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Science fiction and fantasy author Lois McMaster Bujold was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1949. After graduating from Ohio State University, she worked as a pharmacy technician at Ohio State University Hospitals. Her first short story was published in Twilight Zone Magazine in 1984 and her first three mostra'n més novels were published in 1986. She received the Nebula Award for Falling Free and The Mountains of Mourning and the Hugo Award for The Vor Game, Barrayar, Mirror Dance, The Mountains of Mourning, and Paladin of Souls. She also received the Locus award for Mirror Dance and Paladin of Souls, the Minnesota Book Award for Komarr, the Mythopoeic Award for The Curse of Chalion, and a Romantic Times 2003 Reviewers' Choice Award for Paladin of Souls. She is best known for her series featuring Miles Vorkosigan. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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The Curse of Chalion (2001) 4,845 exemplars
Paladin of Souls (2003) 3,693 exemplars
Memory (1996) 3,336 exemplars
Shards of Honor (1986) — Autor — 3,298 exemplars
The Warrior's Apprentice (1986) 3,174 exemplars
A Civil Campaign (1999) 3,113 exemplars
Komarr (1998) 2,958 exemplars
Diplomatic Immunity (2002) 2,892 exemplars
The Vor Game (1990) 2,718 exemplars
Mirror Dance (1994) 2,717 exemplars
Cetaganda (1996) 2,679 exemplars
Falling Free (1988) 2,678 exemplars
Barrayar (1993) 2,630 exemplars
Brothers in Arms (1989) 2,555 exemplars
The Hallowed Hunt (2005) 2,505 exemplars
Borders of Infinity (1989) 2,428 exemplars
Beguilement (2006) 2,291 exemplars
Ethan of Athos (1986) 2,264 exemplars
Cryoburn (2010) 1,935 exemplars
Legacy (2007) 1,580 exemplars
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (2012) 1,477 exemplars
Passage (2008) 1,366 exemplars
The Spirit Ring (1992) 1,343 exemplars
Horizon (2009) 1,115 exemplars
Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen (2016) 888 exemplars
Penric's Demon (2015) 599 exemplars
Winterfair Gifts [novella] (2004) 524 exemplars
The Mountains of Mourning (1989) 503 exemplars
Penric and the Shaman (2016) 425 exemplars
Penric's Mission (2016) 356 exemplars
Penric's Fox (2017) 355 exemplars
Mira's Last Dance (2017) 339 exemplars
The Flowers of Vashnoi (2018) 325 exemplars
The Prisoner of Limnos (2017) 317 exemplars
The Orphans of Raspay (2019) 287 exemplars
Labyrinth (1989) 282 exemplars
The Physicians of Vilnoc (2020) 257 exemplars
Masquerade in Lodi (2020) 228 exemplars
The Assassins of Thasalon (2021) 210 exemplars
Knot of Shadows (2021) 189 exemplars
Knife Children (2019) 161 exemplars
Women at War (1995) — Editor — 154 exemplars
Demon Daughter (2024) 91 exemplars
Sidelines: Talks and Essays (2013) 35 exemplars
Memory / Komarr (2005) 14 exemplars
Mirror Dance / Memory (1999) 7 exemplars
Chalion (3 Book Series) (2016) 5 exemplars
Aftermaths (1986) 4 exemplars
Barter [shortstory] (1985) 3 exemplars
Falling Free, Part One (1987) 2 exemplars
The Hole Truth [shortstory] (1986) 1 exemplars
Falling Free 1 exemplars
Falling Free, Part Three (1988) 1 exemplars
Garage Sale [short story] (1987) 1 exemplars

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Irresistible Forces [Anthology 6-in-1] (2004) — Col·laborador — 598 exemplars
The Vorkosigan Companion (2008) — Col·laborador, algunes edicions358 exemplars
The Space Opera Renaissance (2007) — Col·laborador — 282 exemplars
Federations (2009) — Col·laborador — 208 exemplars
Infinite Stars (2017) — Col·laborador — 146 exemplars
Serve It Forth: Cooking with Anne McCaffrey (1996) — Col·laborador — 142 exemplars
Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern (2013) — Col·laborador — 131 exemplars
The New Hugo Winners, Volume III (1994) — Col·laborador — 125 exemplars
Nebula Awards Showcase 2006 (2006) — Col·laborador — 116 exemplars
Nebula Award Winning Novellas (1994) — Col·laborador — 99 exemplars
Free Lancers (1987) — Col·laborador — 96 exemplars
Women of Futures Past: Classic Stories (2016) — Col·laborador — 77 exemplars
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Nebula Awards 25 (1991) — Col·laborador — 62 exemplars
New Destinies, Volume 8, Fall 1989 (1989) — Col·laborador — 61 exemplars
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume VIII (1992) — Col·laborador — 47 exemplars
Love and Rockets (2010) — Introducció, algunes edicions38 exemplars
Sense of Wonder: A Century of Science Fiction (2011) — Col·laborador — 30 exemplars
Intergalactic Mercenaries (1996) — Col·laborador — 27 exemplars
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact: Vol. CIX, No. 5 (May 1989) (1989) — Col·laborador — 24 exemplars
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact: Vol. CIX, No. 8 (August 1989) (1989) — Col·laborador — 20 exemplars
Commando Brigade 3000 (1994) — Col·laborador — 15 exemplars
Glass Bead Games — Pròleg — 13 exemplars
Analog Science Fiction and Fact: Vol. CXV, No. 14 (December 1995) (1995) — Col·laborador — 12 exemplars
Decision Points (2016) — Col·laborador — 10 exemplars
FenCon VI — Col·laborador — 1 exemplars


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Vorkosigan Group Read: Miles, Mutants and Microbes a 2014 Category Challenge (abril 2015)
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piacevole! 3,5
un nobile minore viene tradito e fatto schiavo durante una campagna militare, dopo la fuga torna al castello dove aveva servito da paggio nell'infanzia per chiedere accoglienza e un umile occupazione.. diventa invece, nell'ordine: tutore della regina, santo e cancelliere del regno
LLonaVahine | Hi ha 174 ressenyes més | May 22, 2024 |
la regina vedova Ista (madre di Iselle, regina regnante)inizia un presunto pellegrinaggio religioso solo per sfuggire le costrizioni della sua vita, per strada trova un mistero, un'invasione, un nuovo compito affidatole dagli dei e l'amore
LLonaVahine | Hi ha 111 ressenyes més | May 22, 2024 |
Lois McMaster Bujold is one of my favorite authors and with Penric’s Demon she begins a series of fantasy novellas that introduce us to Penric, a young lord who accidentally invites a group of female demons to use his body as a host. He gives them the collective name of Desdemona and the two embark on a friendship and relationship of trust as they learn to rely on one another.

This is a simple story that is meant to introduce the characters and setting, which if you have read her World of the Five Gods trilogy will be a familiar one. At this point Penric is young and prefers to stay in the background but I suspect he will mature and develop as the series goes on. By the end of this story of friendship, faith and devotion, Penric and his demons have bonded.

I enjoyed this story and look forward to continuing on learning about this heart-warming alliance of human and demon and the magic that is sure to come.
… (més)
DeltaQueen50 | Hi ha 33 ressenyes més | May 20, 2024 |
I love everything Lois writes! These books were some of the first I read, and made an indelible impression. When I grow up I want to be Cordelia Naismith - brave, strong, intelligent, determined...
These particular books show a memorable culture clash and outstanding characters in all roles.
Bookladycma | Hi ha 78 ressenyes més | May 18, 2024 |


mom (6)


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