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Inclou aquests noms: Jan Carr, M.J. Carr

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(eng) aka M. J. Carr and M. Jan Carr


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Sing a Song of Popcorn: Every Child's Book of Poems (1988) — Editor — 966 exemplars
Frozen Noses (1999) 764 exemplars
Big Truck and Little Truck (2000) 367 exemplars
Splish, Splash, Spring (2001) 325 exemplars
Sweet Hearts (2002) 291 exemplars
Dappled Apples (2001) 232 exemplars
Be My Valentine (1819) 216 exemplars
The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996) 51 exemplars
Doug's Secret Christmas (1997) 44 exemplars
Harem Wish (1994) 37 exemplars
Dark Day, Light Night (1685) 31 exemplars
Princess Anastasia (1997) 27 exemplars
Toe Shoe Mouse (2014) 22 exemplars
Best Friends: Zoobilee Zoo (1987) 20 exemplars
The Elf of Union Square (2004) 17 exemplars
Felix the Cat (1986) 17 exemplars
Bambi (Scholastic Reader) (1998) 15 exemplars
The Nature of the Beast (1996) 13 exemplars
Lady and the Tramp (1987) 12 exemplars
Swine Divine (1999) 10 exemplars
'Cause I Love You (2011) 7 exemplars
Not Really Buddies (2023) — Autor — 7 exemplars
Hercules: The Hero (1997) 7 exemplars
I Am Reading Words (1990) 5 exemplars
Tiny Tornadoes (2023) — Autor — 5 exemplars
I'm the Engineer: Storybook (2006) 3 exemplars
I Am Reading Stories (1990) 2 exemplars

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Night Bites: Vampire Stories by Women: Tales of Blood and Lust (1996) — Col·laborador — 83 exemplars


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Carr, Jan
Llocs de residència
New York, New York, USA
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Cornell University
film editor
production assistant
Nota de desambiguació
aka M. J. Carr and M. Jan Carr



-satisfying early chapter book
-contrasting personalities
-good dialogue
-buddy has two dads
-cartoony illustrations

Sequel is "Tiny Tornatoes"
carebrarian | Sep 18, 2023 |
A kitten and young girl come together in the most unlikely circumstances and end up saving eachother
Chy2104 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jan 24, 2023 |
Rhyming, seasons, Halloween,
Great Collage illustrations
OasisTutoring | Nov 7, 2022 |
Fantasy- fairy tale

The father went to claim one of his ships, hoping to get the riches from it. Beauty asked for a rose when he returned. On the way back he ran into a snow storm and went towards the light of the castle seeking shelter. He walked in and helped himself to dinner and a good night's sleep. The Beast appeared when he picked a rose for Beauty. For taking a rose, the Beast said he had to give him one of his own daughters or he would kill the man. Beauty refused to stay home and went to live with the Beast. There was a feast when she got there and the Beast asked if she would marry him. She said no, but was surprised she wasn’t afraid of him. Beauty found the palace was filled with things she loved. Every evening the Beast asked Beauty to marry him. The Beast let Beauty go home for a week but she must return to the palace. She stayed for a long time and then had a dream and returned to the palace. She thought he had died because she didn’t return. She told him she loved him and would marry him, and he turned into a prince. She had freed him because she loved him despite his ugliness. She saw his heart. They lived happily ever after.

This is a classic story. It is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies. I think this book is a story that a lot of students will have heard before but with a little twist. The pictures are also very pretty.
… (més)
KelcieBailey | Oct 30, 2020 |



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½ 3.7

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