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Joseph Bruchac, author of more than seventy books for children and adults, is also an acclaimed storyteller and poet. He has received many prestigious literary awards, including the American Book Award, the PEN Syndicated Fiction Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native Writers' mostra'n més Circle of The Americas mostra'n menys
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Obres de Joseph Bruchac

Code Talker (2005) 2,333 exemplars
Skeleton Man (2001) 1,160 exemplars
Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back (1992) — Autor — 906 exemplars
Sacajawea (2000) 899 exemplars
The Arrow over the Door (1998) 587 exemplars
A Boy Called Slow (1995) 578 exemplars
Children of the Longhouse (1996) 527 exemplars
Eagle Song (1997) 502 exemplars
How Chipmunk Got His Stripes (2001) 456 exemplars
Pocahontas (2003) 345 exemplars
The Earth under Sky Bear's Feet (1995) 331 exemplars
Rabbit's Snow Dance (2012) 319 exemplars
The Dark Pond (2000) 298 exemplars
Bearwalker (2007) 280 exemplars
The Heart of a Chief (1998) 258 exemplars
Crazy Horse's Vision (2000) 255 exemplars
The Winter People (2002) 248 exemplars
March Toward the Thunder (2008) 220 exemplars
Native American Animal Stories (1992) 205 exemplars
Rez Dogs (2021) 200 exemplars
Killer of Enemies (2013) 169 exemplars
The Warriors (2003) 168 exemplars
Jim Thorpe, Original All-American (2006) 167 exemplars
Turtle's Race with Beaver (2003) 165 exemplars
Geronimo (2006) 150 exemplars
Wabi: A Hero's Tale (2006) 138 exemplars
Hidden Roots (2004) 135 exemplars
Two Roads (2018) 130 exemplars
Peacemaker (2021) 120 exemplars
Wolf Mark (2011) 106 exemplars
The Return of Skeleton Man (2006) 105 exemplars
Dawn Land (1993) 105 exemplars
Native Plant Stories (1995) 104 exemplars
Talking Leaves (2013) 104 exemplars
Trails of Tears, Paths of Beauty (2000) 101 exemplars
Buffalo Song (2008) 95 exemplars
Native North American Literary Companion (1995) — Managing Editor — 93 exemplars
Jim Thorpe's Bright Path (2004) 91 exemplars
Fox Song (1993) 87 exemplars
The Circle of Thanks (1996) 87 exemplars
Whisper in the Dark (2005) 82 exemplars
Dragon Castle (2011) 78 exemplars
Raccoon's Last Race (2004) 75 exemplars
Night Wings (2009) 73 exemplars
My Father Is Taller than a Tree (2010) 57 exemplars
Sports Shorts (2005) — Col·laborador — 49 exemplars
Lay-Ups and Long Shots (2008) — Col·laborador — 48 exemplars
Gluskabe and the Four Wishes (1995) 40 exemplars
Dog People: Native Dog Stories (1995) 35 exemplars
Graphic Classics: Native American Classics (2013) — Editor — 24 exemplars
New Voices from the Longhouse (1989) — Editor — 24 exemplars
Found (Pathfinders) (2020) 23 exemplars
Can Turtle Fly? (2004) 23 exemplars
Long River (1619) 22 exemplars
Turtle Meat: And Other Stories (1992) 22 exemplars
Chenoo (2016) 22 exemplars
Walking Two Worlds (2015) 17 exemplars
How Killer Whale Came to Be (1994) 14 exemplars
No Borders (1998) 12 exemplars
At Home on the Earth (2000) 11 exemplars
The Long Run (2016) 11 exemplars
Voices of the People (2022) 10 exemplars
Seeing the Circle (1999) 8 exemplars
At the End of Ridge Road (2005) 7 exemplars
Wolf Cub's Song (2020) 6 exemplars
Rose Eagle (2014) 6 exemplars
Translator's Son (1980) 5 exemplars
Entering Onondaga (1978) 4 exemplars
Emma's Gift (1995) 4 exemplars
Above the Line: New Poems (2003) 4 exemplars
Mu'ndu Wi 'Go: Mohegan Poems (1978) 3 exemplars
Coyote Tales 3 exemplars
Red Letter Days 3 exemplars
Powwow Mystery: The Powwow Dog (2020) 3 exemplars
Flow (1975) 2 exemplars
Remembering the Dawn (1983) 2 exemplars
Gluskabe Stories (1990) 2 exemplars
Near The Mountains (1987) 2 exemplars
Night Sky 1 exemplars
The Great Ball Game 1 exemplars
The Manabozho Poems (1974) 1 exemplars
The Milky Way 1 exemplars
north country 1 exemplars
The Dark Pond; and Bearwalker (1900) 1 exemplars
THE TRAIL OF TEARS 1 exemplars
Vindørnen (1985) 1 exemplars
Tracking (1986) 1 exemplars
The poetry of pop (1973) 1 exemplars

