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Emma Chichester Clark was born in London, England, but grew up in Ireland. In 1975 she went back to England to attend the Chelsea School of Art in London. After completing her undergraduate degree, she enrolled at the Royal College of Art for her master's degree. She was approached by an editor at mostra'n més London publisher Bodley Head to illustrate for her first children's book entitled, Listen to This. Clark is considered one of England's most distinguished picture book creators. She has written and illustrated many of her own picture books while also creating accompanying artwork for numerous stories, picture books, anthologies, and retellings by other writers, including Roald Dahl. In her own books, which include Up in Heaven, The Story of Horrible Hilda and Henry, and the award-winning I Love You, Blue Kangaroo!, she features child, adult, and animal characters in humorous situations that provide realistic portrayals of human feelings and failings. Clark was also a visiting lecturer at Middlesex Polytechnic and City and Guilds School of Art, 1984-86. She had an exhibition of her illustrations at the Thumb Gallery, England, 1984 and 1987. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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London, England, UK
Chelsea School of Art (B.A. with honors)
Royal College of Art (M.A. with honors)
Biografia breu
Emma Chichester Clark is the award-winning illustrator of more than forty collections and picture books, including Michael Morpurgo's The McElderry Book of Aesop's Fables. She is also the author and illustrator of Follow the Leader! She lives in London, England.



book for primary. This book is about a dog who loves being the only pet, but one day his family gets a cat, and he has to learn that there is enough love for two pets to be in the family. This book would be good for kids who are getting a new sibling.
Brianna.phelps | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Apr 21, 2024 |
Clementine and her clever friend George the Bear are at it again in this second story about his heartwarming adventures. Clementine and her mother love having George around. He has become a part of the family since his first encounter with them in book one led them to teach him how to read. George isn't necessarily handy around the house but he tries to help out despite his main interest in reading books and drinking tea in the garden. So one afternoon when Clementine and her mother go to town to complete some errands, George decides he could be helpful and return his library book himself without their assistance. He finds his way into town but every time he goes up to talk to someone in one of the main street shops the store suddenly becomes closed for the day and people keep running away and hiding from him in the streets. George intends to find his way to the library but he is upset by the fact that his intention to be friendly with the people along the way has failed so miserably. He is almost to the library when another miscommunication with some people along the way leaves him and his book wet, and tears fall from his eyes. Clementine finds George as she and her mother are walking down the street and tries to comfort him, while also giving the townspeople a good talking to about how brave George has been and that yes, even bears cry sometimes.

This book is a great way to encourage children between the ages of 4-8 to embrace their emotions. This audience of readers can learn from George that emotions are just fine and that we can show our feelings while also solving our problems in the end, especially with the help of friends, family, and other kind people in our lives. The book also has some imaginative and detailed artwork that draws the reader's eyes through the adventures and mishaps of George the Bear's trip to the library in a fantastically playful way. The dialogue, descriptive language, and artwork work together to create another engaging picturebook for this series that teachers, parents, and librarians could easily enjoy reading out loud to young primary-age children.
… (més)
miosmith5 | Jun 28, 2023 |
ZOMG how freakin' cute.
LibroLindsay | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jun 18, 2021 |



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