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Brian Croft is Senior Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church and Founder of Practical Shepherding. He is also Senior Fellow of the Mathena Center for Church Revitalization at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has written over a dozen books on the practicalities of pastoral ministry.
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Every pastor needs to read this book and be ready for caring for people through the challenge of funerals. This book provides many helps in this area.
Cbogstad | Aug 27, 2020 |
7/10: I didn't find this short book as helpful as others seem to have done. Perhaps that's because I'm already convinced of its central premise, that local churches must take responsibility in affirming the call of those going into ministry. What is said is correct enough, but I'm not sure there's sufficient depth to convince the doubters, nor add much for those who already accept the basic principle.
mark_read | Aug 13, 2020 |
I ordered this book per recommendation from one of the deacons at my church. I'd volunteered recently to be part of the visitation program for shut-ins, and so this is the book the volunteers were reading. It's a short book, easy to finish in one reading. I didn't much like the beginning of it, as it was full of things to do, Scriptures to memorize, much like a to-do list. The rest of it was far more practical and realistic. I liked the simple suggestions, of keeping visits short and being sensitive to family members and roommates (in a hospital setting). There were several appendices at the end which I found helpful too. My favorite appendix was the 4th one, an abridged paper written by J.C. Ryle on sickness. Overall this book was somewhat useful, but the other book I'm reading, Just Show Up, written by the late Kara Tippetts and her friend Jill Lynn Buteyn, is far more helpful in terms of giving helpers/visitors some advice on how to walk along side those who are hurting and how to help them without any agendas.… (més)
homeschoolmimzi | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Oct 26, 2017 |
There is an urgent need for good materials on church revitalization. There have been a few people who attempted to put something together, or become the leading voice in the area. Church revitalization is an area that is growing rapidly.

Brian Croft's book "Biblical Church Revitalization" is the new bar that every book that follows will have to meet. Croft pastors Auburndale Baptist Church in Kentucky, and runs the ministry Practical Shepherding. He has been a great voice over the past few years in the area of pastoring. He writes about revitalization not from an academic aspect, but with the heart of pastor for a local church. His own church had been through some painful experiences, and he shares those with you as he writes. More than anything, Croft gives us just what he said he would in the title. A solid basis for "biblical church revitalization." This is not just a how to book, although it is full of practical advice. Croft writes to pastors and church leaders with honesty about the difficulties in revitalization, and the reason why we should risk it anyways: for the glory of God.

He strikes a good balance between what he calls the "two extremes of church revitalization, the Pragmatist and the Purist." Croft, as you might expect, puts a large emphasis on the role of pastoring and shepherding in revitalization. Not just preaching, but in the trench pastoring as well. Any church leader would benefit from reading this book. Below are a few quotes I pulled out.

A church is revitalized by the power of God, through the spirit of God, at work through the word of God, by means of a faithful shepherd of God.

A pastor must trust the power of the Word in preaching the Gospel to breathe life into a church.

Be careful about quickly dismissing opposition as unbelief.

The hurt and pain a previous pastor caused a congregation does not vanish when the new pastor arrives.

Churches that need revitalization need courageous pastors.

The key to survival in pastoral ministry is a pastor's diligent care for his own soul.

Statistical growth is not the objective of church revitalization, but it is an expected outcome.
… (més)
laholmes | Sep 22, 2016 |


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