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Conan (1967) 1,015 exemplars
Conan of Cimmeria (1969) 857 exemplars
Conan the Wanderer (1968) 690 exemplars
Conan of the Isles (1968) 545 exemplars
Conan of Aquilonia (1977) 504 exemplars
Conan the Swordsman (1978) 346 exemplars
Conan the Liberator (1979) 314 exemplars
Conan and the Spider God (1980) 254 exemplars
Flashing Swords! #1 (1974) — Editor; Col·laborador — 241 exemplars
The wizard of Lemuria (1965) 234 exemplars
Flashing Swords! #4: Barbarians and Black Magicians (1977) — Editor — 208 exemplars
Flashing Swords! #5: Demons and Daggers (1981) — Editor — 206 exemplars
Under the Green Star (1972) 205 exemplars
Flashing Swords! #2 (1973) 196 exemplars
Jandar of Callisto (1972) — Autor — 184 exemplars
King Kull (1967) 178 exemplars
When the Green Star Calls (1973) 171 exemplars
Sky Pirates of Callisto (1973) — Autor — 161 exemplars
Imaginary Worlds (1973) 161 exemplars
Thongor Against the Gods (1967) 156 exemplars
Black Legion of Callisto (1972) 153 exemplars
The Warrior of World's End (1974) 151 exemplars
Thongor in the city of magicians (1968) 141 exemplars
The Young Magicians (1969) — Editor; Introducció; Col·laborador — 138 exemplars
By the light of the Green Star (1974) 136 exemplars
Flashing swords! #3 : warriors and wizards (1976) — Editor; Col·laborador — 131 exemplars
Thongor at the End of Time (1968) 125 exemplars
In the Green Stars Glow (1976) 123 exemplars
Tower at the Edge of Time (1968) 123 exemplars
The Xothic Legend Cycle (1997) 123 exemplars
The Spawn Of Cthulhu (1971) — Editor; Col·laborador — 122 exemplars
Dragons, Elves, and Heroes (1969) — Editor — 122 exemplars
Discoveries in Fantasy (1972) — Editor — 120 exemplars
Enchantress of World's End (1975) 119 exemplars
As the Green Star rises (1975) 117 exemplars
Thongor and the Dragon City (1970) 117 exemplars
The Immortal of World's End (1900) 115 exemplars
The Man Who Loved Mars (1973) 112 exemplars
Mind Wizards of Callisto (1975) — Autor — 107 exemplars
Lankar of Callisto (1975) — Autor — 104 exemplars
Beyond the Gates of Dream (1969) 102 exemplars
Mad Empress of Callisto (1975) — Autor — 100 exemplars
Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy (1972) — Editor — 99 exemplars
New Worlds for Old (1971) — Editor; Col·laborador — 99 exemplars
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 2 (1976) — Editor; Col·laborador; Prefaci — 98 exemplars
The Barbarian of World's End (1977) 98 exemplars
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 3 (1977) — Editor; Col·laborador; Pròleg — 98 exemplars
Thongor of Lemuria (1966) 93 exemplars
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 5 (1980) — Editor; Col·laborador; Col·laborador — 84 exemplars
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories (1980) — Editor, Contributor — 84 exemplars
The pirate of World's End (1978) 84 exemplars
The Black Star (1973) 83 exemplars
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 4 (1978) — Editor; Col·laborador; Col·laborador — 83 exemplars
Ylana of Callisto (1977) 80 exemplars
Golden Cities, Far (1970) — Editor; Col·laborador — 79 exemplars
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 6 (1980) — Editor; Col·laborador; Col·laborador — 78 exemplars
The Wizard of Zao (1978) 77 exemplars
Time War (1974) 77 exemplars
Renegade of Callisto (1978) 76 exemplars
Giant of World's End (1959) 76 exemplars
The City Outside The World (1977) 73 exemplars
Down to a Sunless Sea (1984) 72 exemplars
Dragonrouge (1984) 71 exemplars
Hurok of the Stone Age (1981) 71 exemplars
The Quest of Kadji (1971) 70 exemplars
Zanthodon (1656) 66 exemplars
Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy Volume II (1973) — Editor; Introducció — 64 exemplars
