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Christin Ditchfield is an accomplished educator, author, conference speaker, and syndicated radio host. She has written more than 60 books, many of them for children and families.
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Bible Heroes (Little Golden Book) (2004) 148 exemplars
Cowlick! (Deluxe Golden Book) (2007) 72 exemplars
Serving Your Commmunity (2004) 47 exemplars
Johnny Appleseed (2003) 45 exemplars
Knowing Your Civil Rights (2004) 42 exemplars
A Family Guide to the Bible (2009) 35 exemplars
Freedom of Speech (2004) 34 exemplars
The Lewis and Clark Expedition (2006) 31 exemplars
Volleyball (2003) 27 exemplars
Cycling (2000) 26 exemplars
The Chippewa (2005) 24 exemplars
Ice Hockey (True Books: Sports) (2003) 21 exemplars
Gymnastics (True Books: Sports) (1744) 19 exemplars
Golf (True Books: Sports) (2003) 16 exemplars
The Crow (2005) 15 exemplars
Tennis (True Books: Sports) (2003) 13 exemplars
Shwatsit! (2009) 12 exemplars
The Blackfoot (2005) 11 exemplars
Wrestling (True Books: Sports) (2000) 7 exemplars
Martina Hingis (Women Who Win) (2000) 4 exemplars
Bono (Life Skills Biographies) (2007) 4 exemplars
Descubra Nárnia (2014) 4 exemplars
A New Beginning (2011) 1 exemplars
Amazing Grace (Pack of 25) (2011) 1 exemplars

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The Holy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) (2001)algunes edicions4,497 exemplars


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Over the years, readers of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia have realized that there is much more to these beloved books than talking animals, strange creatures, and powerful magic. Shimmering just below the surface of the Chronicles are spiritual treasures: biblical parallels and truths just waiting to be gathered up and examined more closely.
wpcalibrary | Oct 13, 2022 |
ADVENT Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna. Three very different women, at different ages and stages of life. One single, one married, one widowed. One just beginning to experience life. One coping with the challenges and changes of midlife. And one coming close to the end of her life.

But these women had one thing in common. They chose to submit to God's will, even when it didn't seem to make sense. Take a closer look at their words and actions, and see how each woman had a unique purpose in God's great plan to bring His Son to earth.… (més)
StFrancisofAssisi | Nov 22, 2019 |
In my opinion, this is a great children's book. It's a story about a boy who gets licked at night by a cow and wakes up with a cowlick. The book has creative writing, language, and pictures.
The writing on each page flows because it rhymes in a jingle. When the cow is sneaking up the rhyme states "To the bedside she comes sneaking. Lifting covers, gently peeking." Each page has one line that describes a whole scene short and sweet. The author used a variety of adjectives that make the story more interesting. When describing the little boy sleeping the text says "Sees a face so soft and sweet. Framed with hair so smooth and neat." When the cow licks the boy it says "Sluuuurp!" written across the page. The author definitely did a good job at using descriptive words that make it seem more realistic.
The pictures represent what the text describes perfectly. If a student wasn't able read, they would understand the story line. In the begging, it says "clip-clop, clip-clop down the hall. Funny shadow on the wall," and it's shown with a cow tiptoeing and a shadow behind him on the wall. Every page describes an action of the cow, with a picture showing the action. The pictures look like the author painted the scenes. The pictures are simple but do a great job at telling the story.
… (més)
emilymcnally | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Nov 5, 2016 |


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