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Edmund Crispin (1921–1978)

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Edmund Crispin was the pseudonym of Robert Bruce Montgomery, 1921—1978, an English crime writer, science-fiction anthologist and composer.

Writing as Edmund Crispin he is known for his detective novels and short stories featuring Oxford professor, Gervase Fen.

Writing as Bruce Montgomery, he was a prolific composer of vocal and film music.

(ger) Edmund Crispin war das Pseudonym von Robert Bruce Montgomery, 1921—1978, einem englischen Krimiautor, Science-fiction-Herausgeber und Komponisten. Unter dem Namen Edmund Crispin ist er bekannt für seine Detektivromane und -erzählungen um den Oxford-Professor Gervase Fen. Writing as Bruce Montgomery, he was a prolific composer of vocal and film music.


Obres de Edmund Crispin

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The Case of the Gilded Fly (1944) 896 exemplars
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Love Lies Bleeding (1948) 583 exemplars
Buried for Pleasure (1948) 469 exemplars
Frequent Hearses (1950) 456 exemplars
Swan Song (1947) 448 exemplars
The Glimpses of the Moon (1977) 420 exemplars
The Long Divorce (1951) 381 exemplars
Beware of the Trains (1953) 305 exemplars
Fen Country (1979) 251 exemplars
Best SF Two (1956) — Editor — 92 exemplars
Best SF (1955) — Editor — 76 exemplars
Best SF Four (1961) — Editor — 66 exemplars
Best SF Three (1958) — Editor — 56 exemplars
Best SF Six (1966) — Editor — 31 exemplars
Best SF Five (1963) — Editor — 30 exemplars
Best SF Seven (1970) — Editor — 24 exemplars
Best Detective Stories (1959) — Editor; Col·laborador — 17 exemplars
The Stars and Under: A Selection of Science Fiction (1968) — Editor — 13 exemplars
Best Tales of Terror (1962) 12 exemplars
Modern Short Stories 2: 1940-1980 (1982) — Col·laborador — 12 exemplars
Best Murder Stories 2 (1973) 3 exemplars
Best Detective Stories (Volume 2) (1964) — Editor — 2 exemplars
Best Tales of Terror: No. 2 (1965) 2 exemplars
Man Overboard [short story] (1954) 1 exemplars
Long Distance 1 exemplars
Outwards from Earth 1 exemplars

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Coneixement comú

Nom oficial
Montgomery, Robert Bruce
Altres noms
Montgomery, Bruce
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc de naixement
Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Lloc de defunció
Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
Llocs de residència
Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
Oxford University (St. John's College)
writer (filmscript and filmscore)
crime novelist
Detection Club
Premis i honors
Guest of Honour, Eastercon, UK (1963)
Nota de desambiguació
Edmund Crispin was the pseudonym of Robert Bruce Montgomery, 1921—1978, an English crime writer, science-fiction anthologist and composer. Writing as Edmund Crispin he is known for his detective novels and short stories featuring Oxford professor, Gervase Fen. Writing as Bruce Montgomery, he was a prolific composer of vocal and film music.



Pretty slight but pleasant enough mystery/adventure novel. A lot of focus on all the capers that happen along the way, less on the mystery. A lot of people here think it's funny but the writing isn't too good and the situations, which although not that funny could be salvaged with good writing, just seem a bit dull. The mystery makes sense and I'm pretty sure you can solve it, although it's not a particularly exciting one. He makes sure to inject his own upper class prejudices into it - his treatment of women is crap with a few misogynist remarks and he pointlessly inserts some insults against socialism through overhearing an anonymous, irrelevant person in a pub.

About 60% of the way through, there's a big (ridiculous, contrived) plot dump done by somebody who's about to murder them... he just dumps all this information on them because??? and a briefcase which would wrap up the case instantly is heavily pointed out... and then a few minutes later both the main characters apparently totally forget about it until it's too late and it's stolen. I mean if he'd done it better I'd see it as some clever mystery genre satire, but it's a bit naff. Obviously it'd be silly if the story just ended there, but why even bring it up in the first place.

Overall it's no more than OK. There are better writers of this sort of thing and the attempted humour just falls flat.
… (més)
tombomp | Hi ha 61 ressenyes més | Oct 31, 2023 |
trying to figure out the title - what WAS the long divorce - did not catch the reference on first read

Crispin funny as always - loved the way Fen wrapped bandage around his head to get the sympathy he felt due him
Overgaard | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | Sep 18, 2023 |
Very much of its time and place, I suppose. Lots and lots of pretentious "sparkling" dialog, oceans of alcohol, torrents of multi-syllabic Oxonian vocabulary. Not even very well-crafted: Fen knows within minutes who the murderer is, and the rest of the book stretches out interminably as he teases and hints, and in one place actually names the murderer to another character, but WE are not privy to what he says. Women are either sexual predators or desperately seeking, and not much else. Dated, tricksy, and mostly tedious. I won't read another.… (més)
JulieStielstra | Hi ha 38 ressenyes més | Sep 4, 2023 |
Fen is still funny - could read him always
Overgaard | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Aug 21, 2023 |



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