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At first, I wasn't too excited about the illustrations, they seemed a bit crude and few in number. But the species descriptions are excellent. Also, an excellent selection of species on each page of plates, each with a catchy heading.
Sandydog1 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Sep 22, 2021 |
This is one of those more comprehensive bug books I was talking about and it's been great so far to help me with IDing white admirals and different checkerspots that hang out in the wildflowers that line my street. Butterflies are grouped together by type and color with handy little indicators on the side of the book so you can get to the right color. Similar species are shown side by side and the information includes a range map, where the butterfly lives and what it eats as a caterpillar. I'm happy to say that the pictures show the wings open and closed. Alas it does not include moths so that will probably be another book to add to the collection!… (més)
Bookmarque | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Sep 7, 2016 |
This recentlypublished butterfly guide is very good. It has pretty thorough coverage of the butterfly species, good images, good binding, and the accompanying test is righ there on the same page as the image.

The only downside of having the text adjacent to the image is that it seems to have limitee both the text formatting and the detail fo the text itself.

However, still a very good guide.
billsearth | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 30, 2010 |
Basics: 2008, softcover, 88 pages, 153 color photos of 141 species, no range maps

This is another addition to the Wild West nature series. This book is an introduction to 141 (just under half) of the 300+ plus butterflies found in the southwest US. This photo guide gives a sampling of the species for the person with a casual or beginning interest in butterflies.

One relatively small photograph shows each butterfly, with about a dozen specimens shown with two photos. All the photos are good quality with sharp focus and vivid colors; however, there are a couple of quirks. Some butterflies (e.g., White-barred Skipper) blend into their dark backgrounds making them slightly difficult to see. The large Monarch is illustrated to be smaller on the page than the normally diminutive skippers.

One paragraph discusses each butterfly. The primary focus is on general life history aspects such as habitat preference, interesting behaviors, or seasonal presence. Only the briefest of descriptions are given to some of the species. No range maps are supplied.

This book is definitely not an identification guide and, to be fair, it does not claim to be one. This book is designed to appeal to those people looking for a more general overview or who may want to see a less overwhelming number of butterflies as they begin to learn them.

I’ve listed several related books below…
1) Butterflies of Arizona by Stewart/Brodkin
2) Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona by Bailowitz/Brock
3) Butterflies of the Lower Rio Grande Valley by Wauer
4) Butterflies through Binoculars: The West by Glassberg
5) Butterflies: Northeastern Mexico by Garwood/Lehman
6) Western Butterflies by Tilden/Smith
7) California Butterflies by Garth
8) Butterflies of Baja California by Brown et al.
9) Butterflies of North America by Brock/Kaufman
10) Butterflies of North America by Scott
… (més)
Soleglad | Sep 9, 2008 |

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