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A Passionate Life (2005) 268 exemplars
Building a Discipling Culture (2009) 237 exemplars
Multiplying Missional Leaders (2012) 67 exemplars
Leading Missional Communities (2013) 53 exemplars
Leading Kingdom Movements (2013) 51 exemplars
Family on Mission (2014) 39 exemplars
Huddle Leader Guide (2012) 30 exemplars
Oikonomics (2014) 21 exemplars
Huddle Participant Guide (2013) 12 exemplars
The Apostle's Notebook (2002) 11 exemplars


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This book will lead you to a deeper revelation of the Bible and a fuller and richer relationship with God
MenoraChurch | Jun 5, 2022 |
Mike Breen is the founder of 3dm ministries. Building a Discipling Culture is one of the books by Breen and his team that were written for people learning how to use their approach to ministry. I read this book as a part of my participation in a small group organized around 3dm principles. My group consisted of people who all serve in various ministries and we used the practices taught in the book so that we could then apply them to our own ministry contexts. For myself, I kept in mind that my overall goal was to "build disciples who build disciples."

Breen and his team have developed a model of discipleship based on what they see Jesus doing in the Bible to grow disciples. They have their own vocabulary and methodology, some of which I found easy to understand and other parts where I wrestled with it, both theologically and practically. I couldn't discern from the book where on the theological spectrum Breen lies. I consider myself to be a Calvinist and there were several places where my vantage point differed from Breen's.

My other concern with this book is that it is written in a very casual style, reading more like a live presentation than a well-reasoned method. I have participated in one three-day training workshop given by Breen's team and as I read I had the feeling that I was sitting in on a presentation, although without having the opportunity to ask questions. And in reading the book there were many times I paused to consider things, asking myself, "What is he trying to say about this?" or "Has he considered that this other thing may be true instead?" The somewhat informal style made for easy reading, but at the expense of presenting more well-reasoned arguments.

Overall, this is a book that may have application for many people in ministry leadership. Growing disciples has been going on since the beginning of the church and there is no "one-size-fits-all" method. Some of the tools Breen offers have value for my ministry setting as they are presented, while others will require adaption. This is but one tool in my toolbox, resting in the top tray, easily available for the situations where it can be used well.
… (més)
BradKautz | Sep 29, 2014 |
Many converts to evangelical churches remain at a spiritual entry level, never quite able to take their new purpose to the next step. In A Passionate Life, coauthors Breen and Kallistad utilize vivid graphic devices to shepherd "seekers" into the full gift of faith. They use geometric shapes as visual counterparts of vital elements of spiritual growth. This book, clearly influenced by Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life, provides a practical guide to leading a passionate spiritual life.
PeaceUMC | Feb 17, 2007 |

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