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Such an adorable read. I loved it just like all the rest in the series. I actually wished it was longer.
linnesha | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | May 15, 2024 |
This book was a fun read, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. When I read in the blurb about a secret BDSM club my mind automatically when to a book that would be intense maybe even serious, but this book took the BDSM scene with twists and made it a funny rom com. Andi has a grandfather that passes way and she is supposed to inherit his hotels but in order to get her inheritance she has to meet up with Landon Collins so he can show her the secret side of her grandpa’s hotel chains one being The Golden Pecker that Landon runs. The Golden Pecker is Landon’s pride and joy, he has worked hard and practically for free to get what he wants and that’s ownership of the club. For either one of them to get what they want they must follow a list of demands Andi’s grandfather left for them to complete. This book had me laughing and swooning, then it had me frustrated with some of Andi’s ramblings because every now and then she would get on a rant and say the most absurd things ever at first it was funny then it kept happening and it was kind of out there things and it became annoying, but then she could be very enduring. I loved Landon he has secrets of his own and as he slowly falls for Andi, he is confused about what is right and what he thought he wanted. I hope we get more from these characters and Andi’s sisters because it is going to be crazy to see what happens next.… (més)
readonreader | Jan 5, 2024 |
This was an interesting bully type romance, it wasn’t dark, but Tristan did bully poor Kennedy around for what he thought was an acceptable reason, yet it turns out that it wasn’t. Kennedy is introduced to us as a sick girl that has to stay in a wheel chair because her “conditions” make her dizzy and she has had these “conditions” as long as she can remember, but it isn’t hard to figure out what is really going on and it made me so upset and hurt for her. Eventually Tristan realizes that by tormenting Kennedy he actually cares for her in his own messed up way, and the more we read the more curious I was to find out why Tristan acted the way he did and I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it should be or expanded on more. I did enjoy this read and I am very curious about the other guys, I was glad that even though they both had been through a lot that Tristan and Kennedy resolved their issues but never lost their fun banter they had with each other. In the end Tristan helps Kennedy learn to live life, let go and have fun and Kennedy in turn teaches Tristan that love is unconditional and its ok to lean on others sometimes.… (més)
readonreader | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jan 5, 2024 |
This book was such a fun read and it has me laughing one second and very intrigued with the storyline. Cara was a hard worker who felt that maybe she spent too much time working and not having a social life, but she is determined to finish school and help others. She has roommates that are hilarious, very protective, and care about her dearly even if they were a tad messy at times. She has an incident at her job one evening and this changes her life entirely. She accidently awakens some vampires that try to make her forget they existed but somehow she becomes bonded with one of them, Lucian. The bond between them is so strong that they have to spend every second together until it fades because Lucian refuses the other option and that's turning Cara into what he is. I was submersed into the storyline of vampires hunting others down and trying to protect human life and at times it was just silly fun, especially Vlad and his dry humor. The attraction between Cara and Lucian is very intense and they try hard to fight their feelings but fate has other plans for them. I really enjoyed this book because as I said it was fun, it was steamy, and had me sucked into the action. I hope we get more from this world!!… (més)
readonreader | Jan 5, 2024 |


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