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Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. Her series include Renwick House, Seaside and London Fairy Tales. Her fiction book, Toxic, made the New York Times bestseller list in 2014. Her title's Keep and Darkest made the New York mostra'n més Times Bestseller list. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Van Dyken, Rachel
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I have enjoyed all of the Eagle Elite series and have been #teamtex since the beginning but after this book Chase has stolen my heart. This book was packed full of emotions, it had all the ups and downs, especially with Chase being so confused asking why? to the anger that ate him alive and consumed him. He feels the ultimate betrayal and nothing will get in his way of his plans to destroy, even himself then comes in innocent Luc and it just tosses everything he had planned upside down. They had chemistry but Chase was so determined to hate that it took him a while to see what was before him but once Luc set her sights on helping him he didn’t stand a chance. I have re read this story twice already and it gets better each time because not only is it emotional but it has a bunch of twists and turns that a reader probably won’t see coming. Can’t wait to see what is next for this series. Oh and I’ll never look at bagels the same way again 😊
… (més)
readonreader | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jan 24, 2024 |
I have been in love with the Eagle Elite guys for a long time so when I heard we would get their children's stories in a spinoff I was curious as equally as excited. This book follows the next generation of leaders of the families and they have been raised to protect and be loyal to family first. Serena and Junior find themselves in a predicament because there is a fine line between their hatred and love for one another, but to love each other is a death sentence in the mafia, so they have to keep hating each other to protect each other. These two have to fight to survive and try to navigate a way around feelings that will eventually get them killed by their own family. At times I hated the way things would be going for Junior and Serena, but then I knew there had to be reasons for what was happening. I loved that we got to see the original Elect and see how they are handling letting the reins over to the next generation. I also loved that the familial ties are still there, but none of them will hesitate to do what is necessary to protect family above all else. There were so many twists that I did not see coming and a few times I felt as if my heart was being ripped in two, but the author has a way of helping the reader try to mend their hearts. I love this family and the ride so far with the next group of mafia leaders is an interesting one and I can't wait to see where it takes us. Blood In, No Out.… (més)
readonreader | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Jan 24, 2024 |
Welcome back to the Eagle Elite world where our guys are full of surprises, intense loyalty, and so much more. This story is one I devoured because Santino intrigued me while Katya’s incredible strength I adored. Their story isn’t an easy one and loyalties will be tested but who will be standing when it all ends? From day one this group has consumed me and Santino is no different. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat while you wait to see how it all plays out for our favorite men.… (més)
readonreader | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jan 24, 2024 |
The Dark Ones Saga is a series that I dove headfirst into years ago and as each book has come out, I continue to devour them because you get emersed into a world that is so creative, and you want to be a part of. With Darkest Power I knew we would be getting another amazing story to add to these already incredible characters, and I was sucked into Horus and Kit’s story from start to finish. Horus is funny yet broody trapped in a timeline that confuses and frustrates him. He is no longer worshipped as he once was and his abilities are limited, yet when Kit comes into his life things start to change. Kit, bless her heart (sorry for busting out my southernism), when we first meet her, she is struggling and its quite entertaining and worrisome because you just know there is a deeper reason for her condition. The banter between these two is hilarious, infuriating, and hot but can they work together to figure out what is going on? Their connection is almost instant, they share something that can’t be described but it's so intense Horus is willing to sacrifice it all to find out the truth. While I love these stories this one was great because it was different, I would recommend reading from book one to this one or it could be confusing with all the characters and at times the transition of past and present threw me off when it happened mid conversation or inner thoughts, but overall, it was another great addition.… (més)
readonreader | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jan 24, 2024 |


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