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Author Zizou Corder is actually the mother-daughter writing team of Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoh Young. They wrote the Lionboy trilogy and live in London. Louisa Young is an author and freelance journalist. She studied history at Trinity College in Cambridge. She has written a trilogy of adult mostra'n més novels and two nonfiction works. She is also a regular contributor to The Guardian. Isabel Adomakoh Young is still in school. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

Inclou aquests noms: Z Corder, Zizou Corder

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(eng) Zizou Corder is the pen-name of mother and daughter writing duo Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoh Young.

Crèdit de la imatge: Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoh Young


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Lionboy (2003) 1,323 exemplars
Halo (2010) 105 exemplars
Lee Raven, Boy Thief (2008) 80 exemplars
The Lionboy Trilogy (2004) 13 exemplars


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Derek Johns (AP Watt)
Nota de desambiguació
Zizou Corder is the pen-name of mother and daughter writing duo Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoh Young.



Great build on the 1st book. Looking forward to the third.
SteveMcI | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Dec 29, 2023 |
A great story. Read to Max.
SteveMcI | Hi ha 28 ressenyes més | Dec 29, 2023 |
I loved this book! and I really love the fact that the book was written by two people,I don't know why!

The story is about Halo who's not really an orphan who grew up with Centaurs of Zakynthos.Her best friend is her centaur brother,Arko.They have many adventures together.During on of their adventures,Halo gets captured by humans and s taken to a strange land where she is made a slave.While,she is transported to another island,she jumps off the ship and swims to another island,where she meets a man who takes away her golden Owl that she wears around her neck.She retrieves it and decides to be a boy so that people would give her respect.She steals a knife from the man and runs away to Sparta(where,she heard women and treated well).On her way,she jumps into a stream and her head hits a rock and she is hurt.Here our hero,Leonidas(a Spartan hop-lite who is named after the king,Leonidas) comes in.He is such a dreamboat!Anyway,he knows that she is a girl and then he leaves her there as he was finishing his training that day.Then she saved by another family,from where she's taken by Leon.He hides the fact that she's girl,from his fellow Spartans.She lives in Sparta for sometime.When her teacher finds out that she's a girl,she runs away and reaches Melesippus,Manticlas and Leon who were travelling to Delphi to meet the Pythia.Who gives Sparta good news of their victory in the war.Leon helps Halo,by freeing her and she gets a chance to talk to the oracle,who tells her that she belongs to the accursed family in Athens and is the daughter of Megacles and Aeilla.Happy about this Halo walks out and finds Arko there chained.He tells the people that men should respect Centaurs and Leon tells Halo to escape.She flees with Arko and reaches Athens.There she meets Pericles(who's her uncles) and Aspasia.She pretends to be a boy,but Aspasia finds out that she's a girl.She helps her but asks her to disclose the secret as soon as she can to Pericles.but Halo never gets a chance as Pericles is busy with the approaching war.Meanwhile,Halo learns to fight with the help of the Skythians and their chief Arimaspou. Arko and Halo visit their Centaur family to tell them that they are fine. Soon after this a plague spreads around Athens,a lot of people die,including Pericles.Halo gets affected but is saved.

One day as she was riding on her horse Ivy along with the Skythians,she finds Leon,with she's in love.Apparently he's alone and affected by the plague.She runs away from the Skythians as she knows that they will kill the Spartan and saves him.But they're soon found by Skythians and they find out that Arko is missing,who is most probably taken by Manticlas,the evil Persian who believes that a Centaur heart can help win any war.Halo finds out the truth about Arimaspou.
"He" is her mother.She finds out that she's an Amazon Princess,something that she has always wanted to be.Aeilla (Arimaspou) tells Halo that she should make the mistake that she did and should live like a girl.They finally save Arko from Manticlas and reach an island,where they are visited by the Centaurs.She is in love with Leon and apparently he loves her too.

Happy ending!

The book was awesome,to me.The way of writing is simple,which makes it easier to understand the story.They even have the Greek alphabets behind the book,which is cool! and I'm a huge fan of Zizou Corder. There were a large amount unrealistic incidents in the story.Where everything happened the way Halo wanted.But I loved the whole story too much that I didn't notice such problems.Halo is brave and intelligent.Even under all this simplistic writing,it is discussing an important issue.The freedom and equality of girls and it has taken ancient Greece as an example.It shows the lives of women there and the difference between a boy and a girl.Halo is an extraordinary girl who goes on this amazing adventure,accidentally.I hope you read this.I really wish it was a movie,so that I could see it and enjoy it even more!Ciao!
… (més)
GouriReads | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Mar 21, 2023 |
Its been some years since I read this but I remember I found it boring and took it back to the library.
Litrvixen | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jun 23, 2022 |



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