Obres associades

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out (2008) — Col·laborador — 349 exemplars
Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids (2021) — Col·laborador — 302 exemplars
We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices (2018) — Col·laborador — 219 exemplars
Guys Read: The Sports Pages (2012) — Col·laborador — 197 exemplars
Talking Leaves: Contemporary Native American Short Stories (1991) — Col·laborador — 194 exemplars
Growing Up Native American (1993) — Col·laborador — 170 exemplars
Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond (2013) — Col·laborador — 146 exemplars
Shattered: Stories of Children and War (2002) — Col·laborador — 146 exemplars
Baseball Crazy: Ten Short Stories that Cover All the Bases (2008) — Col·laborador — 118 exemplars
Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves (2012) — Col·laborador — 112 exemplars
Pick-Up Game: A Full Day of Full Court (2011) — Col·laborador — 107 exemplars
The Best Spiritual Writing 1998 (1998) — Col·laborador — 101 exemplars
Girl Meets Boy: Because There Are Two Sides to Every Story (2011) — Col·laborador — 99 exemplars
When I Was Your Age, Volume Two: Original Stories About Growing Up (1999) — Col·laborador — 92 exemplars
The Hero Next Door (2019) — Col·laborador — 87 exemplars
Moccasin Thunder: American Indian Stories for Today (2005) — Col·laborador — 85 exemplars
USA Noir: Best of the Akashic Noir Series (2013) — Col·laborador — 85 exemplars
The Colors of Nature: Culture, Identity, and the Natural World (2002) — Col·laborador — 81 exemplars
Earth Song, Sky Spirit (1993) — Col·laborador — 68 exemplars
The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2013 Edition (2013) — Col·laborador — 63 exemplars
I Tell You Now: Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers (1987) — Col·laborador — 62 exemplars
Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend (1999) — Pròleg — 62 exemplars
Song of the Turtle: American Indian Literature 1974-1994 (1996) — Col·laborador — 62 exemplars
Indian Country Noir (2010) — Col·laborador — 59 exemplars
Thanku: Poems of Gratitude (2019) — Col·laborador — 53 exemplars
Face Relations: 11 Stories about Seeing beyond Color (2004) — Col·laborador — 52 exemplars
Nothing But the Truth: An Anthology of Native American Literature (2000) — Col·laborador — 52 exemplars
What a Song Can Do: 12 Riffs on the Power of Music (2004) — Col·laborador — 50 exemplars
No Voice Too Small: Fourteen Young Americans Making History (2020) — Col·laborador — 48 exemplars
Earth Power Coming: Short Fiction in Native American Literature (1983) — Col·laborador — 35 exemplars
Atomic Ghost: Poets Respond to the Nuclear Age (1995) — Col·laborador — 30 exemplars
Skunny Wundy: Seneca Indian Tales (1926) — Pròleg, algunes edicions29 exemplars
Make Me Over: 11 Original Stories about Transforming Ourselves (2005) — Col·laborador — 29 exemplars
Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas (2011) — Col·laborador — 26 exemplars
Without Reservation: Indigenous Erotica (2003) — Col·laborador — 25 exemplars
For Neruda, For Chile: An International Anthology (1975) — Col·laborador — 23 exemplars
Skins: Contemporary Indigenous Writing (2000) — Col·laborador — 19 exemplars
Voices Under One Sky: Contemporary Native Literature (1994) — Col·laborador — 19 exemplars
Wounds beneath the flesh (1983) — Col·laborador — 16 exemplars
Exotic Gothic 4 (2012) — Col·laborador — 12 exemplars
Spirit of the Earth: Indian Voices on Nature (Sacred Worlds) (2017) — Pròleg, algunes edicions11 exemplars
Stories for a Winter's Night (2000) — Col·laborador — 8 exemplars
Durable Breath: Contemporary Native American Poetry (1994) — Col·laborador — 6 exemplars
Contemporary Vermont Fiction: An Anthology (2014) — Col·laborador — 5 exemplars
Cricket Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 9, May 1978 (1978) — Col·laborador — 5 exemplars
Cricket Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 6, February 1981 (1981) — Col·laborador — 3 exemplars
Cricket Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 1, September 1975 (1975) — Col·laborador — 3 exemplars
Come to power : eleven contemporary American Indian poets. (1974) — Introducció — 2 exemplars


