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Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875–1950)

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Edgar Rice Burroughs was born on September 1, 1875, in Chicago. His father, George Tyler was a distiller and a battery manufacturer. Early in life Burroughs attempted to support his family in a variety of occupations, including railroad policeman, business partner, and miner. None of these proved mostra'n més successful. However, Burroughs had always enjoyed reading adventure fiction and decided to try his hand at writing. His first attempt, written under the pseudonym Normal Bean, sold very quickly and Burroughs' career took off. Although critics and educators have not always been supportive of Burroughs' writing, the characters in his stories have entertained readers for many years. Tarzan was the most popular, earning Burroughs enough money to start his own publishing house and a motion picture company. Another character, John Carter, is the hero of Burroughs' Mars adventure series. The continuing popularity of these characters has led some critics to reconsider the value of Burroughs' writing and to acknowledge significant themes in his stories. Burroughs died on March 19, 1950. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Tarzan of the Apes (1914) 4,785 exemplars
A Princess of Mars (1912) — Autor — 4,126 exemplars
The Gods of Mars (1913) 1,985 exemplars
The Warlord of Mars (1913) 1,812 exemplars
The Return of Tarzan (1915) 1,559 exemplars
Thuvia, The Maid of Mars (1916) 1,475 exemplars
The Chessmen of Mars (1922) 1,445 exemplars
The Beasts of Tarzan (1916) 1,136 exemplars
The Master Mind of Mars (1927) 1,130 exemplars
A Fighting Man of Mars (1930) 1,068 exemplars
The Son of Tarzan (1917) 1,010 exemplars
The Land That Time Forgot (1918) 1,008 exemplars
At the Earth's Core (1914) 973 exemplars
Swords of Mars (1934) 967 exemplars
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (1916) 962 exemplars
John Carter of Mars (1942) 946 exemplars
Synthetic Men of Mars (1939) 924 exemplars
Llana of Gathol (1941) 921 exemplars
Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1916) 764 exemplars
Tarzan the Untamed (1920) 756 exemplars
Tarzan the Terrible (1921) 723 exemplars
Pirates of Venus (1934) 687 exemplars
Tarzan at the Earth's Core (1929) 683 exemplars
Pellucidar (1915) 657 exemplars
Lost on Venus (1933) 621 exemplars
Tarzan and the Ant Men (1924) — Autor — 620 exemplars
Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1922) 599 exemplars
Carson of Venus (1938) 593 exemplars
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1927) 586 exemplars
Tarzan and the Lost Empire (1928) — Autor — 551 exemplars
The Lost Continent (1916) 536 exemplars
Escape on Venus (1941) 518 exemplars
Tarzan and the City of Gold (1932) 516 exemplars
Tanar of Pellucidar (1929) 474 exemplars
The People That Time Forgot (1918) 470 exemplars
Tarzan and the Forbidden City (1938) 456 exemplars
The Moon Maid (1923) 438 exemplars
Tarzan the Invincible (1930) 436 exemplars
Tarzan Triumphant (1932) 436 exemplars
Tarzan and the Lion Man (1933) 435 exemplars
Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" (1947) 432 exemplars
Back to the Stone Age (1936) 419 exemplars
Tarzan and the Leopard Men (1932) 417 exemplars
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Tarzan's Quest (1935) 397 exemplars
Out of Time's Abyss (1918) 397 exemplars
The Moon Men (1925) 396 exemplars
The Mad King (1914) 386 exemplars
The Monster Men (1929) 377 exemplars
Tarzan the Magnificent (1936) 373 exemplars
Land of terror (1944) 373 exemplars
Tarzan and the Madman (1964) 364 exemplars
The Cave Girl (1913) 362 exemplars
Wizard of Venus / Pirate Blood (1964) 353 exemplars
Tarzan and the Castaways (1940) 353 exemplars
The Outlaw of Torn (1914) 348 exemplars
The Eternal Savage (1914) 327 exemplars
Beyond the Farthest Star (1941) 316 exemplars
The Land of Hidden Men (1932) 252 exemplars
