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Murder Unrenovated (1987) 74 exemplars
Murder Misread (1990) 64 exemplars
Murder In The Dog Days (1990) 63 exemplars
Gravestone (1993) 62 exemplars
Audition for Murder (1985) 50 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Rehearsal for Murder (1988) 45 exemplars
Bloodstream (1995) 41 exemplars
Murder Is Academic (1985) 36 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Murder Is Pathological (1986) 34 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Bad Blood (1991) 31 exemplars
Crossfire (2006) 10 exemplars
Deathwind (2005) 7 exemplars
Miss Mooney (2001) 3 exemplars
Todes Hauch (1998) 3 exemplars

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I am still enjoying this series. Maggie is still in grad school, this time with a new roommate Monica. Monica is working in a lab that is doing testing for a way to reduce brain tumors, using lots and lots of rats. When the janitor is found dead, Maggie is off on the hunt for what actually happened and who killed her friend Norman. Enter Nick, who is between acting jobs, who gets into character to play the new janitor. He is trying to find out who killed Norman and maybe catch the person who is killing rats, messing up the experiments.

While I didn't figure out the entire solution I did have some idea of what was happening.

I'll be reading more in this series.
… (més)
bookswoman | Mar 19, 2014 |
I didn't like this quite as much as the first one but enjoyed it a lot anyway. I wasn't expecting Maggie to the the character that the series revolves around but there you have it. Maggie has graduated from the last college and moved onto a new one as a grad student in statistics. She is living with three other women and getting past her unfortunate time from last fall. The new town has a serial killer stalking and killing young women so Maggie and her friends are being especially careful. When Nick is found playing Cyrano in a near-by town, he and Maggie rekindle their friendship.

The mystery was a little secondary to all the build up but did have a very nifty twist that I totally missed.

I do like these characters and will keep reading the series.
… (més)
bookswoman | Feb 26, 2014 |
This is a wonderful book and I'm so grateful to the person on DorthyL who recommended it.

Set in a small town in northern New York State, it is 1967 and the local college is getting ready to stage their 100th birthday play, doing the same play that was done for the first year, Hamlet. Nick O'Connor and his wife Lizette audition and become two of the four "professional" actors to be in the play, while all other parts are carried out by both undergraduate and graduate students. Nick is playing Claudius and Lizette is Ophelia. While no one is terribly upset that Nick is there, Lizette getting the plum role of Ophelia is causing some grief among the young females who were all hoping to land that role.

Lizette has a dark secret in her past and is hoping that playing Ophelia will help her get over that past tragedy and Nick is there to make sure everything goes okay. When a stack of Lizette's headshot's are stolen and start showing up with ugly things either attached or written, both Lizette and Nick try to believe that it is one of the jealous aspiring actresses, but is it?

I love Hamlet (well, all of Shakespeare, actually) and having a chance to read several portions with notes on how it is being done, people trying to get the right feelings for their parts, and staging is wonderful.

The mystery is very well done and I only guessed the ending a few pages before it was revealed. There are more in this series so I plan on trying to get others to read, this one was so much fun.
… (més)
bookswoman | Feb 15, 2014 |



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