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Samantha and Nellie set sail for Europe in 1906. Also aboard the ship is a world-famous archaeologist and the legendary sapphire he is carrying to a London museum. When his priceless jewel disappears, Samantha realizes that every one of the first-class passengers is a suspect--and one of them must be the thief!
PlumfieldCH | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 4, 2024 |
Actually finished this last night/early this morning before going to sleep. An interesting premise, having two leads- I wonder if they got feedback from the Julie series about how Ivy could've been a co-lead? (see: all my Julie reviews where I gripe about how Ivy was functionally the protagonist of two books)

New Orleans has a unique history in the United States- much like Josefina's Santa Fe, it has its own identity and history prior to joining the union. Cecile and other characters express surprise that Marie-Grace "sounds American", who is in turn baffled that they call her that when technically, Louisiana's been part of US territory for the last 50 years.

It's nice to get in the head of a shy, reserved character! Julie acts on her thoughts and Nanea actively wanted to help with the war effort, but Marie-Grace is intimidated by being the new girl and not understanding French in a bilingual society. I also found it refreshing that she's from the middle class and Cecile, a free person of color, is the one from the wealthy family- more stories of all types for people of color instead of pigeonholing our historical roles into one kind of thing

Something felt a bit off in the illustrations- maybe the posing, or the way light reflected off of them? It felt less detailed and dynamic than previous series' work.
… (més)
Daumari | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Dec 28, 2023 |
Marie-Grace finds a baby on their doorstop (as her papa is a doctor, this isn't totally random I suppose) and feels like she can don the older sister role again, as her own baby brother and mother died in an epidemic five years ago. However, doctor single dad is unfortunately busy enough that they really can't take on an infant, though not before he figures out a way to keep the foundling safe from slave catchers who want to claim him as property.

Still not a fan of this illustrator, sorry- maybe it's the posing and the lighting? but it feels like some kind of different-pieces-pasted-on-one-backdrop piece.… (més)
Daumari | Dec 28, 2023 |
In hindsight, I feel like the Marie-Grace & Cecile books are almost a pivot point to the more middle-grade books of Mary Ellen and Nanea where there's two much longer chapter books instead of the original six-book format with specific themes (meet! School! christmas! Birthday! Saves the day! Changes!). This is a continuation of the yellow fever epidemic story, with Marie-Grace doing her best to help watch over singing instructor Madame Oceane, but leaving a note saying M-G was at the infirmary causes her father to realize that maybe she should be sent away for safety.

A solution is found that keeps her in NOLA, though time is kinda skipped over quickly? She is helpful, though.

Ooof I hate to keep mentioning the art in my reviews on the M-G/Cecile books, but Madame Oceane's face in the last illustration/one that goes on the cover but uncropped is uh, kinda reminiscent of that monkey Jesus painting.
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Daumari | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Dec 28, 2023 |


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