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Amanda M. Douglas (1831–1916)

Autor/a de A Modern Cinderella

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Obres de Amanda M. Douglas

A Modern Cinderella (2009) 16 exemplars
A Little Girl In Old Salem (2007) 10 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl in Old Detroit (1902) 10 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl in Old Boston (2011) 9 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl In Old Quebec (2011) 8 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl in Old New York (2011) 8 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl In Old San Francisco (2014) 6 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia (1899) 6 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Girls of Mount Morris (1914) 6 exemplars
Kathie's Soldiers (1871) 5 exemplars
Helen Grant's School Days (1903) 5 exemplars
A Little Girl In Old Pittsburg (2009) 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl in Old St. Louis (2012) 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl In Old Chicago (2013) 5 exemplars
In wild rose time (2011) 5 exemplars
A Little Girl in Old Baltimore 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Little Girl in Old New Orleans 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Helen Grant at Aldred House (2009) 3 exemplars
The Heroes of the Crusades (1890) 3 exemplars
A Little Girl in Old Washington 3 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Floyd Grandon's honor (2011) 3 exemplars
Kathie's Aunt Ruth (1870) 2 exemplars
Whom Kathie Married (1911) 2 exemplars
Kathie's Three Wishes (1870) 2 exemplars
Nelly Kinnard's Kingdom (2007) 2 exemplars
Sherburne Cousins 2 exemplars
A Sherburne Quest (2010) 2 exemplars
A Sherburne Romance 2 exemplars
Kathie's Harvest Days (1871) 2 exemplars
Foes of Her Household (1887) 2 exemplars
Helen Grant's Decision (1910) 2 exemplars
Helen Grant, Senior (1907) 2 exemplars
Helen Grant, Graduate (1908) 2 exemplars
Honor Sherburne 2 exemplars
Seven Daughters 2 exemplars
Kathie's Summer at Cedarwood (1870) 2 exemplars
Larry 1 exemplars
Seven Daughters 1 exemplars
Sherburne House 1 exemplars
Clover's Princess (1904) 1 exemplars
Santa Claus Land 1874 (1874) 1 exemplars
Little Missionary (1904) 1 exemplars
Guilty or not guilty. A novel (1892) 1 exemplars, 1 ressenya
In the Ranks (1871) 1 exemplars
Sherburne Girls 1 exemplars
An Easter Lily 1 exemplars


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Nom oficial
Douglas, Amanda Minnie
Data de naixement
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Lloc de naixement
New York, New York, USA
Llocs de residència
Newark, New Jersey, USA
short story writer
children's book author
historical novelist
Biografia breu
Amanda Minnie Douglas was born in New York and studied American and English literature with a tutor after the family moved to New Jersey. She was hoping to study engraving and design when a family illness made it necessary for her to be at home and help with financial support. A friend of the novelist Louisa May Alcott, she took up a career as a writer. Several of her early stories were published in popular magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post and the Lady’s Friend. Her first novel, In Trust (1866), proved to be one of her most popular. She was a prolific writer who produced one or more books a year for many years. Her works for children included Larry (1893), for which she was awarded a $2,000 prize from the juvenile magazine Youth’s Companion, and the ten-volume Little Girl series, one of the first examples of historical fiction for girls. Amanda M. Douglas never married and spent nearly her whole life in Newark.



A collection of a novelette and for short stories, from a nineteenth-century writer of women's and children's fiction. The title novelette dates from 1890, according to Wikipedia, but at least one of the stories, the last one, seems like it must predate the Civil War (the husband takes the difficult and dangerous "overland route" back from California). In any event, the stories are a strong dose of sentimentality and weeping women who don't know their own minds.They occasionally offer views of everyday life, but less than I would have liked.… (més)
NinieB | Aug 1, 2019 |



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