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William A. Dyrness (DTheo), University of Strasbourg; Doctorandus, Free University) is dean emeritus and professor of theology and culture at fuller Theological Seminary. Oscar Garca-Johnson (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is associate dean of the Center for the Study of Hispanic Church and mostra'n més Community at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he also serves as associate professor of theology and Latino/a studies. mostra'n menys
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Themes in Old Testament Theology (1979) 395 exemplars

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Studying the New Testament without a background in the Old is like listening to only the last movement of a great symphony. Unless we begin at the beginning, we miss the sense of developing themes and their subtle variations. To fully appreciate the music of the Bible, we need to listen to its early movements. William Dyrness helps us by providing a set of program notes to important Old Testament themes: the self-revelation of God, the nature of God, creation and providence, man and woman, sin, covenant, law, worship, piety, ethics, wisdom, the Spirit of God, prophecy and the hope of Israel. By attuning our ears to these themes, Dyrness sets us on a course of enriching study and increased understanding.… (més)
RevDrEdMac | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Nov 19, 2020 |
NCLA Review - The three parts of the subtitle are skillfully used to outline the content of William A. Dyrness’ A Primer on Christian Worship. In the introduction, Dryness covers how culture shapes worship, the relationship between scripture and worship, and the approach the book takes. Then the author takes us to Where We’ve Been by looking first at worship in the Middle Ages and the Reformation and then giving a brief history up to the present age. Where We Are discusses The Trinity, the story of God’s love, and practicing what we believe. Where We Can Go deals with renewing worship and explains the five steps to accomplish that goal. The Questions for Discussion and Suggestions for Further Reading are helpful and insightful. This is a book for worship leaders, discussion leaders and classes interested in an in-depth look at worship, and perhaps some individuals with a sincere interest; it is not casual reading. Rating: 4 —AMB… (més)
ncla | Dec 22, 2009 |
a thoughtful, thought-provoking book, this title provided a helpful history of the church and art, reviewed contemporary art and some christian responses.

the chapter on biblical terminology for ``beauty'' was really helpful; there isn't a word in hebrew for aesthetic beauty as we think of it. the concept of beauty is always tied with integrity, uprightness, righteousness, appropriateness, being just, loving, merciful, or holy.

dyrness also looks at possible roles art could play in christian discipleship, or in cultivating a sense of ethical discernment. he interacts with elaine scary's ``on beauty and being just'' but thinks that her more humanistic approach doesn't have an adequate basis for either beauty or justice.

i need to take time to re-read a few chapters to give them more thoughtful consideration.
… (més)
jkepler | Aug 2, 2008 |
abdiel91 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | May 26, 2020 |

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