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Eighth Grade Bites (2007) 2,250 exemplars
Ninth Grade Slays (2008) 1,525 exemplars
Tenth Grade Bleeds (2009) 1,288 exemplars
Eleventh Grade Burns (2010) 1,127 exemplars
Twelfth Grade Kills (2010) 897 exemplars
First Kill (2011) 306 exemplars
The Legacy of Tril: Soulbound (2012) 240 exemplars
The Cemetery Boys (2015) 164 exemplars
Second Chance (2012) 140 exemplars
The Blood Between Us (2016) 64 exemplars
Third Strike (2014) 62 exemplars
Into the Real (2020) 35 exemplars

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Brewer, Z.
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Brewer, Zachary Oliver
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Brewer, Zac
Brewer, Heather (formerly)
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St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Lapeer, Michigan, USA
Michael Bourret [literary]
Eddie Gamarra [film/TV]
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Z Brewer uses they/them pronouns. Some of their earlier books were originally published under the name Heather Brewer.



I grew up reading Z Brewer and let me tell ya... they definitely influenced my reading. I haven't ever forgotten Z Brewer, and I was so lucky to find Soulbound hidden among the books on my TBR in my house. I jumped at the chance to go back into the worlds that Z crafted and be reminded how much I love their YA books.

Soulbound has broken my heart because I don't have the sequel! And I need it! I adored this book even if it had a bit of insta-love that felt forced, but hey... it's a YA book! And I used to eat up that insta-love stuff when this came out so it's hardly a problem. A magical world where people have special powers, fall in love with each other, and have to kill big, epic monsters? Sounds about right up my alley! And Z/Heather did an incredible job of making the world building feel oh so real.

Tril feels like a place I would have seen driving by on a long trip, and Kaya feels very relatable. She's torn between wanting to be herself and saving her family, she's torn between two men who've entered her life and could help her be safe. She's also torn in her friendships and how to make sure everyone is safe. Being a special teenage girl is hard in these fantasy/dystopia books!

Kaya being a sarcastic, butt-kicking healer is exactly what I needed. I also am going to ship her to not by with Trayton because that boy just gives me red flags and bad vibes. Let's go for the hunky man who is teaching her to fight. That sounds way more fun.

If you want a nostalgic trip back to 2010s young adult books, grab this book! It's a fun ride if you don't take it too seriously (or if you just really love YA and understand it's not supposed to be extremely serious).

Four out of five stars!
… (més)
Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 42 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |
Z Brewer has always been one of my faves. Back in my high school days I binged Vladimir Todd over and over. I distinctly remember going to Borders (RIP Borders) and requesting a great YA read that would keep me hooked. They presented me with Vladimir Todd and instantly I was in love. Z Brewer's writing has always done it for me, and this book was no different.

This book is spooky and intense, but in a good way. Stephen is forced to move when his Mother is hospitalized due to mental illness. His Father decides it's a grand idea to move back to the creepy small town he used to live in and move in with his Mother. The Grandmother? A bit weird and scary, let's be honest. So, Stephen moves to this tiny town with creepy lore and thinks he finds some friend. The Cemetery Boys basically describes these buddies he hangs out with (they go to The Playground a.k.a. the local cemetery). We learn there are rumours and myths about the town and many deaths that have occurred there. While Stephen tries to cope with being new in town, liking a girl and trying to fit in, dark mischief occurs... And Stephen will never be the same.

SO SPOOKY. This helped get me into the Halloween spirit, even if that wasn't its intention. I did think the middle half of the book was kind of slow and I would have liked to see the lore come out sooner, but that's a personal preference. The story goes har and fast suddenly when the action starts.

This book is twisted, and if you're an avid reader like me you'll probably figure out the ending early on. Otherwise, it's a great book! I can see why some readers love it and others don't. As a big fan of Z's writing, I was all in. I enjoyed it and stayed along for the right. Maybe this is another one of those niche books? You'll love the ending or you'll want to whip the book across the room. Or both.

Four out of five stars.
… (més)
Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |
Book Review

Book Title: Eighth Grade Bites (Vladimir Todd #1)
Book Author: Heather Brewer (now Zac Brewer)

This is a throwback review, since I read this book way back when I was in grade eight (which feels like a lifetime ago). At the time this was one of my favourite books, and it goes me into many more YA novels and into my current reading obsession. I even called one of my cats Meredith (many years later). This book was a great way to get me into reading, and I applaud Zac Brewer for all of his wonderful writing and work, because I wouldn't be here in my reading and writing career without him.

Now onto my review:

Eighth Grade Bites is a great spin on the typical fish out of water story. Vladimir Todd is a vampire, and his life is quite the mystery. Not only does he have to try to survive being a teenager as a vampire, but he has to try to find out where his past comes from. Where are his parents? What happened to them? Why is he a vampire? Why must he hide this secret?

The book is incredibly light hearted and written for the correct audience. It doesn't exactly translate into the adult scene unless you are interested in these types of books (in my opinion). Rereading it, I loved it but my friends who have moved on from the vampire scene did not enjoy it as much. The book is super fun and delightful and I hope more people get into this series.

Every minute of Vlad's story is enjoyable to read. It will keep you on your toes and make you want to continue the story. The plot is well thought out over the series, and the characters are absolutely lovable. Alongside the steady pace, the random twists that occur make this book stand out among the many other vampire books I have read throughout the years. The fact that I can still pick this book up and get a good chuckle out of it proves to me that Zac is a truly incredible author.

Overall, I give this book four out of five stars. Wonderful story!!
… (més)
Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 111 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |
Si el primer año de instituto fue un asco, el segundo es un verdadero suplicio. Vlad no solo tiene que soportar que los abusones se metan con él y seguir sufriendo por Meredith, la chica de sus sueños, sino que además hay un fotógrafo del periódico del colegio que lo sigue a todas partes. Ni qué decir tiene que practicar sus habilidades de vampiro no ha sido una de sus prioridades… hasta ahora. Un alucinante viaje a Siberia con su tío Otis se convertirá en su bautizo de fuego como estudiante vampiro. Entrenar con uno de los chupasangres más dotados del mundo es justo lo que Vlad necesita para mejorar esos poderes especiales de los que antes renegaba.… (més)
Natt90 | Mar 16, 2023 |



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