972) 302 exemplars
A Ghost Named Fred (1968) 286 exemplars
Only Earth and Sky Last Forever (1605) 72 exemplars
Humphrey Bogart (1975) 61 exemplars
Bright Candles (1974) 57 exemplars
Feldman Fieldmouse: A Fable (1971) 41 exemplars
Robert Benchley: A biography (1947) 31 exemplars
The Magic Sled (1972) 23 exemplars
Snip (1981) 21 exemplars
Gone and Back (1970) 18 exemplars
Beyond the Mists (1975) 17 exemplars
The Visitors (1965) 13 exemplars
Welcome to Xanadu (1968) 13 exemplars
Sweet Anarchy (1979) 12 exemplars
Catch a falling spy 9 exemplars
Sail a Crooked Ship (1961) 9 exemplars
Walter, the homing pigeon (1981) 8 exemplars
Sindbad the Sailor (1960) 6 exemplars
The Wake of the Icarus (1969) 6 exemplars
Speakeasy (1982) 6 exemplars
All Over Again (1981) 5 exemplars
One to Grow On (1958) 5 exemplars
Demo and the dolphin (1981) 5 exemplars
Sweet Hostage (1975) 5 exemplars
A winter's tale 4 exemplars
The Monument (1967) 4 exemplars
Portrait of a Scoundrel (1979) 4 exemplars
The Hunter's Moon (1656) 4 exemplars
Side street (1950) 4 exemplars
The Frogs of Spring (1954) 3 exemplars
Lassiter's folly 3 exemplars
A firm word or two (1965) 2 exemplars
Winter's Tale (1965) 2 exemplars
THE MAGIC SLEDGE. (1974) 1 exemplars

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Red Fox wants a big canoe. And when he gets it, he's off to catch a million fish. But Red Fox gets more than he bargained for in his roomy new canoe -- a bear and his buddies, two otters, a raccoon and... soon there won't be any room left for Red Fox!
PlumfieldCH | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Mar 29, 2024 |
From Kirkus, 1 June 1981 issue (book's pub. date 7 June 1981):
Another of Benchley's minor, offbeat frolics, this one set in 1906 San Francisco/ Oakland—as the Earthquake brings together, and sort of transforms, five likable misfits. Restless, 32-year-old Henry Walden, Yale grad and ex-Rough-Rider, has just come West to finally settle down at something. Middle-aged banker/speculator Gresham Stoddard has embezzled (and lost) a small fortune, so he's looking for a way to start a new life before the cops come after him. Dolly LaGrange, tough madam of the Upper Tenderloin's classiest brothel, is yearning to pen her memoirs—but she suffers from writer's block. And, over in Oakland, young pharmacist George Bender's extreme approach to contraception—total abstinence—is driving Lucille, his innocent wife of five years, to discreet alcoholism. So, when the quake and fire arrive, these five lives will intertwine: Henry, staying at an Oakland hotel, is rescued from burial-by-debris by George, and the Benders invite him to recuperate at their place (Lucille will nearly seduce Henry, finally stirring jealous George into romantic action); Stoddard ferries over from burning Nob Hill to safer Oakland, taking a new name and also moving in with the hospitable Benders; and suddenly house-less Dolly winds up at the Benders too—but while her girls set up shop in George's quake-ruined store, she is literarily inspired. . . and finds a publisher: the new "Phoenix Books" partnership of Henry Walden and Gresham Stoddard. Don't look for real characters here, or for big laughs, or for convincing period ambience. (The dialogue is a festival of anachronisms, including some vulgar sophomorics.) But as mild, pokey farce—including an Earthquake cameo by a frenetic Enrico Caruso—this does nicely enough, with more than a few moments of wayward whimsy (reminiscent of Preston Sturges) and peculiar charm.
I more or less agree with the call-out about anachronisms; but I myownself feel sure that George, not Lucille, wants to seduce studly ex-military muffin Henry and is finally willing to become carnally knowledgable of her to keep Henry for himself. The "vulgar sophomorics" sniffed at above are sexual acts not simply hidden behind discreetly drawn curtains, and some potty humor. I was a grown man in 1981, and not one thing in this book was something I wouldn't've found perfectly okay for my slightly pursey-lipped mother to read.

While I'm not going to urge you off to eBay or Alibris to procure one of these little ditties, I'll just note for the record that six months after it appeared Benchley's liver gave out and he went wherever Bostonians of his age and class went after The Final Curtain.
… (més)
richardderus | Jun 22, 2021 |
Red Fox has a canoe so that he can go fishing. But he wants a bigger one. So he walks through the woods with his father, looking for just the right tree. Together, Red Fox and his father make the new canoe and Red Fox happily goes fishing.

But when Red Fox's canoe is filling up with fish . . . Red Fox has caught half a million fish . . . bear wants to come into the canoe and eat them all. What will happen when Red Fox discovers that his canoe may be a bit too big?

This “I Can Read” book is perfect for beginning readers who are learning to sound out words and sentences. : large print, familiar words, repetitive vocabulary, short sentences, and simple concepts. The target audience is preschool through primary grades, ages four through eight; six through eight, second and third graders are more likely to be able to read with more independence.

… (més)
jfe16 | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | May 29, 2021 |



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