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Jonathan Coe is one of Britain's finest contemporary writers


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A wander through 100 years of UK history on seven occasions. These occasions are mostly royal occasions but beginning with VE Day in 1945 and ending in 2020 and the 75th anniversary of VE day. The novel follows one family and their many generations and I did struggle to remember who was who beyond Mary and Geoffrey. Well constructed and an easy read, the novel includes interesting information about the EU arguing about what is chocolate and what isn't. The royal occasions were marked by the family in a way that I had no connection with, I was one of the many people not watching the TV during these events. There are big issues in the novel, poignant moments and snippets of humour.… (més)
CarolKub | Hi ha 16 ressenyes més | Apr 11, 2024 |
How your view on books can change. I read this book a few years ago and back then I thought it was a really good read. Now after reading it for the second time I even dare to use the word brilliant. The book is constructed wonderfully and everything is interestingly entwined. The characters are strong and although some chance encounters seem to be a little bit superficial, the characters stay real till the end. Some conclusions I saw coming for a while, but I don't really care about that. Not in this book and not in any other book. I actually hate those detective novels were everything is hidden until the bitter end. Even more, I hate those people who attack films or novels for the sheer fact that they see things coming.
But enough whining, read this book people, it's one of his best.
… (més)
Lokileest | Hi ha 36 ressenyes més | Apr 2, 2024 |
I don’t share his Brexit / Racism framework but he’s a very fine writer.
P1g5purt | Hi ha 16 ressenyes més | Mar 26, 2024 |
I had high hopes for Bournville having read many a Jonathan Coe novel over the years. Sadly this one fell a bit flat. I found it slightly underwhelming and contrived.

Chronicling key moments in British history, from VE Day in 1945 to the 75th Anniversary of VE Day in 2020, Bournville tells the story of Mary and her family over the intervening 75 years.

I found it quite tricky keeping track of who begat who and I think the inclusion of a family tree would have been extremely helpful. I was forever flicking back through the pages to verify the lineage from Carl Schmidt down to Lorna Lamb.

As the title suggests, the purpose-built village of Bournville on the outskirts of Birmingham takes centre stage. The many references to Cadbury’s confectionary were mouth-watering, the chocolate-gate fracas in the air raid shelter wickedly amusing and the history of the company from inception to the EU chocolate wars interesting.

There are moments of great poignancy and sadness, stark reminders of the impact Covid had on lives, reflections on how much has changed over the years and some very funny character portrayals and scenarios (not forgetting Boris) – my best bits starred the German members of the family.

Bournville is a good book but lacks depth and flow for me. Mary was by far and away my favourite character and I wonder if, as she was based on author’s late mother, this is why she seemed more vibrant and engaging than all the others.
… (més)
geraldine_croft | Hi ha 16 ressenyes més | Mar 21, 2024 |



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