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Bible story books are such a wonderful tool to have on hand to introduce the young child to the Bible and the bare-bones of the Word of God. You can choose to have one or you can choose to have a variety so that your child can experience the many "tellings" and "illustrative styles" of authors and artists as they bring to life what God reveals to mankind in his word.

Now a Bible storybook is not nor should be considered to be the actual Word of God. It is an introduction to and base of study for beginners. Hence the writers, illustrators, and publishers have labored diligently to bring to your home a book worthy of it's title - The Beginner's Bible from ZonderKidz an imprint of Zondervan.

This new edition of the originally published in 1989 Beginner's Bible just exudes life and brilliance in the attention-grabbing, child centric illustrations rendered in a virtual 3-D effect in stong, bright colors.

This will become a well-loved book by your child and you will delight that your child loves hearing about the many wonderful men and women from the Bible. A great preparation for the years when the real Bible will become an integral part of their own life.

I receieved a complimentary copy to facilitate a review of my honest opinions without compensation. Opinions are solely my own.
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VeraGodley | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Dec 29, 2016 |
Great books for kids! Nice to read during bedtime!
Toneicya | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Feb 23, 2015 |
I recently had the pleasure of reviewing The Beginner's Bible App on my iPad. This app is so well done, colorful and full of lessons for the young child just starting out learning the bible. I loved the beautiful illustrations, the easy to read follow along hi-lighted words and the audio. So all the child needs to do is listen and read along. As well as the read along story there is a play section where the child can interact more with the coloring pages that can be colored right on the iPad. There are also jigsaw puzzles to challenge the young mind. A video game is also included in the first story pack that helps the child with manual dexterity. Each story pack can be purchased right through the app.

I am a grandmother so I do not have young children in the household but I think that this app is a must for the family that wants to share God's story with their children. I loved it.

I reviewed this app and was not monetarily compensated for my review.
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celticlady53 | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Oct 9, 2012 |
Summary I chose The Beginners's Bible Timeless children's Stories. This book contains many stories from the bible. The stories are put into a different version easier for children to read and understand. There are also pictures to go along with the stories. Some stories in the book are A Big Picnic (Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand) - Long and Strong (Samson) - Best Friends (David & Jonathan) - Trumpets and Torches (Gideon) - The Most Special Baby (Jesus is Born).

Personal I love this book. I read this to my children everynight and they love it. They are learning so much from this version. It lets children feel like they are learning about jesus to not just the adults. The pictures are awesome and really keep the kids interested.

Extension Idea This book is aimed towards the smaller children but my 11 year old son still enjoys listening to me read.
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candaceZ | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Apr 10, 2012 |


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