Coneixement comú

Data de naixement
Abenaki Nation
United States of America
País (per posar en el mapa)
Lloc de naixement
Saratoga Springs, New York, USA
Llocs de residència
Porter Corners, New York, USA
Cornell University
Syracuse University
Union Institute of Ohio
Bruchac, James (son)
Bruchac, Carol (wife)
Bruchac, Jesse Bowman (son)
Greenfield Review Literary Center
Greenfield Review Press
Skidmore College
Premis i honors
NYS CAPS (1974)
Lifetime Achievement Award, Native Writers Circle of The Americas (1999)
Knickerbocker Award for Juvenile Literature (1996)
Biografia breu
James Bruchac is an award-winning storyteller, writer, and editor. He is of Abenanki Indian, English, and Slovac origin. He lives in Greenfield Center, New York. [from The Great Ball Game, 1994)



IRL: Kindergarten - 3
Awards: NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book For Young People
marissaluke96 | Hi ha 33 ressenyes més | Apr 23, 2024 |
this book is a historical fiction about the Navajo code talkers of world war two. This book was incredibly well written with themes of language, culture, and patriotism. This is an important story to talk about, especially in school as it shines a light on some of the more overlooked heroes of world war two, their challenges, and their inspiring story
kaylee.dicey | Hi ha 70 ressenyes més | Apr 23, 2024 |
Gr 3–8—While her parents are sheltering in place in Boston, Malian, an eighth grade Penacook girl, tries to keep
herself and her grandparents safe from COVID-19 on their reservation. In this novel in verse, Bruchac takes a look
at life in lockdown through the eyes of a girl coping with boredom, isolation, and the need to find her place. The text
addresses residential schools, relocation, and forced sterilization, as well as racial justice and the disproportionate
way that COVID-19 spread in marginalized communities.… (més)
BackstoryBooks | Hi ha 14 ressenyes més | Apr 1, 2024 |
Picture book about two twins attending a powwow with their family. At the powwow, a mysterious white dog steals food from a food cart and takes it away to this scary house. The twins along with their friends, follow the dog to the house where they find an old man who got hurt falling down the stairs. At the end, the man gets help because of the kids and they get to take care of the dog until he comes back.

I liked this book! I think the formatting was really cool and a good introduction to graphic novels for kids. I would use this book in 2nd-3rd grade classrooms.… (més)
sagan21 | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Mar 13, 2024 |



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