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#1583 in our old book database. Rated: Indifferent

A board book of photographs with adult animals teaching their cute offspring how to walk, swim, fish, and play. Nice.
villemezbrown | May 7, 2023 |
This book would be best for older elementary students because it is more factual and has real pictures instead of drawings. It goes through different sea creatures and states facts about each of them with a picture of them shown. This would be helpful to use in the classroom because it is a way to get students to understand facts about sea creatures while still having there be pictures and catching their attention with this.
alliewilber | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Apr 2, 2023 |
A little boy is on vacation and is excited to go to Grandma’s house. He tries to decide what to take, but doesn’t know what the weather will be like. As he imagines each possibility, he thinks of something new to pack, ending up with six suitcases . . . and Grandma lives right next door!

Part of the Vocabulary Tales series, this book introduces eight key weather words that are important for young readers to know. The key words are highlighted in the story, then reviewed in a trio of activities that follow the story. Young readers can complete a Meaning Match, Vocabulary Fill-Ins, and Vocabulary Questions, all focused on the various types of weather shown in the story.

Brightly colored illustrations show the boy imagining having fun doing a variety of weather-related activities with his grandmother. The rhyming, easy-to-read text highlights the key words and separates them into a box where a simple definition and a sample sentence are also included.

The target audience for this vocabulary builder story is the young reader, ages five through seven, in the lower primary grades. Designed as a foundation vocabulary builder, this fun tale helps young readers enrich and expand their vocabularies as it introduces and reinforces must-know words. [The must-know weather words in “Going to Grandma’s” are blizzard, breezy, chilly, drizzle, forecast, freeze, humid, and hurricane.]

Highly recommended for young readers.
… (més)
jfe16 | Jun 12, 2021 |


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