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Kate DiCamillo was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1964. She received an English degree from the University of Florida. At the age of thirty, she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and worked for a book warehouse on the children's floor. After working there for four and a half years, mostra'n més she fell in love with children's books and began writing. DiCamillo wrote the 2001 Newbery-honor book, Because of Winn-Dixie, which was adapted into a film in 2005. In 2004, she won the Newbery Medal for The Tale of Despereaux, which was also adapted into a movie in 2008, and for Flora and Ulysses in 2013. Her other works include the Mercy Watson series, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and The Magician's Elephant. She was named the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature by the Library of Congress for the term 2014-2015. Kate's title, Raymie Nightingale, mde the New York Times bestseller list in 2016. mostra'n menys


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Because of Winn-Dixie (2000) 15,179 exemplars
The Tiger Rising (2001) 5,393 exemplars
The Magician's Elephant (2009) 2,935 exemplars
Mercy Watson to the Rescue (2005) 2,509 exemplars
Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride (2006) 1,860 exemplars
Mercy Watson Fights Crime (2006) 1,581 exemplars
Raymie Nightingale (2016) 1,557 exemplars
Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig (2008) 1,432 exemplars
Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise (2007) 1,377 exemplars
Bink and Gollie (2010) 949 exemplars
Great Joy (2007) 703 exemplars
Louisiana's Way Home (2018) 632 exemplars
Leroy Ninker Saddles Up (2014) 565 exemplars
The Beatryce Prophecy (2021) 391 exemplars
Bink and Gollie: Two for One (2012) 376 exemplars
Beverly, Right Here (2019) 336 exemplars
A Piglet Named Mercy (2019) 263 exemplars
Good Rosie! (2018) 171 exemplars
La La La: A Story of Hope (2017) 138 exemplars
The Puppets of Spelhorst (2023) 127 exemplars
A Very Mercy Christmas (2022) 62 exemplars
Ferris (2024) 50 exemplars
The Kate DiCamillo Collection (2010) 12 exemplars
Mercy Watson 4 exemplars
Your Question for Author Here (2011) — Autor — 2 exemplars
Books 1 exemplars

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Nom oficial
DiCamillo, Katrina Elizabeth
Data de naixement
Lloc de naixement
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Llocs de residència
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Clermont, Florida, USA
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
University of Florida (English)
Premis i honors
National Ambassador for Young People's Literature (2014-2015)
Biografia breu
Kate DiCamillo's writing journey has been a truly remarkable one. She grew up in Florida and moved to Minnesota in her twenties, when homesickness and a bitter winter led her to write Because of Winn-Dixie -- her first published novel, which became a runaway bestseller and snapped up a Newbery Honor. The Tiger Rising, her second novel, was also set in Florida and went on to become a National Book Award finalist. Since then, the best-selling author has explored settings as varied as a medieval castle and a magician's theater while continuing to enjoy great success, winning two Newbery Medals and being named National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. She now has almost 30 million books in print worldwide.

Now, for the first time ever, Kate DiCamillo is returning to the world of a previous novel to tell us more about a character whom her fans already know and love. In Louisiana's Way Home, set two years after the events of National Book Award finalist Raymie Nightingale, she picks up the story of Raymie's friend Louisiana Elefante, who uncovers difficult truths about her past -- and makes choices that will determine her future.

Kate DiCamillo's books' themes of hope and belief amid impossible circumstances and their messages of shared humanity and connectedness have resonated with readers of all ages around the world. In her instant #1 New York Times bestseller The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, a haughty china rabbit undergoes a profound transformation after finding himself face down on the ocean floor -- lost and waiting to be found. The Tale of Despereaux -- the Newbery Medal-winning novel that later inspired an animated adventure from Universal Pictures -- stars a tiny mouse with exceptionally large ears who is driven by love to become an unlikely hero. The Magician's Elephant, an acclaimed and exquisitely paced fable, dares to ask the question What if? And Kate DiCamillo's second Newbery Medal winner, Flora & Ulysses, was released in 2013 to great acclaim, garnering five starred reviews and an instant spot on the New York Times bestseller list.

Born in Philadelphia but raised in the South, Kate DiCamillo now lives in Minneapolis, where she faithfully writes two pages a day, five days a week.



Rated "Good" in our old book database
villemezbrown | Hi ha 561 ressenyes més | Apr 12, 2024 |
What a wonderful book. A little girl named Abilene loses her dear Rabbit, Edward. His adventures open his heart. He learns to love.
It made me cry. (Tears of happiness!) This is a good choice for a class to read together and discuss.
Chrissylou62 | Hi ha 262 ressenyes més | Apr 11, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level: 1st-3rd
Awards: Notable Children's Book (2006)
adaleecdixon | Hi ha 95 ressenyes més | Apr 8, 2024 |
Gr 3–6—The prophecy foretold of a girl who would "unseat a king and bring about a great change." With the help of
a demon goat and the ability to read and write (skills considered illegal for women in this world), Beatryce is poised
to do just that. In an impressively slim 250 pages, this gorgeous epic is primed for read-aloud shares. Powerhouses
DiCamillo and Blackall weave a medieval tapestry fit for a queen.
BackstoryBooks | Hi ha 30 ressenyes més | Apr 1, 2024 |


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