The Mucker (1914) 247 exemplars
The Lad and the Lion (1917) 220 exemplars
I Am a Barbarian (1967) 219 exemplars
Tarzan: The Lost Adventure (1995) 176 exemplars
The Oakdale Affair (1918) 172 exemplars
The Rider (1918) 127 exemplars
The Return of the Mucker (1916) 127 exemplars
Apache Devil (1933) 124 exemplars
The Efficiency Expert (1921) 122 exemplars
The War Chief (1928) 121 exemplars
John Carter: Barsoom Series (2012) 111 exemplars
The Complete Moon Trilogy (2002) 108 exemplars
The Bandit of Hell's Bend (1924) 107 exemplars
The Girl from Hollywood (1923) 104 exemplars
The Tarzan Twins (1963) 79 exemplars
The Girl From Farris's (1965) 70 exemplars
Tarzan [adapted - Blaisdell] (1997) 44 exemplars
The John Carter of Mars Series (2010) 43 exemplars
Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957) 38 exemplars
The Man-Eater (1974) 36 exemplars
Skeleton Men of Jupiter (1943) 32 exemplars
The Red Hawk (1925) 30 exemplars
The Tarzan Collection (1982) 27 exemplars
Complete Barsoom Series (1961) 24 exemplars
Tarzan (Clasicos del Comic) (2009) 17 exemplars
The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw (1937) 17 exemplars
Tales of Three Planets (1964) 17 exemplars
The Great Book of Tarzan (2007) 11 exemplars
Tarzan ja kullalinn (1995) 8 exemplars
Tarzan The Lost Adventure #4 (1995) 8 exemplars
Beware! The Scientist's Revolt (2009) 8 exemplars
Le Cycle De Mars (2012) 8 exemplars
Tarzan i junglen 6 exemplars
Tarzan Digest Comic # 1 (1972) 5 exemplars
The People That Time Forgot [1977 film] (1977) — Autor — 5 exemplars
The Complete Tarzan Collection (2014) 5 exemplars
Tarzan Annual 5 exemplars
Tarzán entre pigmeos 3 ed. (1949) 4 exemplars
"Adventures of Tarzan" (1996) 4 exemplars
The Cave Man (2008) 4 exemplars
Tarzán en la selva 3 exemplars
Adventures in Pellucidar (2012) 3 exemplars
The Tarzan Series: Volumes 1-8 (2015) 3 exemplars
Tarzan Escapes (1936) 3 exemplars
Le cycle de la lune (1998) 3 exemplars
Le cycle de pellucidar t03 (1999) 3 exemplars
Inimkoletised : [romaan] (1995) 3 exemplars
I guerrieri di Marte (1995) 3 exemplars
Pirate Blood 3 exemplars
Užmirštoji sala 3 exemplars
Tarzan velkolepý (1995) 3 exemplars
The God of Tarzan 3 exemplars
War On Venus 3 exemplars
Tarzan of the Apes Trilogy (2021) 3 exemplars
Odissea su Venere 3 exemplars
Goddess Of Fire 3 exemplars
Tarzan (1990) 2 exemplars
Tarzan et les croisés (1928) 2 exemplars
Ajast unustatud : [romaan] (1996) 2 exemplars
Tarzan i ukjent land (1984) 2 exemplars
Voittamaton Tarzan 2 exemplars
Le cycle de venus (1974) 2 exemplars
Księżniczka Marsa (1990) 2 exemplars
Kadunud kontinent : [romaan] (1997) 2 exemplars
The Nightmare 2 exemplars
Tarzan : drottningen av Opar (1972) 2 exemplars
Tarzan's First Love 2 exemplars
The Third Barsoom Omnibus (2003) 2 exemplars
The End Of Bukawai 2 exemplars
The Lion 2 exemplars
TARZAN ANNUAL 1968 2 exemplars
Tarzan the Fearless (1933) 2 exemplars
A Jungle Joke 2 exemplars
The Living Dead 2 exemplars
Tarzan. Díl 1, Syn divočiny (1990) 2 exemplars
John Carter on Mars Collection (2011) 2 exemplars
Blood 'n' Thunder 2012.4 Fall (2012) 2 exemplars
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A Bibliography 1 exemplars
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Tarzan, apornas son. 3 (1974) 1 exemplars
Koopaneiu (1997) 1 exemplars
Tarzan, Tome 3 : (2011) 1 exemplars
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Tarzan - de skibbrudne (1974) 1 exemplars
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Tarzan Vol 2 (1900) 1 exemplars
L'Odissea bàrbara (1993) 1 exemplars
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Desde el abismo del tiempo (2017) 1 exemplars
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Tarzan og Jane (1984) 1 exemplars
The Ancient Dead 1 exemplars
Escape On Mars 1 exemplars
Le Cycle de Mars Tome 2 (2013) 1 exemplars
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Tarzan trahi (1900) 1 exemplars
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TARZAN SAMAGRA 1 exemplars

