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E. A. Wallis Budge (1857–1934)

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E.A. Wallis Budge, 1857 - 1934 Budge was the Curator of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum from 1894 to 1924. He was also a Sometime Scholar of Christ's College, a scholar at the University of Cambridge, Tyrwhitt, and a Hebrew Scholar. He collected a large number of Coptic, mostra'n més Greek, Arabic, Syriac, Ethiopian, and Egyptian Papyri manuscripts. He was involved in numerous archaeology digs in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Sudan. Budge is known for translating the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which is also known as The Papyrus of Ani. He also analyzed many of the practices of Egyptian religion, language and ritual. His written works consisted of translated texts and hieroglyphs and a complete dictionary of hieroglyphs. Budge's published works covered areas of Egyptian culture ranging from Egyptian religion, Egyptian mythology and magical practices. He was knighted in 1920. E.A. Wallis Budge died on November 23, 1934 in London, England. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Book of the Dead (1240) 2,382 exemplars
Egyptian Magic (1899) 634 exemplars
Egyptian Religion (1899) 392 exemplars
Amulets and Talismans (1930) 215 exemplars
The Rosetta Stone (1929) 169 exemplars
The Dwellers on the Nile (1926) 145 exemplars
Babylonian Life and History (1975) 142 exemplars
Egyptian Heaven and Hell (1905) 86 exemplars
Divine Origin of the Herbalist (1978) 32 exemplars
The Egyptian Book of the Dead [abridged] (2001) — Traductor — 22 exemplars
The history of Esarhaddon (2005) 9 exemplars
The Ethiopian Book of Life (2003) 8 exemplars
The Book of Am-Tuat (1999) 6 exemplars
The Book of the Bee 5 exemplars
the Mummy trade 3 exemplars
Egyptian literature (2012) 3 exemplars
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The Pyramid Texts (2005) 2 exemplars
Ancient Egyptian Theology (1985) 2 exemplars
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A Sketch Of Coptic History (2006) 1 exemplars
La magia egipcia (2005) 1 exemplars
Le livre des morts égyptien (2020) 1 exemplars
Egyptian Religion And Magic (2005) 1 exemplars
Egiptuse surnute raamat (2023) 1 exemplars
Coptic Texts (1981) 1 exemplars
Ancient Egyptian Literature (2019) 1 exemplars
Papyrus of Ani 1 exemplars
Egyptian Language 1 exemplars

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An abridged and illustrated edition of Budge's classic translation, now considered a bit out of date. The plates are very nicely done, if some are a bit small, and most of the footnotes from the original edition have been cut for clarity. Nicely done, but could've used some more or the original material and made some of the detail pictures a little larger and placed closer to the translated text.
dhaxton | Hi ha 11 ressenyes més | Sep 17, 2023 |
A book written in the 1920s and gives a good brief description of some keys myths as they had been discovered and translated at the time. There are many more recent books giving a better view of these myths based on the research since then. That said, if you want a quick read to get a feel for how these myths were written it’s worth a read.
Daniel_M_Oz | Jun 21, 2023 |
This book was fantastically told and detailed. I enjoyed reading it, and it was a short read once I sat down and actually read it (oops . . .). I feel like the title was the most misleading aspect of the book: Tutankhamen’s name is included in it. And while he is discussed in the book, he was not the central focus of the book - Amenism and Atenism took central stage. I honestly think that Budge used Tutankhamen’s name in the title to boost his book, which I think worked. Other than that, and given the time in which this book was written, this book is good for what it is. Times and knowledge have changed and been added upon, but given that this book was originally published in 1923, it does its job.… (més)
historybookreads | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jul 26, 2021 |
Okay, this was an amazing read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, an it made everything so much clearer about how the Ancient Egyptians viewed death and the afterlife. I highly recommend this as a read.
historybookreads | Hi ha 11 ressenyes més | Jul 26, 2021 |



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