Kesrick (1982) 61 exemplars
Invader On My Back & Destination Saturn (1967) — Autor — 58 exemplars
Weird Tales, No. 1 (1980) — Editor; Col·laborador — 57 exemplars
Tower of the Medusa / Kar Kaballa (1969) — Autor — 57 exemplars
The Evil that Men Do / The Purloined Planet (1969) — Autor — 55 exemplars
The Nemesis of Evil (1975) 54 exemplars
The Man Without a Planet / Time to Live (Vintage Ace Double G-606) (1966) — Col·laborador — 53 exemplars
Darya of the Bronze Age (1981) 53 exemplars
Lost Worlds (1980) 53 exemplars
Mandricardo (1987) 53 exemplars
Lost World of Time (1969) 53 exemplars
Doomsman and The Thief of Thoth (1972) — Autor — 52 exemplars
Eric of Zanthodon (1982) 51 exemplars
Dreams from R'lyeh (1975) 46 exemplars
Outworlder (1971) 43 exemplars
Weird Tales, No. 3 (1981) — Editor; Col·laborador — 39 exemplars
Invisible Death (1975) 38 exemplars
Callipygia (1988) 38 exemplars
The Volcano Ogre (1976) 38 exemplars
Found Wanting (1985) 37 exemplars
Star Rogue (1970) 36 exemplars
The Magic of Atlantis (1970) — Editor; Col·laborador — 28 exemplars
The Thief of Thoth / ...and Others Shall be Born (1968) — Col·laborador — 27 exemplars
Callisto Volume 1 (2000) 26 exemplars
Weird Tales, No. 4 (1983) — Editor; Col·laborador — 25 exemplars
Weird Tales, No. 2 (1980) — Editor; Col·laborador — 23 exemplars
Tara of the Twilight (1979) 22 exemplars
Kingdoms of Sorcery: An Anthology of Adult Fantasy (1976) — Editor; Col·laborador — 21 exemplars
Realms of wizardry (1976) — Editor — 20 exemplars
Renegade Swords (2020) — Col·laborador — 17 exemplars
Tower of the Medusa (1965) 17 exemplars
The Earth-Shaker (1982) 13 exemplars
The Star Magicians (1966) 12 exemplars
Young Thongor (2012) 11 exemplars
Horror Wears Blue (1987) 10 exemplars
The Curse of the Monolith (1968) 7 exemplars
Destination: Saturn — Autor — 6 exemplars
The Lair of the Ice Worm (1969) 5 exemplars
The Hand of Nergal (1967) 4 exemplars
The City of Skulls (1967) 4 exemplars
The Gem in the Tower (1978) 4 exemplars
The Thief of Thoth (1968) 4 exemplars
The Castle of Terror (1969) 4 exemplars
The Snout in the Dark (1969) 4 exemplars
The Thing In the Crypt (1967) 4 exemplars
Flug der Zauberer (1973) — Editor; Prefaci — 3 exemplars
Uncollected Works (1965) 3 exemplars
Gefangen im Jenseits. Neue Fantasy-Storys. (1979) — Editor — 3 exemplars
The Purloined Planet (1969) 3 exemplars
Die besten Fantasy-Stories 03 (1987) 3 exemplars
Černá legie z Kallistó (2002) 2 exemplars
Die Zaubergärten (1969) — Editor; Pròleg, algunes edicions; Col·laborador — 2 exemplars
Götter, Gnomen und Giganten (1976) 2 exemplars
Der Halbgott [Kurzgeschichte] (1973) 2 exemplars
Die Treppe in der Gruft [Kurzgeschichte] (1976) — Autor — 2 exemplars
Demon Of The Snows 2 exemplars
Moon of Blood (1978) 2 exemplars
The Ivory Goddess (1978) 2 exemplars
The Star of Khorala (1978) 2 exemplars
Shadows in the Dark (1978) 2 exemplars
Legions of the Dead (1978) 2 exemplars
The Whelming Of Oom (1969) 2 exemplars
Tired Tailor of Oz 2 exemplars
THE NIGHT LAND VOL1 1 exemplars
BUSQUEDA DE KADJI (1900) 1 exemplars
Neo Witch Craft 1 exemplars
Digging Up Atlantis 1 exemplars
The King Is Dead 1 exemplars
The First Barbarian 1 exemplars
Mnomquah 1 exemplars
Azlon 1 exemplars
The Sword Of Power 1 exemplars
Zingazar 1 exemplars
Vault Of Silence (1970) 1 exemplars
Thieves Of Zangabal 1 exemplars
Conan, a kalóz (1995) 1 exemplars
Die besten Fantasy Stories - 2 (1987) 1 exemplars
Jandar z Kallistó (2001) 1 exemplars
Bridge of Birds 1 exemplars
Maghi e guerrieri 1 exemplars
Kings of sorcery 1 exemplars
Vorwort (Die Zaubergärten) (1969) 1 exemplars
Zoth-Ommog [short story] (1976) 1 exemplars
Kämpfer wider den Tod (1975) — Prefaci — 1 exemplars
Die Magier von Bargelix (1984) 1 exemplars
Zurvan's Saint 1 exemplars

