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Inclou el nom: Shelly Roeberg (ed.)

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Femme Magnifique: 50 Magnificent Women who Changed the World (2018) — Editor; Epíleg, algunes edicions52 exemplars
Vertigo: Winter's Edge #2 (1999) — Editor — 37 exemplars
Vertigo Resurrected: Winter's Edge (2010) — Editor — 15 exemplars
Hey, Amateur! Go From Novice to Nailing it in 9 Panels (2020) — Editor & curator — 15 exemplars
Black Crown Omnibus Volume 1 (2018) 3 exemplars
Heavy Rotation #1 1 exemplars

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The Sandman: The Kindly Ones (1996) — Editor — 5,225 exemplars
The Sandman: The Wake (1997) — Editor — 4,838 exemplars
Fables, Vol. 01: Legends in Exile (2002) — Editor, algunes edicions4,582 exemplars
Death: The High Cost of Living (1993) — Editor, algunes edicions3,471 exemplars
Death: The Time of Your Life (1997) — Editor, algunes edicions2,227 exemplars
Fables, Vol. 04: March of the Wooden Soldiers (2004) — Editor — 2,076 exemplars
Mr. Punch (1994) — Editor, algunes edicions1,667 exemplars
The Sandman: Overture (2013) — Editor — 1,552 exemplars
Midnight Days (1989) — Editor — 809 exemplars
Fables: The Deluxe Edition Book Four (2012) — Editor - Original Series — 180 exemplars
The Sandman: Overture #1 (2013) — Editor — 87 exemplars
Vertigo: Winter's Edge #1 (1997) — Editor — 59 exemplars
Deadenders (2012) — Editor - Original Series — 48 exemplars
Vertigo: Winter's Edge #3 (2000) — Editor, algunes edicions31 exemplars
New Romancer Vol. 1 (2016) — Editor — 25 exemplars
Menz Insana (1997) — Editor, algunes edicions25 exemplars
Fables #050 (2006) — Editor — 6 exemplars
Jack of Fables #06 — Editor — 6 exemplars
New Romancer #1 — Editor — 2 exemplars
Ghosts, Vol. 2 # 1 (2012) — Editor — 2 exemplars
New Romancer #2 — Editor — 1 exemplars
New Romancer #3 (2016) — Editor — 1 exemplars


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Bond, Shelly
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Roeberg, Shelly
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Bond, Philip (husband)



There are parts of this I really liked and parts I got a little annoyed. Giving this 4 stars, but more of a 3.5 star rating. Why? Manly, I was disappointed with the writing. I was hoping this was more of a biography on these women, but it's more about the people writing this anthology and how these women inspired them. Some of the entries, I still don't know really anything about unless I do an internet search on them. Giving each women only 3 pages makes sense with the fact there are 50 total, but at times it was too short. Some of the entries got a little too preachy with too many buzz words that got in the way of the storytelling. However, I loved the art in this book. Several of these women either are in other comic books, but I liked seeing different artist draw them, even if the other comics had better writing. Even with these complaints, this is still worth getting if your into feminist studies or comic book anthologies.… (més)
Ghost_Boy | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Aug 25, 2022 |
Found Online:
This collection features a wide variety of writers and artists. It was interesting to see how historical figures influenced and shaped the creators that participated in this project. There is a good mix of famous figures and more obscure ones, so everyone who reads this can learn about important contributions that women have made to society that they didn't know about before.
KLauterbach | Jun 11, 2022 |
Some of these are great and some suck really hard. The piece on Peggy Guggenheim is literally all about the men she came into contact with. Many are about the famous femme's influence on the writer which I found tiresome; the one on Misty Cohen is the most egregious example with a blonde ballerina inserting herself into the story. Overall, more misses than hits.
fionaanne | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Nov 11, 2021 |
A pretty amazing anthology stuffed with 3-page bios of women both famous and obscure but all certainly quite magnificent. Best read in small increments as I think it would have worn me down to read it all at once.

My only reservation is that the creators were tasked to either write a straight-on biography (yay!) or write how the woman in question inspired them (hurm). The inspiration stories sometimes came off as self-indulgent and/or left me wishing I had learned more about the woman in question rather than the story's writer. Three pages is already a pretty short space to highlight a person's contribution to humanity.

If you liked this, I highly recommend you read the superb Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World by Pénélope Bagieu.
… (més)
villemezbrown | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Nov 28, 2018 |



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