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Simon Callow, acclaimed biographer and celebrated author of Orson Welles, evokes the intellectual and artistic climate in which Wagner lived and takes us through his most iconic works, from his pivotal successes in The Flying Dutchman and Lohengrin, to the musical paradigm shift contained in mostra'n més Tristan and Isolde, to the apogee of his achievements in The Ring and Parsifal, which debuted at Bayreuth shortly before his death. Being Wagner brings to life this towering figure, creator of the most sublime and most controversial body of work ever known. Callow delivers a dazzling, swift, and accessible biography of the musical titan Richard Wagner and his profoundly problematic legacy-a fresh take for seasoned acolytes and the perfect introduction for new fans. mostra'n menys

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Callow, Simon
Nom oficial
Callow, Simon Philip Hugh
Data de naixement
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England, UK
Lloc de naixement
London, England, UK
Llocs de residència
London, England, UK
Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Drama Centre London
theatre director
Premis i honors
Screen Actors Guild Award (1999)
Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Biografia breu says: Stout, jovial character actor Simon Callow has been enlivening the stage and screen for years, often in roles that highlight his versatility and capacity for a particular brand of good-natured, self-deprecating humor.

In addition, he has been successful both as a writer and as a director.



I was led to discover more about Charles Dickens after reading Tom Keneally’s book, The Dickens Boy. While at school I only read one set book Great Expectations, so this book painted a live picture of Dickens, his family and writing and acting exploits. A great read.
What an energetic and creative writer he was. He always seemed flat out writing his story installments.
His knowledge of London streets was firmly etched in his mind via lengthy evening walks.
He often sought new environments to stimulate his creativity, visiting prisons, asylums, medical institutions and traveling locally and abroad.
Interesting how often he wrote to his friends, especially when traveling, then asking for his letters back when he got home.
He was a very energetic and controlling, with strong willpower and driving energy.
… (més)
GeoffSC | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Aug 20, 2023 |
Biography of Charles Dickens by British actor Simon Callow, focused on Dickens’s love of the theatre. It provides excellent insight into what Dickens was like as a person. It is not a comprehensive discussion of the writing of his books but mentions all fifteen in sequence. Dickens had a “difficult” personality in some respects, which comes through in his relationship with his wife and his publishers. The book covers his upbringing, travels, family, friendships, work ethic, and many lesser-known elements of his life.

It portrays the manner in which his childhood influenced the content of his books. His deep sympathy with the poor started early in his life. At age twelve, he worked 10-hour days in a boot-blacking factory while his father was being held in Marshalsea Debtor’s Prison. He wrote his first book as a series of monthly installments at age 24 and he was still writing when he died at age 58. Later in life, Dickens achieved even more acclaim due to his public readings. It is obvious that he loved the theatre and put a great deal of emotion and effort into these performances.

Simon Callow does a wonderful job narrating the audio book. His pacing is just right. He performs various accents – Scottish, Irish, American, various English regional accents, and a specific voice for Dickens himself. If you have never read a biography of Dickens, this book is a great starting point. It made me want to read more of Dickens’s books. I loved it!
… (més)
Castlelass | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Oct 30, 2022 |
I read this as a buddy read with BrokenTune, and was woefully inadequate with the status updates, but thankfully, some sidebar chats with her during and after our read, have helped me clarify my thoughts about this fantastic book enough to write some of them down.

Richard Wagner was, arguably, one of the most influential composers and conductors in the history of classical music. He changed the face of opera from top to bottom; from the way the music was played, the notes were sung, the lighting, even the shape of the theatre itself. He made opera dramatic storytelling. I'm not even sure I can imagine what it was before he turned everything and everyone on their ear.

Richard Wagner was also an unmitigated ass. Not merely arrogant; not merely selfish; Wagner was self-involved, egotistical, short-sighted, fiscally irresponsible and anti-semitic. Additionally, he was described as short, stoop-shouldered and afflicted with an appalling skin condition; we're not talking run-of-the-mill eczema here - words like 'sores' and 'pustules' were used. I mention the physical challenges here because in spite of all of this - the horrible character flaws and the physical challenges - he was apparently charismatic as hell. The crap he got away with, the abuse people took only to come back for more, the sheer number of people who shelled out money to pay his debts and provide him with housing is mind-boggling. Not just in Germany, but in Switzerland, Italy and the UK. All this, and he was not a good person.

I could have probably overlooked the childish selfishness; I could chuckle over his inability to stay out of any riot he crossed paths with. I might argue (weakly), that the trail of broken relationships he left behind him his whole life were people who knowingly attached themselves to this horrible man. But the anti-semitism is a deal-breaker. HIs disparagement of Jews was grossly casual, brutal, unwarranted and irrational. Worse, it was not a phase he outgrew, but a mania that only became more brutal and irrational with age, even though he continued to work with Jewish conductors, musicians and composers until the end.

So Wagner was both artistically brilliant and a horrible human being. This fascinating dichotomy is made still more fascinating by Simon Callow's writing. He masterfully writes this condensed biography with the utmost objectivity, clarity, and just a dash of humor in unexpected places. I doubt very much I could have read any other book about Wagner without dnf'ing it simply because I wouldn't have been able to swallow Wagner's life, but Callow made it not only palatable, but compelling.

Wagner may have created some of the most powerful music ever written - at least some of the most unforgettable - but his music will forever be tainted for me now that I know the man behind it better. The real star that came out of this book, for me, is Callow; his writing ... well, take it as read that I'm gushing over it, because it's some of the best biographical writing I've ever read (not that I read a lot, mind you).

If you're interested in Wagner but don't want a long academic biography, you should absolutely investigate this book; it's fair, it's balanced; it's unbiased and it's excellently written. The 1/2 star I took off was more my shortcoming than his - my eyes glazed over during the descriptions of the operas' stories, because I'm not a fan of opera. Seriously, ignore that and just check out the book.
… (més)
murderbydeath | Jan 18, 2022 |
You don't have to be a fan of Welles to find this book fascinating. Simon Callow has done a masterful job with a larger than life subject.
KateFinney | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Jul 10, 2021 |


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