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When is Lin Carter's birthday? a Ballantine Adult Fantasy (octubre 2020)


The finale of Lin Carter's Green Star fantasy kept its heroes sequestered from one another in various hardships until the last moment, when they could be brought to a happily-ever-after. The story around Niamh the Fair was a great shout-out to ERB's Master Mind of Mars with peril rooted in medical horror. But the tension was amusingly relieved when it was revealed that the mad scientist was actually bent on decapitating himself! The newer character Zorak of Tharkoon (not to be confused with Zarqa the Kalood) had a didactic adventure among the dispassionate and authoritarian giant ants of the Green Star's world.

The narrating protagonist Karn fell into the clutches of a misandrist tribe of girls who abused him at length, catering no doubt to certain readers. This plotline led to a penultimate moment of farce when he was discovered by Niamh as he deigned to give the teenage amazon Varda a kiss after his many prior refusals. Although the rather lascivious treatment of the extreme youth of the characters has been a persistent feature of these books, it really stood out in this one.

The book is furnished with an appendix itemizing and detailing principal "People of the Green Star World," which repeats and extends for this fifth book a similar feature of the third. Besides the fact that it is set at the end of the book with no calls forward to it earlier in the text, the thumbnail descriptions here seem to be of little actual use to readers. It shows some lack of confidence on the part of Carter (or his editor) that the characters have been drawn strongly enough for the reader to keep them distinct.

The illustrations and cover art are by the excellent fantasy artist Michael Whelan, who would go on a short while later to do a series of wonderful paintings for the covers of a new paperback edition of the Barsoom books. The four interior illustrations are in a pointillistic style, and all the art considerably surpasses what Roy Krenkel had supplied in the earlier Green Star volumes.
… (més)
1 vota
paradoxosalpha | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Oct 8, 2023 |
The fourth Green Star book was much like the third, continuing the plots begun in the sky city and the forest floor in the new environment of an inland sea and its jungle islands. It was perhaps a tad "spicier" than earlier arcs of the series, although largely through threat and peril, leaving it relatively tame compared to the larger sword-and-planet field. There is also an unwitting and highly ironic non-consummation of the love-quest central to the series. (Other reviewers have called that part of the story "contrived," but in this sort of exoplanetary fantasy what isn't?)

The most notable feature of the story was its blind narrator. The boy Karn had been blinded at the end of the previous volume, and while parts of the book held out some hope for recovery of his sight, he spent this entire segment unable to see. But despite the fast pace and surfeit of action, the story isn't told as an immediate reportage. It instead recounts multiple threads of plot as companions and allies are separated and adventure in parallel. Karn is supposed to have learned later what had happened to his friends, but his telling interweaves the various developments along a synchronized timeline.

The illustrations in this book are collaborations between Roy Krenkel (whose pictures were in the previous one) and notable comics artist Michael Kaluta. None of them particularly thrilled me, though. Krenkel's cover art is an adequate representation of the moment on page 60, when the women escape an island by means of a great hawk-steed. The rider is thus Arjala, while Niamh the Fair is hanging from the stirrup.
… (més)
paradoxosalpha | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Sep 19, 2023 |
Fun, short book full of short stories of thr most iconic barbarian of all time. For someone who has never seen the movies I found it very easy to great a strong picture of this fearless menace in my mind. The stories written by Howard alone are the highlights.
Acilladon | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Jul 30, 2023 |
Best Conan book I have read to date. Some really defining stories and fantastic descriptions of locations and characters
Acilladon | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jul 30, 2023 |



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