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Catherine Cookson, 1906 - 1998 British writer Catherine Cookson was born in Tyne Dock, Co. Durham. She was born illegitimate and into poverty with a mother who was, at times, an alcoholic and violent. From the age of thirteen, Catherine suffered from hereditary hemorrhage telangiectasia. She also mostra'n més believed, for many years, that she was abandoned as a baby and that her mother was actually her older sister. Catherine wrote her first short story, "The Wild Irish Girl," at the age of eleven and sent it to the South Shields Gazette, which sent it back in three days. She left school at the age of thirteen to work as a maid for the rich and powerful. It was then that she saw the great class barrier inside their society. From working in a laundry, she saved enough money to open an apartment hotel in Hastings. Schoolmaster, Tom Cookson, was one of her tenants and became her husband in 1940. She suffered several miscarriages and became depressed so she began writing to help her recovery. Catherine has written over ninety novels and, under the pseudonym of Catherine Marchant, she wrote three different series of books, which included the Bill Bailey, the Mary Ann, and the Mallen series. Her first book, "Kate Hannigan" (1950), tells the partly autobiographical story of a working-class girl becoming pregnant by an upper-middle class man. The baby is raised by Kate's parents and the child believes them to be her real parents and that Kate is her sister. Many of her novels are set in 19th century England and tell of poverty in such settings as mines, shipyards and farms. Her characters usually cross the class barrier by means of education. Catherine received the Freedom of the Borough of South Shields and the Royal Society of Literature's award for the Best Regional Novel of the year. The Variety Club of Great Britain named her Writer of the Year and she was voted Personality of the North-East. She received an honorary degree from the University of Newcastle and was made Dame in 1933. Just shortly before her ninety-second birthday, on June 11, 1998, Catherine died in her home near Newcastle-upon-Tyne. "Kate Hannigan's Girl" (1999), was published posthumously and continues the story of her first novel. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Coneixement comú

Nom normalitzat
Cookson, Catherine
Nom oficial
Cookson, Dame Catherine Ann McMullen
Altres noms
Marchant, Catherine
McMullen, Katie
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc d'enterrament
Lloc de naixement
Tyne Dock, County Durham, Engeland
Lloc de defunció
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Engeland
Llocs de residència
Tyne Dock, County Durham, Engeland
Haldane Terrace, Jesmond
Corbridge, Engeland
Langley, Northumberland, Engeland
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Engeland
Goodwin, Rosie (writes sequels to three of Catherine Cookson's famous trilogies)
Premis i honors
British Book Award( [1994])
Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1985
Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1993
Honorary degree from the University of Newcastle
Sheila Land Associates
Biografia breu
Catherine Ann McMullen was born on 27 June 1906 in Tyne Dock, England, UK. She grew up as daugther of Rose and John McMullen, but was the illegitimate daughter of Kate Fawcett, whom she believed to be her older sister, and Alexander Davies, a bigamist. She left school at 13 and, and she began work in service but eventually moved south to Hastings, where she met and Tom Cookson, a local grammar-school master, whom she married on June 1940. She suffered some miscarriages and couldn't have children.
She took up writing as a form of therapy to tackle her depression, and joined Hastings Writers' Group. Her first novel was published in 1950. She wrote almost 100 books, which sold more than 123 million copies, her novels being translated into at least 20 languages. She also wrote books under her childhood name, Katie McMullen, and under the pseudonym Catherine Marchant. After receiving an OBE in 1985, Catherine Cookson was created a Dame of the British Empire in 1993. She was appointed an Honorary Fellow of St Hilda's College, Oxford, in 1997. She passed away on 11 June 1998 in North East. She remained the most borrowed author from public libraries in the UK for 17 years, losing the title only in 2002, four years after her death.



BooksInMirror | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Feb 19, 2024 |
I don't even know where to start here, other than maybe calling the story "quirky" for lack of a better word at the moment. John is a sexton, or gravedigger of the local church. He’s a very serious and quiet man keeping mostly to himself. Only his family knows him well enough to say what his normal habits and behavior would be...that is until he is hit in the head with a cricket ball...then everyone knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE, and he won't shut up. Just before he and the cricket ball had their unfortunate encounter; John's anger was bubbling over the top, due to the increase in graves that he was digging because of the number of funerals due to the increased number of car crashes and this, in his way of reasoning, was the fault of St. Christopher. Old secrets from the past are no longer secret, and now it seems he's able to see and speak to the visiting, not very happy... Saint Christopher. The saint isn't being very helpful in trying to explain that HE is NOT the cause of the increase in's the careless drivers...and please stop trying to blame it on him! Actually, I didn't think that St. Christopher spoke or acted very "saintly" sometimes...but I guess even a saint has his limits. I wouldn't call the book a comedy, but it was at times humorous. I've read a couple of other books by Catherine Cookson and because this one was so different in several ways... like how long it took for the story to even get started; how it seemed the author was searching and trying out different ways for the character of John to say what he wanted to say... and the ending could have used more ending. Since I have never written a Best Seller, or even a Mediocre Seller, and Catherine Cookson has/did...I will sum up that it's NOT a bad story but it's not her usual. I would also add that Derek Perkins did an excellent job with the voices.… (més)
Carol420 | Jun 4, 2023 |
I had avoided reading Catherine Cookson thinking that she wrote romance fiction. However, I was pleasantly surprised when reading The Black Candle. this a very engrossing book of historical fiction set in 1883 in England. The description of the settings and the culture of the times was well done and the story never lagged. I will search out other books by this author
Lynxear | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Sep 28, 2022 |
Young Mary Ann has charmed her friend Mr. Lord into giving her father a job on his farm. Her father has sworn off drunkenness and family is better off-- but will his reform stick? Both Mary Ann and her father are subjected to negative machinations by those who wish them ill. Will Mary Ann's faith in the Holy Family and the strength of her family and the adults around her be enough to get them through their trials?
bunnyjadwiga | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jul 3, 2022 |



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