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One Puzzling Afternoon (2023) 97 exemplars
Notes on my Family (2017) 7 exemplars
Love / All That / & OK (2011) 2 exemplars
Ten Thousand Things (2017) 2 exemplars
Home (2021) 2 exemplars
PROTOTYPE 1 (2019) — Col·laborador — 2 exemplars


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United Kingdom, England
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United Kingdom
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Essex, England, UK
Hertfordshire, England, UK
London, England, UK
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EMILY CRITCHLEY grew up in Essex and now lives in Hertfordshire where she works as a librarian. She has a first class BA in Creative Writing from London Metropolitan University and an MA with distinction in Creative Writing from Birkbeck University of London. Her YA debut Notes on my Family was nominated for the Carnegie, long listed for the Branford Boase, and book of the week in the Sunday Times, and her middle grade novel The Bear who Sailed the Ocean on an Iceberg was published in October 2021, both by independent publisher Everything With Words in the UK. One Puzzling Afternoon is her US debut.



Mostly unintelligible pretention, with a few good bits. Shame, as the book itself is well made and lovely to hold. I might, perhaps, get the latest edition out of curiosity to see whether it's a less deliberately obtuse collection.
Michael.Rimmer | May 2, 2024 |
I was pleasantly surprised by this book! It was a great mystery. I ready this a while ago so trying to remember this based on memory and I'm actually able to remember a lot, which is surprising. This book took place in two different time periods. One is current time when the lady is older with dimentia and so her memory isn't great. And she's trying to piece together a murder of one of her friends from years ago. Such a great idea and was really sucked into it. It was also sad on many levels because the main character couldn't remember so many things, and she was getting frustrated in certain moments and not acting like herself. Much like dementia and it was just sad. SPOILER: The mystery was good but nothing earth shattering, but still had me sucked in. The fact that it was her step-father and she knew about the murder the whole time, but just trying to pull it from her memory was so good. Very enjoyable read!… (més)
Mav-n-Libby | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Apr 12, 2024 |
Edie is suffering from dementia. One afternoon while out walking in her small village she "sees" Lucy, who has been missing since 1951. She decides this is a sign that she must find Lucy and discover what happened to her. Thus begins the story of her search. The book takes us back and forth from 1951 to present year 2018. Pieces of the puzzle come to her in bits and pieces. Her son thinks she is silly to try to remember something that happened 60 yrs ago. With the help of her granddaughter and others along te way she finally remembers what happened. It turns out that she and Lucy were set to travel to London by train to start a new life. However, Edie forgot to pack her diary that chronicled her life and her days with Lucy. Lucy had an affair with her teacher, got herself pregnant and had an abortion. Lucy could not leave without the security of knowing that the diary was secure. Because Edie had an accident that day on her bike, Lucy decided she would return to Edie's house and retrieve the diary. When Lucy did not return and the train had come and gone, Edie went back home to look for Lucy. When she arrived, she found Lucy dead on the kitchen floor and Edie's step-dad, Reg, telling her it was an accident. We learn that Edie is told to take Lucy's bike to the woods. By the time she returns home, Reg has cleaned up the kitchen and returns home after going to his former place of employment. In 2018, Edie finally remembers and tells the police. She is not arrested as she is the only surviving person who knows the story.
The book was a bit slow, but toward the end of the book the story finally comes together.
Goodreads: A mystery she can't remember. A friend she can't forget.

I kept your secret Lucy. I've kept it for more than sixty years . . .

It is 1951, and at number six Sycamore Street fifteen-year-old Edie Green is lonely. Living alone with her eccentric mother - who conducts seances for the local Ludthorpe community - she is desperate for something to shake her from her dull, isolated life.

When the popular, pretty Lucy Theddle befriends Edie, she thinks all her troubles are over. But Lucy has a secret, one Edie is not certain she should keep . . .

Then Lucy goes missing.

2018. Edie is eighty-four and still living in Ludthorpe. When one day she glimpses Lucy Theddle, still looking the same as she did at fifteen, her family write it off as one of her many mix ups. There's a lot Edie gets confused about these days. A lot she finds difficult to remember. But what she does know is this: she must find out what happened to Lucy, all those years ago . . .
… (més)
bentstoker | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Feb 20, 2024 |
So well thought out and so beautifully presented. Dear, dear Edie....sliding in and out of her stage of dementia and you, as the reader, can absolutely feel her confusion and understand completely her frustrations with things that just don't hold together....all because Critchley is excellent at somehow seeming to understand what a person with dementia is experiencing. Not sure if Critchley knows someone or several people experiencing dementia but her ability to tie it in with a mystery....almost a page turner of a story.… (més)
nyiper | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Jan 18, 2024 |





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