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A great, simple, short and, most of all, helpful book on how to write a synopsis for your novel. Filled with great advice, proven best practices, as well as illustrative examples and even worksheets to assist you with working up your own synopses... seriously, what more could you want?

A great book that delivers exactly what it promises to deliver.
TobinElliott | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Sep 3, 2021 |
DESCRIPTION, NOT REVIEW: Kat Channing, assistant to the famous movie dog, Lira, is about to lose her job because Lira’s eyesight is failing and the canine star won’t be able to work anymore. But when Kat overhears her boss’s nephew, Joey, promise to “off” Lira to collect the insurance, Kat absconds with the canine in an impulsive bid to save her. Now, if only she had a plan or someone who could help her...

Enter Mike Duffy, her childhood bestie. Without Kat in his life, Mike, now a veterinarian, has had a calm, organized life—just the way he likes it. Though he’s loved Kat for years, she doesn’t see him as anything other than her best friend—and someone to rescue her from her many scrapes. But when she begs him for help with Lira, how can he say no?

Kat is too impulsive. Mike is too staid. Can these two opposites become the next love match as they head for Sanctuary in Dogwood, Colorado together? And, with an APB out on Kat, Joey hot on their trail, and a snowstorm slowing them down, will they be able to save the purloined pooch before Joey commits dogicide?

Sit. Stay. Love. is a stand-alone book, third in the Dogwood Series (may be read in any order). If you like light-hearted adventure, adorable dogs, and sweet romantic comedy, you’ll love this book!
… (més)
treehousereader | Feb 23, 2021 |
A quick and fun read that leaved me with a smile & a satisfied feeling in the end...
My past as a Buffy's addicted appreciated the references to the show (even if most of them were sarcastic) and as a dog's lover I couldn't help myself to fall in love with Fang...who wouldn't?! He's just so cute...even more so when in a let's-kiss-some-vampires-ass mode!!

For a debut was a really good one and I can't wait to read more about the Val-Lola-Dan&Fang brigade!!!
Lara-IT | Hi ha 33 ressenyes més | Feb 3, 2021 |
Val Shapiro slakes the succubus part of her person by stabbing vampires – making the world safe for humans. Learning to live with her inner demon has isolated Val from the rest of the world, so she is scared and excited to find out that she isn’t the only one. Val and other members of the Demon Underground navigate a world in which demons just want to blend in; Vampires want to “come out;” and part demon dogs can talk to other demons telepathically.

Val’s character grows and changes through the series, even thought the series only spans a few months in “actual time.” I do wish we knew more about Shade, so I’m ready for Val to move beyond her own little self-absorbed world, she is only 18, but I’d think someone who kills vampires as a hobby/job would be a bit more mature.

I’ve enjoyed this series so far and was anxious to read the third installment. This galley has formatting issues that need to be cleaned up before mass release: quotation marks are shown as – and ||. Paragraphs don’t start and end properly. It’s odd to read that way, but at least it’s consistent. I had read Bite Me and Try Me before – free on my Kindle, no formatting issues on those versions.
Bite Me sets up Val as a vampire slayer in Texas – a place where vampires have decided to set up blood banks to get “volunteer” donors so they can come out and live as legal citizens. The idea that all vampires are not evil is a new one to Val and the SCU- Special (Supernatural) Crimes Unit for those of us who read a lot of paranormal fiction- not so much. Try Me follows immediately on the heels of Bite Me taking place within a few days of Bite Me’s ending. Val and Shade’s relationship grows and becomes complicated by revelations concerning demon nature. Fang Me solves the mystery of the missing books in a fairly satisfying way. I look forward to the 4th installment of this series. I’m ready to find out what Val plans to do with her life.
… (més)
readingbeader | Hi ha 11 ressenyes més | Oct 29, 2020 |


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