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(eng) Chupeco is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Please do not change gender or pronouns on this page based on older interviews and publicity materials referring to them as female.


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20th Century
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Manila, Philippines
Rebecca Podos of the Helen Rees Agency
Nota de desambiguació
Chupeco is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Please do not change gender or pronouns on this page based on older interviews and publicity materials referring to them as female.



I really liked this book. I was drawn in by the graceful prose from the beginning. It reminded me of the tones that I remember from Marillier's books. The worldbuilding wasn't as complete as I'd like since there was only a clear view of the immediate area. I got the feeling that other areas would be fleshed out if/when Tea visits, but don't consider that a negative in any way--you can't criticize a world as clearly drawn as what we do see.

It was also refreshing to see a non-European based fantasy world. With a strong asian influence, the culture was as graceful as the prose.

My only real criticism is the cliffhanger ending. The book alternates between present narration by a character that is interacting with Tea as chapter introductions, to past reminiscences from Tea herself. At 432 pages, there was plenty of room to answer some of the questions brought on by the present/past conversation.

The Bone Witch is listed on Amazon as age level 12-17 and grades 7-12, but I never got the immature feeling that so many YA books usually convey. I highly recommend this one to any epic fantasy fans.

… (més)
jazzbird61 | Hi ha 89 ressenyes més | Feb 29, 2024 |
At page 129, I realized that I love this book. That’s the point at which Cassie is on a plane and another girl tells her about Japanese ghosts.

I collect antique Japanese dolls. I hope none of them contain malevolent spirits. Strangely, this book inspired me to purchase some more antique Japanese dolls on Etsy!
swigget | Hi ha 51 ressenyes més | Feb 25, 2024 |
For me, "The Girl from the Well" read like a more fleshed-out story: full of ghosts and spirits, strange tattoos on a boys skin, a mother in a mental hospital, a really oblivious father, and a big ol heap of murder. This book had some very interesting aspects to it, like the Japanese ghostlore and mythology. Those bits were some of the best in the book!

The writing, while descriptive and even a little lyrical at times, is fairly basic. It strays more into "let me tell you everything that's happening" more often than I think it should have, but in a strange way it sort of worked here. Sometimes the tale strays off course, however, Chupeco pulls everything together at the end in a solid way.
I definitely think a teen around 16ish who loves horror would enjoy this book! It reminds me of a teenagers-in-the-woods-style slasher flick: fun, horrific, and just a little predictable.

>>>Content warning: this book is Graphic with a capital "G". There are several grisly murders described in detail and with lots of cussing. There is also talk of pedophilia and child abuse, which may be harmful to some readers.
… (més)
deborahee | Hi ha 51 ressenyes més | Feb 23, 2024 |
Couldn't get through the first 50 pages of illogical world building info dumb vomiting. Yoicks.
scaifea | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Feb 8, 2024 |



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