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Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc d'enterrament
Tarzana, California, USA
Lloc de naixement
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Lloc de defunció
Encino, California, USA
Causa de la mort
heart attack
Llocs de residència
Oak Park, Illinois, USA
Phillips Academy
Michigan Military Academy
war correspondent
railroad police
United States Army
Premis i honors
Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame (2003)
Inkpot Award (1975)
Biografia breu
Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 – March 19, 1950) was an American speculative fiction writer, best known for his prolific output in the adventure, science fiction and fantasy genres. Among his most well-known creations include Tarzan of the Apes, John Carter of Mars (Barsoom series), and Carson Napier of Venus (Amtor series).

He is also known for the hollow Earth-themed Pellucidar series, beginning with At the Earth's Core (1914); and the lost world-themed Caspak trilogy, beginning with The Land that Time Forgot (1918).

Burroughs' California ranch is now the center of the Tarzana neighborhood in Los Angeles



John Carter! a The Weird Tradition (juliol 2016)
1914: Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan of the Apes a Literary Centennials (agost 2015)
1914 Edgar Rice Burroughs: At the Earth's Core a Literary Centennials (desembre 2014)


You must hid all your science education in the closet before reading this one, most of the "prehistoric" details in this one were flat wrong even when this was written. In particular the idea of people hatching from eggs on one end of the island and then slowly migrating north as they "evolve" into higher forms of humanity is absurd. The adventure is classic Burroughs, a perfect hero, lots of he-man posturing and overcoming predators. The action is fun but cannot make up for so many obvious plot and setting holes.

re-read 10/256/2023
… (més)
catseyegreen | Hi ha 11 ressenyes més | Oct 27, 2023 |
Being the first three books in the Barsoom series, this is a fun classic adventure written back when fantasy and sci-fi shared rooms and got along extremely well. Highly recommended.
everettroberts | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | Oct 20, 2023 |
This surprisingly holds up real well to a hundred year old pulp adventure story.
everettroberts | Hi ha 118 ressenyes més | Oct 20, 2023 |
While on a mission for the British government John Clayton Lord of Greystoke and his young wife are marooned on the west Africa coast. Lady Alice Clayton gives birth to a baby boy and lives for a year before passing away of an unspecified illness. John Clayton is killed soon after by a band of marauding apes. A she-ape by the name of Kala takes the young Lord Greystoke as a replacement for an infant she's recently lost.[return][return]The young Englishman is raised by the apes as one of their own and given the name Tarzan. Tarzan is at a loss in terms of size and stength when compared to his ape playmates, but he makes use of his intelligence and agility to survive and gain status in the group. [return][return]One day Tarzan discovers the cabin his father built and where he had lived with his parents. Unaware that the skeletons in the cabin are those of his parents, Tarzan explores and becomes interested in the books within the cabin. Somehow (rather dubiously) he teaches himself to both read and write English fluently with the help of the books in the cabin.[return][return]Tarzan becomes a hero to the apes by killing some of their enemies such as lions and gorillas, he also has the members of a local village of cannibal natives thinking he is a forest god. Eventually Tarzan becomes the leader of the tribe, after defeating the previous leader in single combat, he leaves the tribe following the death of Kala at the hands of the cannibal tribe.[return][return]Not long after this Tarzan sees some newcomers to the west African coast; treasure hunters. Amongst this group are the eccentric American scientist; Professor Archimedes Q. Porter, his associate and friend Samuel Philander, the British Lord (and coincidentally Tarzan's cousin) William Cecil Clayton, the negro maid Esmeralda and Professor Porter's beautiful and spirited daughter Jane.[return][return]Tarzan becomes entranced by the beautiful white woman and largely because of this he assists the party and eventually rescues Jane when she is abducted by one of the apes. Jane is with Tarzan, falling in love with him, when a French ship comes to the aid of the small group and one of their party is captured by the cannibals. After depositing Jane back on the beach Tarzan goes back into the jungle and rescues the French officer; Paul D'Arnot.[return][return]D'Arnot contracts a fever, which Tarzan nurses him through and upon discovering that the wild man can read and write English, but not speak it, teaches him French. By the time D'Arnot and Tarzan arrive back at the beach, their ship has sailed.[return][return]Determining that Tarzan wishes to learn to live as a man, mainly for the purpose of pursuing Jane and winning her love, D'Arnot takes the jungle raised man to a colonial outpost. Tarzan becomes civilized and goes to the United States to be with Jane. Unfortunately, believing that they could never be together, Jane has accepted a proposal of marriage from another. Tarzan and Jane coming together is the subject of a sequel.[return][return]Burrows' treatment of the black natives gives a lot to be desired (when looking back at it from our late 20th century eyes), but I found him to be less offensive than Defoe in "Robinson Crusoe". Crusoe considered Man Friday to have no redeeming features (he's black so he's sub human) even though without Friday, Crusoe would have died - being white and "civilised" gave him no skills to live in the real world. Burrows treats the African natives differently - ok, they're black, they live in the jungle, but they have a very evolved social structure, are efficient and awe-some warriors and can work their environment to their advantage.[return][return]Burrows also has an interesting (dare I say homo-erotic) way of describing Tarzan especially when he is in his element of travellng through the jungle or fighting. Unfortunately he tends to repeat this multiple times in later books so the novelty of his prose does soon wane.… (més)
nordie | Hi ha 118 ressenyes més | Oct 14, 2023 |


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