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Inclou aquests noms: Anne Devon, Anne Devon, Mary Pope Rettke

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Rogue's Lady (1982) 32 exemplars
Miss Osborne Misbehaves (1990) 28 exemplars
Lady Harriet Takes Charge (1990) 20 exemplars
A Season for Scandal (1992) 19 exemplars
Sir Sham (1988) 19 exemplars
The Widow of Bath (1982) 16 exemplars
Miss Romney Flies Too High (1986) 16 exemplars
Deck the Halls (1995) 15 exemplars
Escapade (1988) 15 exemplars
Lord Harlequin (1994) 14 exemplars
Fortunes of the Heart (1989) 14 exemplars
A Heart on His Sleeve (1992) 13 exemplars
A Question Of Class (1988) 12 exemplars
Scandal Broth (1987) 12 exemplars
Georgiana/Escapade (1997) 12 exemplars
M'lady Rides for Fall (1987) 10 exemplars
Georgiana (1989) 10 exemplars
Heather & the Blade (1989) 4 exemplars
Die zweite Braut (1993) 2 exemplars
Im Zeichen des Herzens (1992) 2 exemplars
Die Brautwitwe (1994) 2 exemplars
Flug ins Glück 1 exemplars
Glücksritter. Roman. (1994) 1 exemplars
Die Dame des Herzens (1993) 1 exemplars


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This a fun if kind of entangled in that weird way regencies could get romp. Everyone is at sixes and sevens trying to please this or that parent, who in turn is so busy living the life vicarious, they are making the current generation miserable.

Will admit a lot of fun banter and humor, especially the mishap at the end (let's just say Dalton was very mistaken about which twin's daughter he was meant to be courting at his father's behest).

Good for a hour or two of relaxing at least.… (més)
lexilewords | Dec 28, 2023 |
First of all I have to weigh in on the ever misleading titles and blurbs of historical romance

The blurb and title for this particular book makes it appear as the hero and heroine set out on some kind of hilarious roadtrip to hunt down his younger brother and her sister when in reality that part of the story only takes up 15 pages at the most. And thats resolved without much fuss since the eloping couple has already become fed up with each other.

The rest of the book is spent in London where the heroine starts to spend more time in the heros company.They start to become good friends and maybe more. But the heroine has a secret heartbreak in her past.

I dont know why the other character were so clueless about the ex-fiancee.I mean you could see it coming a mile away.

I enjoyed that the heroine was a little older than the norm but not boring and and that the hero was not forever being referred as a rake just for the sake of it.

A light read that probably wont make your favorites list but reading it is a pleasant way to pass the time.
… (més)
Litrvixen | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jun 23, 2022 |
Sir Jervis summons his family to his deathbed during the Christmas season. Somewhat predictable but enjoyable Regency Christmas tale. A stolen necklace provides a distraction while the main action is getting the correct couples, well... coupled.
R0BIN | Apr 27, 2013 |
Both these novels, Scandal Broth and A Question of Class, revolve around mistaken identities and the ensuing romps.
nebula61 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Nov 12, 2010 |

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½ 3.7

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