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Anna Burns (1) (1962–)

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Anna Burns was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1962. Her books include Little Constructions, No Bones, and Milkman, which won the 2018 Man Booker Prize. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Milkman (2018) 2,313 exemplars
No Bones (1600) 162 exemplars
Little Constructions (2007) 90 exemplars
Mostly Hero (2014) 39 exemplars


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Brilliant novel. I loved the narrator's askew view and ironic comic attitude describing her life in what was a warped culture under tremendous pressure at the time from the "political problems" often given the side-eyed glance. Her decision to use depersonalized monikers like "second sister" or "third brother-in-law" or that "country over the water" instead of proper names I quickly got used to and appreciated, as it reflects her efforts to hold the entire twentieth century at ten-foot-pole's length.… (més)
lelandleslie | Hi ha 113 ressenyes més | Feb 24, 2024 |
(8.5)This is not an easy read, not so much because of the subject matter but because of the style of writing and format. The narrative voice is one long stream of consciousness from 18 year old middle sister. No characters are referred to by name but rather defined by their position in a family or their past actions. Through references to the country across the water and the social circumstances, we realise the setting is Ireland in the 1970's.
The young woman has a relationship with maybe boyfriend but is also being stalked by a man known as the Milkman, but not the real milkman. Rumours and gossip abound that she is having an affair with
said Milkman, but not the real milkman and yes that is how he and others are referred to throughout. It feels a very long read as the pages are solid text with each chapter being 50-60 pages.
I persevered and about the 200-page mark I realised I was caught up in the story, as the tension built and I wanted to see what the outcome would be.
… (més)
HelenBaker | Hi ha 113 ressenyes més | Feb 6, 2024 |
A tour de force in style and portrayal, in much the same way as Clockwork Orange. It depicts a slice of Ireland from a window within 'the trouble's, but without ever specifying the locale or timeframe. Entirely told from the viewpoint of the narrator with a consistency of language, tone and view that is uncanny. The 'almost boyfriend', 'we little ones', 'third sister' and 'real milkman' are just a few of the surrogates that stand in for names and relationships but, in the telling, are wonderfully full and wholly consistent with the atmosphere of the book.… (més)
vscauzzo | Hi ha 113 ressenyes més | Jan 29, 2024 |
Funny, chaotic, sad, sharp insight and mapping of how crazy makes people crazy.
BookyMaven | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Dec 6, 2023 |



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