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Barbara Hand Clow is an internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher, Mayan Calendar researcher, and the author of The Mayan Code, The Pleiadian Agenda, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, and Awakening the Planetary Mind. A regular presenter at international conferences, she has taught at sacred sites mostra'n més throughout the world. She lives on an island near Vancouver, British Columbia. mostra'n menys

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The Mayan Code (2007) 106 exemplars

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Clow, Barbara Hand
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Saginaw, Michigan, USA (birth)
Bellingham, Washington, USA
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BARBARA HAND CLOW is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher who has led ceremonies at sacred sites around the world since 1987. She is author of nine books including the bestselling The Pleiadian Agenda, and lives in Canada.



This is a sequel to the Revelations of the Ruby Crystal. It is written in a similar fashion, as a book of fiction which introduces the reader with several controversial theories about Abrahamic religion, the Mayan calendar and the occult societies. I actually found this book a little better than the first installment. The characters are the same in both books and their lives are now very conveniently intertwined.
But, I have to remind myself to stop regarding this as a classic work of fiction. As such, it is not very exciting. The plot is just not interesting enough in itself to carry the novel, the characters are still very unrealistic. In a way, this is more similar to [b:Sophie's World|10959|Sophie's World|Jostein Gaarder||4432325] for lovers of mysticism and various esoteric traditions, but much more narrow in scope and oriented primarily on the legacy of the Catholic church.

I am a bit more forgiving on judging this book as I recently watched Barbara Hand Clow's interviews about both of the books in this series. I was not aware that she is writing these books on a timeline as world events occur and provide a background to the plot of both novels. While I still believe that some of the connections BHC is making are a little far-fetched, I am more inclined to focus on the positives.

Lately, it seems that some of the "outrageous theories" are becoming more accepted among mainstream historians. This book focuses on the new paradigm, the shift needed in the Abrahamic religions to establish the Golden Age - the Age of Aquarius marked by the beginning of the new precessional cycle of Earth. BHC covers the widely spread theory of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their possible holy matrimony (inspired by the occult tradition and the discovery of the controversial Talpiot ossuaries), touches on the teachings of Ahmed Osman about the Jewish-Egyptian relationship and explores the traditions of Knights Hospitaller. Of course, there is a fair amount of Mayan calendar symbolism and the teachings of the astrological ages. There's even an interesting connection made with the work of Antoni Gaudi. If you tell someone this is a book about all those things (and much more) it seems like a complete mess, but it actually works at some level.

I am really curious about what the next installment of this series is going to bring and how Barbara Hand Clow will portray this year in the light of her teachings. Even for those who may be skeptical of these theories, it can be refreshing to keep an open mind, change perspective and give these books a try.
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ZeljanaMaricFerli | Sep 8, 2020 |
This book was interesting and captivating. Is it good fiction - absolutely not.

Barbara Hand Clow is a ceremonial teacher and Mayan calendar researcher. Her work is really interesting and while it doesn't always resonate with me, I respect all the research and work she puts in her books. This book also has a fair amount of research behind it. It was nice to read a work of fiction that embodies some elements that people on a spiritual path are aware of, but general public may not be. In that sense, I wish there were more books like this.
I liked Clow's take on Marcian and the Gnostics, it was very interesting to learn more about him.

That being said, the characters were such caricatures I was embarrassed at times. The first part of the novel was the best and was believable for the most part, but as the book moved on it was getting worse and worse. The characters in this book are just so unbelievable and their actions make no sense at all. A good editor could have helped a lot. Fiction may not be the best medium for Clow after all.

Also, I had a problem with her demonization of the Catholic church up until Pope Francis. I think John Paul II was already quite a revolutionary figure and feel like his role was subdued because the truth just wouldn't fit Clow's Mayan calendar agenda. Yes, sexual abuse is horrific, there is no excuse for that, but I found it superficial for her to focus only on it. It came across as lazy and one-dimensional, for someone claiming to be multidimensional it was quite ironic.

I will read the sequel because I want to see where she takes this, but I'd be reluctant to recommend this to anyone. It may make her honest message feel cheap because of her poor writing.
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ZeljanaMaricFerli | Sep 8, 2020 |

Quirón fue descubierto en 1977 pero poco se ha escrito acerca
de este excitante descubrimiento. Es demasiado reciente
como para que se investigue de forma más profunda, y los
astrólogos apenas lo incluyen como un elemento en la interpretación
de cartas astrales.

Pero, ¿cuál es su significado? ¿Qué es lo que rige?
¿Cómo puede usted usarlo en sus interpretaciones de cartas astrales?
Durante mucho tiempo se ha discutido si Quirón rige a Sagitario o
a Virgo. Ahora, en este libro la autora demuestra de modo rigurosos que,
efectivamente, Quirón rige a Virgo y a la sexta casa.

En este libro se han incluido ejemplos de cincuenta y cinco cartas
astrales además de explicaciones respecto a la función de Quirón en las
Casas, en los signos, y en los aspectos con otros planetas y con los nodos,
una efemérides con la que usted puede localizar la posición de Quirón
en su propia carta natal y, finalmente, una completa investigación sobre
la mitología respecto a Quirón.

El descubrimiento de Quirón aportó claridad en el campo de la astrología
ya que se le considera el puente hacia los planetas exteriores
(Urano, Neptuno y Plutón): es la puerta alquímica de la sabiduría que
hace posible entender a los planetas exteriores; es alquimia, es la puerta
hacia la piedra filosofal. Quirón rige también al lector del Tarot.

Saturno, Quirón y Urano rigen los tres tránsitos mayores de la vida,
mientras que Plutón es la fuerza del tránsito evolutivo que aclara, profundiza
y limpia la energía relacionada con el ciclo completo de la vida.

Pero Quirón es muchísimo más ya que este planeta rige la iniciación en
un nivel superior de conciencia.
… (més)
FundacionRosacruz | May 27, 2018 |
Eine visionäre Reise in frühere Leben, Band 1
Buecherei.das-Sarah | Nov 24, 2014 |

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