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Brookes, Sara



In Hard as Stone Garrett has been watching over Brady, an ER doctor. One night Brady loses a 5-year-old and cannot accept he cannot save everyone. He runs from the ER going to a building that calms him a few blocks away. Garrett, the building's owner, sees Brady staring at his building and goes out to talk to him. They talk about the gargoyles around the top of the building and Garrett issues an invite to Brady to come see them some time. A few days later Brady accepts the invite and goes to the penthouse. Garrett saves him from falling and they spend a sexy night together. Will they have a relationship or is it only a one-night-stand?

I enjoyed this story. I liked the practicality of Garrett and his desire to help Brady. Brady has to learn some truths about his life and about Garrett before they are able to move forward. I liked Brady's desire to help everyone. Some he cannot help but others he can which he does in the ER. While there are secondary characters they are only there to move the story along. The story focuses on Brady and Garrett. They are a good couple.

In Chasing Sin Kate, Tripp, and Snyder are storm chasers. Kate takes a lot of chances while chasing tornadoes. She puts them all in danger on one chase. She's mad when Snyder rescues her before the tornado touches down. Their anger changes when they get back to the hotel where the three share a hot night followed by Kate leaving. They meet up again during hurricane season as they track Hurricane Jean which changes course as Kate had predicted. Now they are caught up in one of the worst storms every. Will they survive? Will Kate finally accept the love of Tripp and Snyder?

I liked this story. Kate was stubborn but so was Snyder. She has a hard time trusting her feelings for the men. They can accept her as she is. Secrets come out and Kate has to decide if she can accept their love. That will only happen if they survive the hurricane in her childhood summer home. When that hurricane hit I was scared for them. I hoped all would work out for them.
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Sheila1957 | Jul 10, 2021 |
A good menage romance.
bit-of-a-list-tiger | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 4, 2021 |
What I think I liked most about this book is that the relationship developed incrementally (over a number of months). There was nothing simple and I think this book was made all the better for that. Not to take anything away from other books in which the relationship evolves at breakneck speed - reading them serves a different purpose for me (and most likely others) but it was really good to read something a bit more balanced.

I'm definitely planning on looking out more books by this author.

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Damiella | Aug 18, 2020 |
Ms. Brookes has done a wonderful job with just the right amount of romance, adventure, angst, and hot sex! I love that the characters are scientists/storm chasers. I felt a real "kinship" with them weathering a hurricane in Kate's hometown in Texas. I have lost two homes to hurricanes in my life so I can def relate! The relationship between Snyder and Tripp is great, they are so devoted to each other. I was anxiously awaiting to find out if Kate was going to be a part of their HEA or stay out there on her own. I highly recommend if you like m/m/f with an awesome adventure and love story thrown in!
Copy for review courtesy of the author.
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debr56 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Dec 31, 2014 |



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