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The title was intriguing - a book festival seemed a good venue for a cosy crime novel - but for me it didn't live up to the promise. The writing was quite verbose, with a lot of repetition, and the dialogue for the most part was very unnatural, with people practically making speeches and info dumping to each other. I would have quoted one or two examples, but I forgot that I meant to do so and have already taken it to the charity shop. The fairly slow pace picks up a bit after the first murder but then slows right down again. I also found it annoying that the protagonist is a doormat regarding her ex-husband: their daughter is an adult it seems, so I couldn't sympathise with her longsuffering attitude of letting him stay for a couple of days when he turns up unannounced and then eats her out of house and home as well as causing other problems. I'm afraid I can't rate the book higher than an OK 2 star read.… (més)
kitsune_reader | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Jan 31, 2024 |
A best selling author returns to her hometown to confront her dark past.

Merrywell is hosting its first book festival with best selling author , Leonie Stanwick. Violet Brewster interviews Leonie about her upcoming book during the festival. Violet discovers a murder victim related to the author, thus leading her becoming involved in the case. Leonie's reluctance to return to her hometown and the many secrets she holds if part of her new book, a tell all memoir. As the festal draws people interested in writing and books, it also draws people from her past. Violet also receives an unexpected visitor during the investigation and festival. Her ex-husband puts a kink in her plans of moving on in new place. Violet uses her ability of discerning information to help the police unravel the mystery in this crime novel.

As a fan of crime novels, I enjoyed reading this book very much. Jane writes a very descriptive story of a book festival and its unfortunate link to a crime. I enjoyed Violet's inquisitive mind to solve the crime while unintentionally annoying DS Winterton. The author also provides some giggles with the unexpected appearance of Violet's ex-husband, Paul. Paul's audacity to restore what he gave up provides humor that makes the reader root for Violet.

I recommend this book for crime lovers mixed with giggles thanks to Paul A well written novel.
… (més)
wolfshirem | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Nov 6, 2023 |
Murder at the Book Festival is the second in the series featuring Violet Brewster, the owner of the Memory Box. The local business community is involved in setting up their first Book Festival and are thrilled that local girl turned big-time author, Leonie Stanwick, is returning to be the star guest. But there are secrets all around, and Violet will have to dig into them to keep everyone safe.

What I enjoyed most about this is the village setting; everyone is nosy, but they will all pull together to put on a festival. I also found the business set up to record people’s memories is interesting as a real idea as well as a good way to reveal secrets in a mystery. It’s a different cozy occupation than the usual baker or yarn shop owner.

What I had more difficulty with was why Violet was so intent on solving the murder. Usually, the MC is related to someone who has been accused or have themselves been looked at as the murderer. There just wasn’t really any compelling reason for her to be involved, although I do give her credit for letting the police know what she was doing.

Some of the characters could use a little more fleshing out, particularly the love interest. However, Leonie turned out to be more layered and interesting; she was pretty sassy, in fact.

All in all, this is a good, quick cozy read.
… (més)
kcaroth1 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Oct 24, 2023 |
I enjoyed this well-constructed British cozy mystery. The story and the role of the amateur detective are plausible. There's a cast of well defined characters who are authentic as "small town people" without being flaky or quirky. There's a good sense of place too which provides atmosphere. The ending proves again that pure evil can exist in a country setting. Recommended as a good read.
BrianEWilliams | Sep 2, 2023 |



½ 3.4

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