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Obres de E. M. Blaiklock

Cities of the New Testament (1965) 40 exemplars
Bible characters and doctrines (1972) 30 exemplars
Still a Christian (1971) 27 exemplars
Romans (1971) 23 exemplars
Commentary on the New Testament (1977) 21 exemplars
Jesus Christ: Man or Myth? (1983) 21 exemplars
Bible Characters and Doctrines (1974) 18 exemplars
Word Pictures from the Bible (1969) 14 exemplars
Layman's Answer (1968) 14 exemplars
St. Luke (Bible Study Books) (1966) 14 exemplars
Kathleen A Record Of A Sorrow (1980) 11 exemplars
The positive power of prayer (1974) 10 exemplars
Why Didn't They Tell Me? (1972) 9 exemplars
Commentary on the Psalms (1977) 8 exemplars
The Bible and I (1983) 8 exemplars
Mark: The Man and His Message (1967) 7 exemplars
Our Lord's teaching on prayer (1964) 7 exemplars
Bible Handbook (1980) 7 exemplars
Eight days in Israel (1980) 6 exemplars
The Answer's in the Bible (1978) 6 exemplars
The Best of Grammaticus (1984) 5 exemplars
The Christian in pagan society (1951) 4 exemplars
Handbook of Bible People (1979) 4 exemplars
This Faith or That? (1969) 4 exemplars
Green shade 3 exemplars
Jesus Christ (1983) 3 exemplars
Hills of Home, 3 exemplars
Out of the Earth 2 exemplars
Is It-Or Isn't It? 1 exemplars
No Darkness At All (1956) 1 exemplars
Christin Classics 1 exemplars
Who are the Happy 1 exemplars
Rome in the New Testament (1959) 1 exemplars
Grammaticus : a love of trees (1982) 1 exemplars
The romanticism of Catullus (1959) 1 exemplars
No Mists Above 1 exemplars
Read it again 1 exemplars

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The Little Flowers of St. Francis (1944) — Traductor, algunes edicions1,168 exemplars


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"In the Image of Peter" not only offers fascinating glimpses of Mark's personality and happenings, but it also analyzes the highpoints of his gospel. The unpardonable sin, the homicidal lunatic from the tombs, John's beheading, the young ruler who couldn't give up his riches--these are only a few of the events dramatized in this book.
phoovermt | Mar 21, 2023 |
Onesimus to 'I Jesus' and The Last Things
Gordon_C_Olson_Libr | Apr 5, 2022 |
When I was much younger, I read avidly E.M. Blaiklock's slim volumes on his life in West Auckland. This is the first part of his autobiography up to 1929. Once again I enjoyed what he has to say about West Auckland and about his teaching at Mount Albert Grammar and as Head of Classics at the University of Auckland.

However I find myself much more conscious of his style and his sentences and have had to re-read some sentences several times over to get the meaning. Here is one example from p.101:

'Long pondering over the writings and the works of men was at this time, with my morning moving to the warmth of noon, making me see the wholeness of history, and the oneness of the centuries.'

On the other hand many sentences are very effective p.101 also:

'The Greeks and Romans thought, felt, feared, loved, agonized, exulted as we do.'

I was alarmed to read this on p.67:

'That was why he (A.C.Paterson) refused to teach the subject known as 'Greek History, Art and Literature', precursor of the attempts, world-wide today, to teach 'Classics without tears.' He was, of course, quite right that a culture cannot be properly absorbed without some acquaintance with the language which is its prime vehicle of expression.'

While I do not disagree with the last point, Greek HAL as taught at Victoria University of Wellington in the 1960s was my entree into a wonderful and exciting new world of Greek plays, art and artists. I do not regret any of the effort I expended on this subject and rejoice that I had this opportunity not having been able to learn Latin and/or Greek at secondary school.

This is definitely a book to be re-read at some time.
… (més)
louis69 | Jun 18, 2015 |
I snagged this book, noticing that it had a chapter-long historical essay for each city, and expecting that it would cover Paul's full itinerary. But alas! Mitylene (Acts 20:14) is missing. Still, it does have articles on the cities of each of the Seven Churches of Asia, which figure in a variety of esoteric lore.

Although the book is obviously intended to appeal to readers motivated by Christian piety, the author is a classicist who provides plenty of useful detail on the pagan settings of the first century c.e. It's a fairly relaxed and interesting introduction to its topic.… (més)
1 vota
paradoxosalpha | Nov 26, 2009 |

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