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Katherine Center is a New York Times bestselling author. She started wrting in elementary school with her focus being on poems, essays, and stories. She won a creative writing scholarship in high school, and then went on to major in creative writing at Vassar College, where she won the Vassar mostra'n més College Fiction Prize. At 22, she won a fellowship to the University of Houston¿s Creative Writing Program and moved home to Texas. She struggled for a decade with her writing before she wrote her first novel, The Bright Side of Disaster, which hit the bestseller lists. Katherine's writing reflects her belief that joy is as important as sorrow. Her stories are all about finding ways to savor life's moments of grace. Her other title's include: How to Walk Away, Husband, and Happiness for Beginners. Her work has appeared in People, USA Today, Vanity Fair and Redbook. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Center, Katherine Pannill
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Houston, Texas, USA
Vassar College
University of Houston




First off, thank you to St. Martin's Press for sending me the ARC of this book. I had not heard of this author nor read any of her other books and now I will be adding her to my list!

This book is about Cassie Hanwell, a firefighter in Austin, Texas. The book starts with her and her fellow Austin firefighters at an awards banquet where she is receiving an award. When they announce the person who will be giving her award to her, she has a bit of an anxiety attack because it brings back a moment as a teenager with this person that she had suppressed because it was so horrible.

After she receives her award, she ends up going to visit her mom in Boston and finding a job as a firefighter in a town north of Boston. She finds it very difficult to fit in with the all-male squad she joins. Her first day there, a firefighter rookie starts and he comes from a long line of firefighters in his family. She can't compete with that, but she has to.

This book is about life, love, forgiveness, acceptance and courage.
… (més)
Cathie_Dyer | Hi ha 102 ressenyes més | Feb 29, 2024 |
I received this ebook from NetGalley. The book publishes in July 2020.

This book takes place in Galveston, Texas. It is about the story of Sam (Samantha) Casey, the librarian at Kempner School. The school is run (and was founded) by Max and Babette Kempner. When someone in the school community passes away, they find themselves with a new principal, Duncan Carpenter. Duncan and Sam worked with each other years before. She had feelings for him but it was not mutual. Sam was thrilled to learn that Duncan would be their new principal because he was fun, goofy and she thought he would be a good fit. He changed a lot from when they worked together - even going so far as not remembering her. He makes several changes at the school that do not go over well resulting in a bit of animosity between Sam and Duncan.

This book is about joy and finding joy, feeling joy, experiencing joy. I did not like this book as much as Things You Save in a Fire. This book seemed a bit overdone and I found myself skipping over some of the dialogue.
… (més)
Cathie_Dyer | Hi ha 63 ressenyes més | Feb 29, 2024 |
i'm not sure there aren't any plot holes here but this was sweet and fun and i especially loved the way (after the initial shock) hannah never looked at jack as the superstar he was. maybe a little too wholesome but overall a fun read.
overlycriticalelisa | Hi ha 63 ressenyes més | Feb 21, 2024 |
This is an uplifting and heartwarming story of friendship, love, found family, taking risks, pursuit of happiness, healing from trauma, living with a chronic health condition, education, and PTSD.

While the romance is OTT, I loved the school setting and the eccentric and quirky characters!

This is the kind of book you read simply for the pure pleasure of reading. The narration by Thérèse Plummer made this audiobook such a pleasure to listen to!
nadia.masood | Hi ha 63 ressenyes més | Feb 7, 2024 |



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