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William Carey: Obliged to Go (1998) 1,107 exemplars
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John Adams: Independence Forever (2002) 241 exemplars
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Francis Asbury: Circuit Rider (2013) 107 exemplars
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Charles Mulli: We Are Family (2017) 79 exemplars
John Newton 1 exemplars
Gladys Allyward 1 exemplars

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Christopher Columbus: Across the Ocean Sea (2005)algunes edicions161 exemplars


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Benge, Janet Hazel
Altres noms
Benge, Janet
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New Zealand
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Orlando, Florida, USA
Benge, Geoff (co-author and spouse)



Também em espanhol: Buenas Nuevas en Todas las Lenguas
Rawderson_Rangel | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | May 18, 2024 |
William Carey watched from the dock as the magnificent sailing ship headed for the English Channel without him. Tears filled his eyes, and deep disappointment filled his heart. What would he tell the missionary society? So much work awaited him half a world away. He must get to India - and soon!

William's amazing journey to India would prove to be just the beginning of a missionary quest filled with hardship and heartache as well as tremendous victories.

Often referred to as "the father of modern missions," William Carey displayed a single-minded determination to set his face like a flint to the task of bringing the gospel to those lost in darkness. His life of service and sacrifice is a guidepost to Christians of all generations. (1761-1834)… (més)
PlumfieldCH | May 7, 2024 |
I enjoy every single YWAM missionary biography I read. This book is no exception. I have always enjoyed the story of the woman who went by herself to a country that was fighting a war! Her diligence and untiring work serving the people of China is encouragement for all.
My only note is that there was a lot more violence and romantic content than I had anticipated (see below).

Notable Quotes:
“If I must die, let me not be afraid of death, but let there be a meaning, O God, in my dying.”

Things to be aware of in “Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime:”

-Many executions is witnessed (sensitive readers may not appreciate it)
-Fingers are blown off by bombs
-A woman and her children’s house is boarded and then set on fire.
-There is a prison riot involving blood, machetes, and other violence (details are given that sensitive readers may not appreciate)
I wouldn't consider myself a sensitive reader, but some of the violence was very gruesome. It is all true and I do believe it is important to include it, but just keep that in mind when recommending this book to younger/sensitive readers.

Romantic Content:
-A male character is alone in a room with Gladys and says, “You forget you are a woman alone in a strange country. I can do what I like.”
-Women’s clothes are ripped off multiple times.

Spiritual Content:
Obviously, this is a Christian biography so there is a lot of great spiritual content!

Additional Notes:
-There is detailed explanation of China’s foot-binding law. (Sensitive readers may not appreciate it)
-Gladys preaches
… (més)
ChooseHappy | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | May 7, 2024 |


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