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Daniel M. Doriani

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Daniel M. Doriani has been a security guard, construction laborer, freight handler, tennis coach, and tour guide-among other roles. In his principal calling, he has pastored churches, served as faculty in colleges and seminaries and authored and edited a number of books. He is currently vice mostra'n més president of strategic academic projects and professor of theology at Covenant Theological Seminary. mostra'n menys
Crèdit de la imatge: Monergism

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The Life of a God-Made Man (2001) 132 exemplars
David, the Annointed (1984) 50 exemplars
Romans (2021) 45 exemplars
Work That Makes a Difference (2020) 21 exemplars

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Romans, Commentary
wrmcninch | Jan 25, 2022 |
Found this so helpful in thinking about 'secular' work. Was struck by the idea that we should be wanting to 'serve God with our highest and rarest gifts'.
PGWilliams71 | Jan 31, 2021 |
Doriani’s book is particularly aimed at those who have a responsibility to teach the Bible, but he’s at pains to point out that doesn’t mean only preachers. It’s a book therefore that could be particularly helpful for Sunday School teachers (particularly those teaching teenagers), leaders of ladies’ bible-study groups, CU Hall group leaders, and those engaged in one-to-one discipleship. The book’s great strength is its emphasis on applying and teaching the Word, and it’s Christ-centeredness. He unashamedly writes, “Every passage in the Bible presents Christ both as the remedy for human fallenness and is the end point of God’s plan of salvation”. There is a danger in Bible-study that knowledge can simply fill the head and not the heart, so if that is a temptation for you, or if you are involved in teaching others, then this book could be a particular blessing.… (més)
mark_read | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Aug 13, 2020 |
Like Doriani’s Getting the Message, this book is aimed at teachers of the Bible. Though it builds on the foundations of the other books about Biblical interpretation, it offers much more besides. Its particular strength is showing how biblical study both benefits from and contributes to theological understanding. For example, the book starts by showing the importance of a theological framework (by which Doriani means covenant theology), but also spends considerable time later showing how all biblical passages should lead to the forming of doctrinal understanding. Also particularly helpful is the emphasis on grace throughout, a whole chapter that focuses on the interpreter (his courage, character, and credibility), and the many examples (some of them fairly lengthy) that both illustrate and inform.… (més)
mark_read | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Aug 13, 2020 |


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